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Exclusive iPhone 4G iPhone Speakers Review

Updated on July 12, 2011

iPhone 4G After-Launch Highlights

The iPhone 4G has apparently received a huge welcome from the world wide fans. The surprising features of iPhone 4G have made the review roundup process bliss. After months of speculations and anticipations the official launch finally resulted in Apple and AT&T’s servers getting overloaded on the initial launch, which made a push back in the ship date for the next set of phones. There are several hot features and advancement in the new iPhone.

iPhone 4G Review on Speakers and Extended Battery

iPhone 4g Speakers/Earpiece

Apple holds their quality in sound and music they are most known for in this new iPhone 4g also. The speakers are considerably louder at both the ends. The iPhone 4g also has a secondary, noise-canceling mic which can cancel the sound of chatty shoppers at the market place the hush bush of the automobiles etc and lets you hear the sound of the conversation perfectly.

You can check out some exciting range of iphone speakers at amazon. They give the best deals and several other promotions. Order it online from amazon, get it delivered at your doorstep and start enjoying your favourite music in your iphone out loud today! Just visit the amazon product links at the right side.

iPhone 4g Battery Life

The new sleek yet optimized design of the iPhone offers more housing for the battery, which indeed increase the batter longevity. It has got a much larger battery coupled with that iPad- powering A4, which has already shown that it can sip rather than gulp power.

Apple iPhone 4g Display

Nexus On Top Apple iPhone 4 below
Nexus On Top Apple iPhone 4 below

iPhone 4 Review On Advanced Retina Display

The apple iPhone 4G comes with an advances LED backlit display which they mention as “Retina Display” due to its super resolution and high pixel density. The screen same size remain the same 3.5 however.

This “Retina Display” has the property of the most dominant resolution which can be perceivable by the human eye. The iPhone 4G Display is not like other previous phones. However carefully you look at it you cannot see the pixels with your naked eyes. It’s doubtlessly impressive and striking. The text rendering of the iPhone is also clearer, cleaner and much smoother.

The use of LED and IPS technology makes the iPhone 4G screens clearly visible even in full sunlight and even at extreme angles. To Wrap up, you simply can find any other gadget in market with a better display.

iPhone 4g A4 Processor

iPhone 4G Review On Powerful New Internals

As with the sleek exterior design the iPhone 4G it’s having a new interior as well. Now, Apple has moved the Samsung built A8 Processor in iPhone 3G and put their own custom A4 chip used in the iPad. The phone is faster than its 3GS predecessor, the graphics render quicker and the overall responsiveness is higher.

In addition with the review I cannot leave out to mention the fact that iPhone 4G comes with a 512MB on board RAM which was 256MB for the previous iPhones and iPad. You can but the iPhone 4G in either 16 GB (price: $199) or 32GB (price: $299). About the wireless, the iPhone 4G is integrated with an 802.11n Wife radio plus a quad-band HSUPA chip and Bluetooth 2.1.

iPhone 4G Review On Sleek Industrial Design

The phone is considerably thinner than iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. To be plain, the new iPhone 4G is made up of 3 fundamental parts: two strengthened and smoothened pieces of glass, and a stainless steel band which wraps around the top, bottom and side of the phone. The notches in the metal band will serve to improve radio connections as well. It feels really as a part of your hand to hold.

In addition with the review I cannot leave out to mention the fact that iPhone 4G comes with a 512MB on board RAM which was 256MB for the previous iPhones and iPad. You can but the iPhone 4G in either 16 GB (price: $199) or 32GB (price: $299). About the wireless, the iPhone 4G is integrated with an 802.11n Wife radio plus a quad-band HSUPA chip and Bluetooth 2.1.

iPhone 4G Review on Superfast Multitasking

Multitasking is the best feature of Apple iPhone 4G when the new software components are considered. This means you can do things like letting music play in the background, hold into a GPS signal and stay connected to the voice calls, and switch quickly between these apps.

iPhone 4G Review On Double Cameras

The iPhone 4G has come integrated with two cameras (the front camera is for video conferencing support). The five megapixel camera at the backside provides support for professional photography. The front camera VGA (which a normal quality) suitable for quick video calls.

Apple iPhone 4g Video Conferencing
Apple iPhone 4g Video Conferencing

iPhone 4 Review On Easy Video Calling

Although video calling has been in for a while we haven’t seen it blooming up so quickly, just because the providers are not so encouraging about it and the customers reluctant as well. But iPhone 4 comes with a new initiative to harness this potential market. Apple has opened their “FaceTime standard” to any one who wants to join the party. Making the call is pretty straightforward; you can switch to a FaceTime chat while you’re already connected or given and option to start the connection.

iPhone 4G Review on New Apple iOS4

The iPhone 4G comes loaded with the iOS 4, which boasts to have loads of new advancements. It has a very comfortable- Apple customized version of multitasking similar to other smartphones. Apple has also enabled the iPad’s iBook to suit the small screen and also made and exclusive iMovie app just for the iPhone 4G iOS 4.The features of the iOS 4 are worth mentioning in depth.

Apple iPhone 4g Accessories
Apple iPhone 4g Accessories

iPhone 4G Review On Mail Improvements & More Accessories

iPhone 4g Mail Improvements

Apple has solved the problems in Mail which it had with the app switching – this means constantly jumping in and out of your inboxes is much easier now.

iPhone 4g Accessories

The Apple has also provided new accessories to solve the thirst for style and variety with the fans. The company offers new dock, for twenty-nine US dollars ($29), and a selection of colorful “bumpers” for the same price.

Apple iPhone 4g Battery Life
Apple iPhone 4g Battery Life
More housing for battery
More housing for battery


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