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Six Best Mickey Mouse iPad Mini Disney Officially Licensed Cases for Kids

Updated on June 3, 2013

Feature the most Famous Mouse in Movie History on the Skin or Cover of your Apple iPad Mini

Mickey Mouse iPad Mini cases are available now. There are several beautifully made officially licensed cases printed with great looking art of the most famous mouse in movie history. The cases are meant for kids of course and they love them allright but also collectors have taken a keen interest in the covers that are very suitable to showcase art and stay in good condition for a very long time.

Especially if taken care of and kept well. They also tend to be great cases for your kids iPad mini but if you want a superb one that is especially designed to keep the device safe in their company take a look at my article dedicated to these.

Cute Disney Cover

One of the cutest Mickey Mouse iPad Mini cases that are currently available. It has a very big picture of Mickey on the back and cases with such good artwork are still hard to find. Kids tend to love these covers and will be happy to carry Mickey around and will be extra carefull with him. In addition he also adds some padding to the fragile device.

Crocodile Skin iPad Case

Supercute faux crocodile skin iPad Mini case. Of course your kids don't know its faux so you can have some fun with them.. This is actually a very popular case. Especially with girls who love the color and the clasps that are very sweet details on this high quality skin.

Official Disney merchandise

Not a cheap case at all but this is an officially licensed Disney iPad Mini case made from faux leather. This is a fabulous case, the outside feels really nice and the inside is made of a soft raised fabric. It's made and ships straight from Japan. You can also get it in black or red.

4. Officially Licensed Disney Case for iPad Mini

Kissing in the Cloud

This case is a little bit more affordable and also officially licensed Disney iPad Mini case. The graphic design is great and it shows Mickey and Minnie kissing painted in clouds of words. It ships directly from Japan. That means it takes a little longer then most products but it saves on costs of all the in between stores. Both collectors and kids love this cover.

Printed Disney Case

This is a hard plastic case with the whole Donald Duck cast printed on the back. Well not the whole cast but Donald, Goofey, Mickey, Minnie and the three nephews. It's very easy to install and the back is very smooth so the art looks sleek. The hard plastic case keeps your device protected.

Micky Mouse decal for iPad Mini

Don't you just love this Mickey Mouse decal? A huge Mickey Mouse printed on an iPad Mini decal that will look stunning on the back of a Mini. Mickey is so happy it's contagious. This artwork will get your kids smiling every time. The drawback is that it will be hard to get your device back from the rascals.


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      Ana Gajic 5 years ago from World of Words

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