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iPhone 5S Blue Screen

Updated on August 15, 2014
iPhone 5S Blue Screen After Screen Replacement
iPhone 5S Blue Screen After Screen Replacement | Source


Source Of Solution

Have you come across the Blue Screen of Death fault in your iPhone 5S? Has this started happening after the screen of the device has been changed? It’s not an uncommon problem and most users of iPhone 5S are facing this problem. But we have found why this mysterious kind of problem appears and how we can solve this. Let us see how that is.

How does this problem appear?

As mentioned above, most times, this problem arises after the device is worked at some kind of repair. So before coming to a conclusion, we have to consider a few questions to determine the actual cause of the problem.

  1. Has this device undergone a repair recently?
  2. Does the device restart or reboot with blue screen?
  3. Does the iPhone 5S loop with this blue screen problem?
  4. When you connect the device to iTunes, do you see either an error 9 or error 14? Its Generally error 14 on windows and error 9 on Mac, but its same fault it indicates
  5. On some occasions the iPhone will actually appear to be dead, the reason being that these tracks are cut, these are some of the main lines and if shorted out the wrong way, it can cause permanent damage to the CPU A7 Chip

Cause And Solution

Most Probable Cause

If the device has been repaired at the centers or by the people who are relatively inexperienced or if you tried to “self-repair” the device by yourself, then it may cause this blue screen problem.

The Possible Roots of the Blue Screen Problem

The iPhone 5S’s LCD cable, proximity sensor cable, and the digitizer cable of the touch screen are protected by a shield. For a screen repair to be performed this shield must be taken out and this shield is fixed to the individual parts with unique screws that must be carefully replaced and fixed back after the repair. The sizes of all the screws are so small and the shape so indiscernible that you may be mistaken one screw for another.

Now you can get a small idea about how this is an important factor to the blue screen problem, can’t you? Yes, if you put the wrong screws in the wrong slot, it may lead to the Blue Screen of Death.

iPhone 5S screw Formation

iPhone 5S LCD Plate And Screws
iPhone 5S LCD Plate And Screws | Source

Screw That Causes The Damage

Why does this cause the problem?

The question to be exact is what happens if you put the wrong screw in the wrong slot? The slots could be easily confused as they all look similar though they are not. If you take a closer look at the misplaced screws, you can realize how messy the confusion led to. When you mistakenly fitted the long screw to the important part of iPhone 5S i.e. the logic board, the layers of the board will be disturbed. You must know that there are 10 layers of logic board in iPhone 5S and the damage to even 1 layer may result in serious issues.

The intensity of the damage would be severe depending on how deep the layers have been scraped or disturbed. Hence any kind of iPhone repair requires both the expertise and experience. You must get an idea of how a small mistake can lead a huge damage. In order to repair this, one must scrap down to the layers that have been damaged to find out the intensity of it.

Cause Of Blue Screen

Blue Screen Repair

The Major Question: Can it be repaired?

Most of them can be repaired, depends on how deep the screw has went. But you must take care of getting these kinds of serious damages only at the experienced and expertise repair center so that you can avoid additional or future damages or consequences to the device. The damage intensity may vary from case to case but the basic issue will be the same i.e. the damage to the logic board.

So, if you are facing this problem with your iPhone 5S, then you don’t have to worry about it. All you need to do is find the right servicing center to repair your Blue Screen fault


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