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iPhone 5 Features and Prices

Updated on January 1, 2014

iPhone 5 (in black Colour)

iPhone 5 is improving and will soon become more affordable

Apple iPhone 5 is a Smartphone developed by Apple incorporated. Its immediate predecessor is iPhone 4S. The Apple iPhone series represent a Flagship phenomenon for Apple and at such it is never a project to joke with relative to its position in the Smartphone market. A dominant position which the like of BlackBerry enjoyed for close to a decade until Apple made its first debut in the iPhone series in the month of June, 2007 with the release of its original iPhone.

iPhone 5 is the 6th generation in the iPhone series .It was officially released in the month of September,2012. It is a consummation of the Apple experience with all the series put together. iPhone 5 is 4inch multi-touch retina display Smartphone.

Though the thinnest and lightest in the series, the screen is larger than its immediate predecessor in height but with the same width. Perhaps the reason as we can see brought about icons showing in six roles a departure from iPhone 4S. This made it more eye catchy, handy and ease of accessibility of Applications.

Launched with Apple A6 chip showcasing iOS 6 Apple OS, it is a phone to reckon with if you are fully conversant with the World second most advanced mobile Operating system. The OS is sorely for Apple gadgets and its peculiarity has won unprecedented loyalty among millions of Smartphone addicts. Apple iOS 6 is undergoing a number of upgrade since launched and all compatible devices will follow suit.

Reports show that Apple has seen over 250million unit sold of it Smartphone since launch and mostly receiving pre-order demands in the tune of millions before the actual date of release and iPhone 5 peculiar market share with its amazing prices ($199 for 16GB,$299 for 32GB,$399 for 64GB) .

Some analyst sees prices as portrayed by some carriers as been on the high side(different from prices stated above) which is typical of Apple gadgets may be informed by its high demand. But when compared with the phone features, it worth it .There are speculations that these prices will continue to fall as we expect the next generation in the series. Some reviewers still sees iPhone as top of the class in the parlance of Smartphone ratings.

Apple iphone 5 came out in 16, 32 and 64GB in terms of internal storage . Traditionally there is no provision for external storage unit. But that does not make the experience lesser. These units are enough to accommodate hundreds and thousands of applications The dimension is 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 in .It has 1 GB RAM and a dual core 1.2GHz CPU. This account for its high speed. Let take a quick look at other peculiarities that made this Smartphone so amazing and killer features as some analysts will call it.

iPhone 5 showcases iOS 6 Concept
iPhone 5 showcases iOS 6 Concept

iPhone 5 Features under the Apple iOS 6 Platform

The facts are basically its features especially with the iOS 6 platform. The features are so numerous which may not be easy to exhaust within the space of this discourse. Here the topmost features and that made iPhone 5 outstanding.

Siri: iOS 6 Siri represents a better Apple experience. A personal digital assistant with natural voice able to give answers to inquiries within the spectrum and domain of its programming. With this new development Siri can be asked to book Restaurant reservations, movies listings and bookings, weather conditions etc.

Maps: A very outstanding feature so talked about. Users of iPhone 5 in select cities and countries have access to a 3D view of cities with a clear voiced turn by turn navigation with useful information about events that can enhance or impact on smooth journey to one’s destination. One could be told of event that could cause hold up on the way and alternative route to take.

Face Time: This is amazing. You can now talk with friends and families not on voice call only but sharing at the same time those beautiful smiling faces and other features on the home screen.

Mail: A provision is made for very important mails (VIP inbox) that you would not want to miss especially if you are the type that receives bulky mails and because of the exigencies of time find it difficult to read through. Just identify such mails with VIP and you are done.

Social Media: There is Facebook and Twitter interface integration. Though iOS 5 came with the Twitter Application, iOS 6 made full Facebook integration possible. You can post from the Web to the facebook, having full access to the basic nitty-gritty of it all. The beauty of it all is that Siri can be ask to read your notification, and post on your Facebook when perhaps you have much to do.

Passbook: This is a completely new Application that came with the iOS. It is specially design to store very important information such as a boarding pass, coupons, tickets and cards. Just scan the bar-code on them and the information get stored.

This will bring about easy access and you are saved of the hazel of misplacement. The Passbook application alerts you on due dates and any other relevant information that impact directly on the purpose of these items.

Safari: A unique upgrade of one the best Web browser. It is faster than ever and another amazing fact is that iCloud can help you keep track of your browsing history and can have access from where you stopped previously even when using another Apple device.

You can take photos and record videos and get them posted without leaving Safari. Get your Web pages stored for offline access easily via Safari.

Accessibility: This is a unique provision for the blind, poor vision and other similar disabilities. iOS 6 made provision for a Voiceover Application that verbalize features on the Apple compatible devices when accessed. The device can be restricted to one Application by disabling other Applications by guardians or parents of such persons.

Messaging: iPhone 5 has iMessage similar to BlackBerry Instant Messaging. It is more encompassing that an ordinary text message as you can send more messages, videos, audio messages and photos as a conversation. You can even ask Siri to do it.. It is free when using it over Wi-Fi.

Camera Panorama: This is a feature that help brings out the best in photography having a sweeping vertical capture. It can take still photos while doing a video recording.

Photo Stream Sharing: With this Application unlimited number of photos can be shared with friends and family members. Even those who are not using any of the Apple devices can access them via the Web and for those using icloud, the photos are delivered immediately.

Find my Phone: This is an Application that help to find lost iphone 5. What you need to do is to send your four digit passcode and your number will appear on the locked screen. This a good spirited person can use to call you if they find it.

More so, this application is able to track the where about of the lost phone with alert when the Find my Phone Application is launched. Find my phone can remotely delete sensitive data from your phone to guide against any access to your confidentiality.

Phone: This new feature give a number of options when receiving voice call. You swipe through to choose which option best suit the situation around you at that moment. Calls can be rejected with a message such “I ‘call later”, “call back in an hour’s time” etc. You can choose pre-set options or customize it.

Find my Friends: This is a unique way of keeping track with loved ones and those one may have lost contact with. This feature tell you exactly where your friends, children and other people of interest are per time when they possess the iPhone 5 and this feature activated.

Data encryption and Security: Apple iOS 6 came with top security and users confidentiality highly protected. Your permission is needed on any application requesting for personal information. All sensitive information is protected in the process of conversation and interaction over the network.

Battery Life: The battery life exceeded that of its predecessors with up to 8hrs talk time and 10hrs internet browsing. Just like any other electronic gadget, the degree of usage will ultimately determine how long the battery will last.

Apple iPhone 5 is a Smartphone with a difference. These unique features point to this fact and the prices at $199, $299 and $399 for 16, 32 and 64GB respectively is reasonable.

This is also dependent on the retailing unit and the carrier. A new iPhone is been expected and so the prices will keep falling. You can confirm these prices from the Apple store.


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