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iPad First Impressions

Updated on June 1, 2011

Update: The iPad2 is out with improved technology, better graphics and a lighter weight!

The iPad has now been released in many more locations around the world after the Friday of July 23, in places like the Asia-Pacific markets of New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as in the regions of Netherlands, Mexico, Ireland, Mexico, and Belgium as well as Austria.

Before landing my hands on a iPad for an extended amount of time I was of the opinion it was just an oversized iPhone. After using it for the better half of a day I realized that it was much more than the sum of it's parts.

There is something to be said about the magic of a bigger touchscreen. It is not something that is immediately noticed as you hold the iPad and you think of the iPhone, but once you turn it onto it's side and the full size laptop-esque keyboard flips out then you realize you are in for a revolutionary new experience. It has just enough room to feel comfortable and due to the apple touchscreen technology you would feel that it is not so different from typing as per normal, even if you do not have the tactile feel.

Even now I am typing this out on the iPad inbuilt note app and intending to email it out to my account later. Definitely feels better than going at it either on an iPhone or on the MacBook pro. Excellent to bring out along with you just about anywhere. I can see social sciences and humanities students loving it. For the older crowd, I would expect to see much of these in star bucks or on the train very soon.

I suspect it's use in the workplace may be more limited but I have yet to try the iWork package. I think it would be intended to work in conjunction with a usual computer, such as a laptop or desktop. In an interesting aesthetic twist, the iPad is half the size of the 15" MacBook pro, they look like siblings together. There seems to be even an app to extend the screen.

While there aren't that many iPad applications out on the iTunes store yet as compared to the iPhone, what is available works very well. HTML 5 makes vimeo and the newspapers work like they do on your computer screen, except now you have the ability to touch the screen and move things around. YouTube integration is also much better and is just like the computer, except in a format that you can take anywhere. Naturally the higher resolution allows you to watch bigger sized videos, just like why people buy HDTVs. It also doubles well as a book reader, iBooks having a gutenberg collection for markets that have yet to officially release the iPad, as well as winnie the pooh. Reading a book completely blows the kindle out of the water, although the kindle is less taxing on the eyes because of the ink technology. But one could always buy a paperback at the airport.

Safari on the iPad is very similar to its desktop version now, allowing you to do a kind of expose spread out. As for multi tasking we would probably have to wait for the next software update. Many iPhone apps can still be rudimentally used, with a double sized screen, but some games may be harder to play due to larger buttons that is wider than your thumbs can reach. It presents an exciting opportunity for game makers.


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