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iPhone 4S hits market instead of iPhone 5

Updated on October 8, 2013
iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S

iPhone 5 was the most popular news in most of the technology blogs in recent past. While everybody was expecting an iPhone 5, Apple was developing a newer version of its old iPhone 4. It has been released to market with name iPhone 4S

Even though it is named after old version, most of its features are those that are expected in iPhone 5. It operates in iOS 5. It has some nearly 200 advancements over the previous iOS4. Main features are notification center, iMessage, iCloud etc. One very interesting feature of Android and that was missing in iPhone was the absence of a notification panel . But with the release of iOS 5 Apple has solved this problem. Also in iOS 5 you can synchronize any data in your phone including your photos and videos with the cloud service of Apple called iCloud.

This new iPhone is the first Apple phone running in a dual core processor. It runs on the latest processor from Apple named A5. Apple claims that Graphics performance will be seven times better in the new processor compared to the previous A4 processor.

Most of the features that spread as speculations about iPhone 5 are there in the new iPhone 4S. It comes with an 8 Mega pixel camera. It supports 1080p video recording which was 720p in old iPhone 4S. It is far better compared to the current smart phone market standards. Also this phone will be able to work as global phone. It will work in GSM networks as well as in CDMA networks. Another one peculiarity of the new iPhone is its ability to operate as per voice instructions. Surely it is one more step close to the automated phones of tomorrow. You can invoke the voice commander at any time by pressing the home button available in the phone

The most attractive feature about the phone is its price. iPhone is no more overpriced. The latest iPhone comes to market at $199 for 16GB edition, which is comparable to the low end smart phone price. Also you can get 32GB and 64GB versions at $299 and $399 respectively. These are the prices with contracts. The phone has been released to market in US and other 24 countries in this October 14th. By the end of the current year, the phone will be available in other 70 countries also. With this price Apple will need to compete with Amazon's new tablet Kindle fire. This is also priced at $199. It is a cloud based tablet. Apple also has released new version of iPod. Its 16GB version is also priced at the same. It is also operating in iOS 5.

This is the first phone that comes to market from Apple after the great era of the great visionary Steve Jobs. So everybody is waiting to to review the new product from Apple for its quality. Any way it has proved as a very good product which will sweep the low end smart phone market also.


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    • vinner profile image

      vinner 6 years ago from India

      yes Watcher07 iPhone 4S set world record in sales. It got a record sales of 40lakh pieces in 3 days.

      Also there are some other interesting features that comes with iPhone 4S. First one that I missed is Siri application which comes along with it used for voice based actions

    • Watcher07 profile image

      Watcher07 6 years ago from Port Orchard, WA

      When Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S, it was met with real lukewarm reception, but then went on to set sales records. Its a good phone, no doubt and a worthy successor to the iPhone 4. Hopefully the true iPhone 5 will sport LTE whenever it comes about. Good article about the features and the phone.