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iPad Pro Release Date and Rumors

Updated on October 30, 2015

The Apple iPad was first introduced to the public several years ago and people went absolutely mad over it. The gadget set a standard by starting the tablet revolution and was the peg on what a good tablet was supposed to look and work. Due to the success of the very first ever iPad, Apple went on to release versions that stunned the world and had fans lining up to get their own brand new iPad and upgrade from the older version they owned. This year, Apple is once again gearing up to release a brand-spanking new iPad called the iPad Pro and as is typical of all Apple products, the world is abuzz with wonderment and speculation as to whether this new iPad will set a new trend or become a dud.

The New iPad

Just when you start to think that Apple has done everything possible to the iPad, from making it light as air to making it look like a bigger iPod Touch, rumor then started brewing that Apple was getting ready to release a brand new iPad, one that was going to blow the competition out of the water. Several months back, these were just rumors but as time progressed more news started to leak about the fabled new Apple wonder and people are hungry for all the details they can get their hands on.

Rumor has it that the all-powerful and all-popular Apple Mac maker is set to make some radical changes to the classic iPad design and that is to make the gadget even bigger. This new gadget is called the iPad 5 in some circles but it is more commonly known as the iPad Pro and it is astounding to how much buzz it has generated.

Rumor Has It

With the release of the iPad Air, Apple set a new precedent in that they gave it a new name. It wasn’t just the iPad 1, 2, and 3; the new naming scheme alludes that they were following the naming convention that they gave to their laptop lines such as the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. They were doing the same thing to their premier tablet line. Following that logic, Apple would be of a mind to name a new bigger and more professionally-geared device—the iPad Pro. So this 2014, people will be expecting a bigger and newer iPad that is entering a category that has not seen booming sales thus far. This makes people wonder if Apple will be able to come up with a legit tab that will make people want to upgrade.

Some people are wont to insist that since it is Apple, people will clamor for the new product as they do with all new Apple releases but do take note that the tablet market is fiercely competitive, what with Samsung and other manufacturers coming out with elite tablets for much lower prices than the ones by Apple. Generally speaking, this rumored new product will go head to head with Samsung’s Note Tabs and those of other makers that are several hundreds of dollars cheaper and filled with cutting-edge features and functions.

Release Date

Apple is one company that likes to keep information to themselves until it is time to tell all to the public so no one really knows exactly when this fabled gadget will be made available to the general public. However, if you follow what had been done before, the release date for this new iPad might just be in November of this year. If you think back, the iPad Air was released on November 1, 2013 but that is all speculation at this point and there are many other rumors surrounding the release date of the tablet.

Sources at FoxConn who wished not to be named have divulged information to Pad News, a Chinese news site. They said that Apple plans to release the new iPad late winter to spring or they might release on October of this year. To make things even more confusing, these same sources also stated that Apple is hard at work to release two versions of their new pro-level tablet. It would not be a surprise if they chose to do this seeing as they did the same thing with the iPhone, releasing not just the iPhone 5S but also the lower priced 5C.

Two New iPads – Maybe

Pad News stated that the public will see an iPad Pro with a resolution that is at 2K on April 2014 (but that has already passed!) and a 4K resolution iPad Pro will show up in October. There is still no iPad Pro to date so perhaps the October release date for both models is more plausible although no one still knows for sure. Sources at the Korean Times said a local first-tier supplier has divulged info as to the release date and they said a single version will launch early 2015 and will feature a UHD resolution.

As if that wasn’t confusing enough, even more iPad release date watchdogs have come out with different and conflicting news. For instance, Digitimes has claimed that Apple expected Quanta Computer, a manufacturer, to come up with an iPad that had either a 12.9-inch display or one that came with a 13.3-inch screen. Another Taiwanese news outlet claims that Apple might go for the smaller screen option.

To add even more confusion to the mix, the International Business Times reported that Apple wants to release the new iPad in the winter or spring of next year. Computer World has come up with another theory and they say that a fall/winter 2014 release makes the most sense since most US school districts determine budgets in January or February of each new year. Then, you also have rumors that such an iPad will not even make an appearance.

Design Updates

It seems premature to speculate about design when no one is even sure if this iPad is coming to the shelves or not, but it is still worth thinking about. Industry experts state that they doubt whether Apple will make massive changes to the iPad design. It isn’t the size that people are excited about anyway; it is the size. While most people seem to be thinking of an iPad with a bigger screen, most analysts say that a smaller 12-inch screen is more possible, given that Apple might want to align the tab closer to the 11.6-inch MacBook air that was also wildly popular.

While everyone is busy trying to play the guessing game, it is easy to get lost in the rumor mill and come up with expectations that might never be met. As the months of October and November loom closer, people are getting even more excited yet no one still knows for sure what they are expecting. To make things a little easier, below are the most common expectations that people have gleaned from all the rumors flying around:

  • It will be a bigger iPad with either a 12 or 13 inch screen.
  • It will be a bit heavier than the Air version but will be just as slim.
  • It will be released late 2014 or early 2015 if it gets released at all.
  • It will run iOS 8 and come with all sorts of fancy accessories such as a special case and keyboard. No rumors have surfaced regarding iOS 8 but it is but proprietary for the latest iPad to run the latest iOS.
  • A new iPen will be designed to work with the latest iPad and maybe older iPad models.

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