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iPad Elliptical Trainer Mounts, Stands and Holders

Updated on September 1, 2014

I'm not a huge fan of working out even though I know just how important it is to maintain a healthy weight and stay heart healthy. One of my favorite ways to exercise is using the elliptical machine because I find it really gets my heart rate up fast and works out my whole body rather than just legs or arms.

Unfortunately, because both my hands and feet are engaged it makes it harder to entertain myself. You can't hold a book or an eReader on the elliptical because your hands are wrapped around the handle bars and I don't know about you but I can never find anything I want to watch on the gym televisions. One of the ways I have found which really works for me is to use my iPad in the gym and for this to work effectively on the elliptical machine, you need an iPad elliptical mount.

I find the whole gym experience to be crushingly dull so I am always looking for ways to spice it up a little. I tried listening to music but it didn't do much for me, and I tried audiobooks as well but my focus would wander and I'd lose track of the storyline. My gym has a bank of televisions but I find myself channel hopping rather than watching anything and besides, I work out during the day and daytime TV is never worth watching.

Depending on the style of elliptical machine you own, or use at the gym, you will find one style of iPad holder for elliptical machines may suit your need better than another. There are really only two different formats to choose between though - iPad elliptical mounts and freestanding iPad holders.

The former, allows you to mount an iPad on an elliptical machine and there are several different ways to do this, from fixed mounts which are good for home gym equipment to easily removable iPad mounts for elliptical trainers in the gym away from home.

The second option for using an iPad on an elliptical machine is to forgo the whole idea of mounting the device in the first place and instead opt for a freestanding iPad stand or an iPad wall mount, both of which are really only suitable for ellipticals in the home but offer a much more versatile option for anyone with exercise machines in their house.


Apple iPad Elliptical Machine Holders and Mounts

Mounting an iPad onto an elliptical machine makes sense when you want to provide your own entertainment in the gym. I have used mine to learn Spanish whilst I work out, watch downloaded movies and TV shows and even to catch up on emails and social sites like Facebook and Twitter. There are a couple of different types of iPad holders for elliptical trainers which typically break down into the following three categories and will be more or less suited to your particular elliptical machine depending upon such things as its frame format and whether or not you need constant access to the console or not.

Over Console Mounting Shelves and Stands

These hook over the dashboard console to provide a secure backwards sloping shelf upon which to rest the iPad. Positioning the tablet right where the console is gives you the easiest access to your tablet and very firm and secure mounting point. It also takes all of 2 seconds to put the iPad shelf in place and 2 seconds more to remove it and because there are no clamps or fixtures of any kind to install, these are absolutely ideal for taking to the gym with you.

Elliptical Machine Cup Holder Mounts For IPad 3 and older models

Most exercise machine have drink holders built into the dashboard area and these can be used with iPad cup holder mounts to provide an alternative way of mounting the device onto the machine. Cupholder mounts for iPads are generally comprised of a mounting block which provides a firm fit inside the holder with a flexible gooseneck or other form of raised neck which can be rotated, tilted and otherwise adjusted to provide a more convenient viewing angle. They tend to raise the iPad up a few inches which could mean the difference between stooping your neck down unnaturally if you are a tall person, or having a more comfortable straight ahead view. These are more typically designed for use in automobiles but the principle is the same and many people enjoy the extra height and flexibility these offer but do remember this does completely move the cup holder functionality so you'll have to find some other place for your water bottle.

iPad Elliptical Machine Clamp Mount Holders

Clamp mounts are basically an iPad caddy attached to a clamp which can be clamped onto any bar or similarly shaped area of an exercise machine. The cradle is often attached to a ball joint which allows a great range of movement so you can tilt, swivel and adjust the angle of view so that it is perfect for you, or tilt it out of the way of overhead lights to get the glare off the screen.

Free Standing Flexible iPad Holding Stands

Whilst the above options are great portable iPad holders for elliptical machines, there are a few other options which you can use if you own your own excise equipment at home. Personally, I think these are the better solution if you can use them (and again, these are not going to be suited for use in a commercial gym unless of course you a gym owner looking to offer it to your clients...which would be awesome) for several different reasons.

Firstly, if you buy something like the versatile swingholder then you not only get an iPad mount for an elliptical machine but you get one for everywhere else in the home too. Use it as an ipad cookbook stand in the kitchen, or for reading a book or watching a movie hands free in your favorite armchair, or laying on your back in bed with the iPad suspended over you...and so on. The options a limitless because the boom arm of the swingholder can be adjusted to an infinite number of positions making it the most versatile iPad holder there is.

Secondly, any elliptical iPad stand which mounts directly onto the machine itself ultimately moves a function or gets in the way of various features of the machine. Console mounts obscure the console, cup hold mounts take away the cup holder, clamps may be machine dependent etc. A free standing alternative provides its own stand and it's own mounting point so it doesn't interfere with the operation of the elliptical in any way, shape or form.

Thirdly, these are much more adjustable than anything else on the market today, which means you can position the tablet to where it is most comfortable to see and use regardless of your height or the height of others in your family who will be using the machine too. With the other types of mounts you are pretty much stuck with the height of the device and the distance away too. With a floor standing iPad mount you can position the tablet so it floats just over the console directly ahead of you and raise and lower it so you are not craning your neck and your body is in its most natural position for exercising. If you want to type something or use the touch screen for changing apps or other interactivity, then you just pull it towards you, for closer use and push it back when you a done. Its so much more flexible than being stuck with a single viewing angle or making do with a less appealing height.

Naturally these are a more expensive option, which should come as no surprise considering the extra materials and engineering which goes into these compared to something like a simple elliptical iPad rack stand but considering how versatile they are you are almost guaranteed to find multiple uses for the stand beyond just the elliptical machine itself.

Wall Mounted iPad Holders

One final option for the home gym, is to consider an iPad wall bracket for mounting an iPad directly onto a wall. This can be useful in the home environment if your exercise machine is positioned facing a wall or other flat surface upon which a tablet app can be mounted. Many of these types of mounts are suitable for to be mounted on any flat surface so a wall, window, door, cabinet, mirror, etc. all make perfect candidates.

Elliptical Machines With iPad Mounts Built In

There are an increasing number of elliptical trainers with iPad stands built in, although these are still remarkably few and far between considering how many people want to use fitness apps on their tablet whilst they exercise. The ProForm 1110 E is one of the few elliptical trainers with an integrated tablet holder for iPads and Android tablet computers.

ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer
ProForm 1110 E Elliptical Trainer

Mounted directly above the console, this removable shelf is the perfect height and designed to fit a wide variety of different sized tablet. Of course this is a minor selling point for an expensive machine so whilst I'd love to recommend this product based simply on the tablet holding shelf itself, I think you can do better with one of the many other options on this page, whilst choosing the elliptical machine which best suits your needs.



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