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iPhone 5 review. Using it as my daily driver 5 years later.

Updated on July 26, 2016


The thin bezels are complimented by the fairly standard Retina Display with the magic number of 326 pixels per inch.
Even the 6S has the same pixel density and there really isn't much to complain about in the display department.

The small size of the screen really isn't an issue as the touches are very accurate and even typing is really fast because of how close the keys are.

The colors seem a little washed out after using and AMOLED display, but it's going to be about personal preference.
You really can't tell the difference between the screen on this and the quadHD one on the Nexus 6.
The screen gets really bright when you're out, but more importantly it gets dark enough to comfortable use in the dark of the night.

It may be standard issue, but it's no slouch and there is a reason the phones we have today, 5 years later, still use very similar technology.


On board speakers don't seem vital when you're looking to invest in a new phone,
but in a pinch it's very useful to have a good set of speakers right there on your phone.

The speakers on the iPhone 5 aren't very loud, but they are really rich. And punchy for phone speakers.
They're fairly impressive and I find myself using them more often than lugging my Bose SoundLink Mini around the house.


Conclusion time.
You can pick one of these up for about 80$ in Craigslist. Should you?
Maybe if you have a really large phone and would like something smaller to speak on.
Or maybe it can be your child's first phone.
There are a fair few things you can do with it. Or just a device to listen to music on. Siri is unbelievably good at finding my odd song requests on Apple Music.
It's a nice device to have on your bedside.
And at 80$ it's not possible for it to be a bad investment.


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