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The Five Best iPad Mini Cases for Kids

Updated on July 16, 2014

5 High Quality iPad Mini Covers for Children

An iPad Mini case for kids is pretty useful. Everyone wants their kids to have fun with the cool apps and to learn from all the educational games you can play on there but it's an expensive device and very fragile. That's where a high quality case can help out.

Even for adults, particularly if you are little clumsy like me, these can be useful and some are quite stylish. Their main feature however is the great protection they offer against impacts and falls. Which sets them apart from the regular and more stylish cases. In addition i-Blason and Specks and Khomo offer very cool child friendly designs that will charm your kids and they will love playing with it even more.

i-Blason ArmorBox Kido Series

This is a very popular iPad Mini case for kids. It's very easy to carry around with the handle on top. Even for the kids themselves. It is surrounded with a big fat layer of hard plastic on the outside and silicone on the inside. The corners have a double layer of this silicone to increase the odds the iPad is going to survive getting smashed into home furniture. There is a raised edge around the screen so the screen is not easily hit by anything big. Now these are all very useful features if you have a couple of adventurous little ones and on top of that i-Blason offers a one year warranty on the case.

Otterbox Defender for Kids

The Otterbox defender is a great case if your iPad Mini is not just a really cool toy for your kids but you actually take it to work now and then. Although the suitcase model by i-Blason is pretty cool and useful carrying it through the subway it might take away from your credibility at work. If you want to avoid embarrassing lunchbreaks but do want your kids playing and educating themselves with your mini then the Otterbox defender is great. Comes with a built in screen protector. It has a stand and a really solid exterior with silicone padding on the inside. Otterbox is a tried and truster case constructer and they offer a 1 year guarantee as well.

Speck iGuy for Kids

This is just the most fun and cool looking iPad Mini case for kids. It can stand on its own feet and it has two handles on the side. Making it very easy for your little ones to carry it around and play with the mini. Even toddlers and very young kids can play with the iPad Mini when it's in this case. Solid and fun.

Khomo iPad Mini Case

Khomo made this good looking case with a handle on top that transforms into a stand when you want to view movies. It's made out of strong EVA foam that will keep your mini safe. It will be very hard for your toddler to damage the device when it's in here. The greatest advantage of the Khomo is that it's quite affordable for a case of this quality and that makes it a good value buy.


Very tough case that fits your iPad Mini very snuggly. It doesn't have the visual appeal of the Khomo or the iGuy but it is very strong and will serve to protect the device even when dropped or when it hits a large object like furniture or other toys. It also has a stand like most other cases and it will do it's job very well around your kids and still looks good if you want to take it somewhere yourself.


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