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iPhone 4 Reviews

Updated on September 15, 2010

The iPhone 4 is brilliant. There are many new features which I very much enjoy. They include folders, video chat, camera focus, a special place in the app store just for the iPhone 4, and multi-tasking.

Creating Folders

Folders can hold up to 12 appilcations, which is great if you're an app fanatic. If you don't know how to creat an app, simply go into edit mode. You can do that by putting a finger on an app and hold it down until your apps start shaking with an "X" mark on the top right corner of each apps. If you were to click on the "X" it will delete the app. Once in the edit mode, drag that app to another app you would like to put in the folder. A folder will be created and the two apps you used will be in the folder. The folder will automatically be named, but you can change that when the folder is open.

Video Chat

Unfortunately I have not used the video chat option to share my thoughts with you, because no one I know has the iphone 4. Plus, I'm more of a texter than a talker. But when I do, I will definately share my experience!

Applications JUST for iPhone 4

There are several applications in the App Store made just for the iPhone 4, but not a lot at the moment. I have yet to really checked any of them out to share my thoughts.


 Multi-tasking is a must for anyone who, well, multi-task. I believe it is only avialable for the iphone 4 and iPad. It took me a while to figure out how to work the Multi-Task. All you have to do is, while an app is open, simple tap on your home button twice. Then, four icons/apps will pop up on the buttom of the screen. You can nagivate by dragging your finger back and forth. Applications are in the order of usages.

Camera Focus

Being a camera freak and a amature macro photographer, I absolutely love the iPhone 4 camera focus. Unlike my previous iPhones, the iPhone 4 automatelly focus in on an item if your camera is close to it. Also, you can simply double tap on anywhere on the screen and the camera will focus on that specific area. The zooming could be better, but it could just be me wanting too much. You can zoom by tapping once anywhere on the screen and a drag tool will pop up on the buttom of the screen. Drag it to the right and it will zoom in, do the opposite to zoom out.

Last but not least with every great features, there's also the bads. I have yet to have any drop calls nor antenna issues, but my touch screen is utterly sensitive. Everytime I put my iphone 4 up by my ear, the screen becomes active, and when I take it away from my ear (during a call) the screen turnes off. It might just be the iphone case I have it in, because without the case, everything is fine.


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