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iPad - Revolutionizing The Restaurant & Hospitality Industry

Updated on December 13, 2011

The Future Of Credit Card Processing Has Arrived

The iPad is now. The future of credit card processing point of sale technology has arrived for restaurants of any caliber. The evolution of the touchscreen terminal is complete and it is better than anyone could have dreamed.

Revel systems has designed a software specifically for the iPad. The features included are easy to use menu functions, track tables, inventory management, integrated iPad credit card processing, and back office access for the owner/manager anywhere the internet is available. Running your restaurant has never been this simple.

The sleek, sexy design will turn heads in your restaurant or quick serve establishment. The iPad is locked into a stand that you can bolt into the wall or counter top. The design takes up much less space then any other touchscreen system that is available on the market. Customers will notice and be blown away by the advanced technology.


  • Thermal Printer for receipt printing
  • Cash Drawer
  • Kitchen Printer
  • Pre-Configured Wireless Router
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing

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