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iPhone 4G Verizon Wireless

Updated on January 14, 2011

iPhone 4G Verizon Wireless

iPhone 4G Verizon Wireless

iPhone 4G Verizon Wireless - Coming 2/10/11

Apple and Verizon have both announced that the iPhone 4G Verizon Wireless edition will be released on 2/10/2011. This is the huge announcement that everyone had been waiting for for a few years now. It seems like the talks of the iPhone 4G coming to Verizon Wireless were never going to end. There was always speculation that the iPhone 4G was going to move to Verizon Wireless a couple of years ago, but it was all talk. I think the main reason Verizon Wireless never got the iPhone 4G sooner was obviously because Apple was under contract with AT&T, but also because their network wasn't capable of handling browsing the internet and talking at the same time. However with the earlier release of the Droid, Verizon Wireless sort of proved that they were willing to make the changes necessary to get the iPhone 4.

Verizon vs AT&T - Will Verizon Threaten AT&T Sales?

Ongoing rumors have been that AT&T would lose a lot of customers do to Apple's partnership with Verizon. The reason behind this is simple yet arguable - Verizon Wireless has better service than AT&T. The reason Verizon Wireless lost soo much business was because AT&T was able to strike a deal with Apple, now it seems the tables have turned - this time in Verizon's favor.

The iPhone 4G release on Verizon Wireless will definitely hurt AT&T's sales. I can guarantee this because over the past 2 years I'm sure some customers have felt that AT&T's gives out silly bills every once in a while - not to mention the reputation AT&T has developed over the years for dropped calls and sluggish data speeds. Unless AT&T can step their game up and offer something more than Verizon, then Verizon is going to crush it on 2/10/2011.

The iPhone 4G for Verizon Wireless (Specs & Features)

  • Verizon is introducing a new feature called "Hot Spot Tethering." This enables you to pick up an internet connection from laptops and other cell phones carrying an open WiFi connection.
  • FaceTime with Wifi connection.
  • High resolution Retina Display
  • Multitasking (Available only with Software iOS4
  • HD Video Recording & Editing
  • 5-Megapixel Camera with LED Flash
  • The Worlds Largest Application Store


As big as all the hype is, there are a few downsides with Verizon's iPhone 4G. The device isn't going to be running on 4G speed. Verizon Wireless' network isn't currently ready for the speed of 4G, so will instead be using a technology known as CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access). This will enable the iPhone 4G to run on 3G, kind of weird but with time and patience I'm sure Verizon can make the switch. Also there is no international roaming, and you will not be able to browse the internet while on a call. So it definitely looks like AT&T has an upper hand in that category.

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