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The iPhone 8? Here's Some Information on What to Expect.

Updated on January 3, 2017

The iPhone 8 will be released during the Fall of 2017, and is expected to have various changes in appearance and it will gain a series of features. Rumors say that Apple will have a major redesign of the look of the new phone, in which there will be no home button, there will be a edge to edge OLED display, there will be a front facing camera and a touch ID fingerprint scanner. Some analysts say that the iPhone 8 will add 3D effects to the camera.

What features should you expect? You should expect wireless charging, no home button, touch ID and camera to be integrated in the display, an edge to edge display, a faster A11 processor, a glass body and an OLED display. You should also expect there to be three models - one OLED, and two standard. The sizes of the models will be 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of Apple, so analysts expect something huge with the release of the iPhone 8. Rumors say that Apple is testing more than ten prototype iPhone models, so it is still quite unclear on what we will see. Looking at past trends, most people would think that Apple would call the next iPhone the "iPhone 7s", however this seems unlikely, given that Apple is planning some major changes for the next model of the iPhone, and a jump to the next number signifies a more dramatic change, in comparison to the adding of an "s" to the end of the past name of the phone. It is, of-course, possible that Apple will not call their next model of the iPhone the "iPhone 8". It's possible that they will move to using letters instead of numbers or do something similar to that to signify the enormous change; however one report says that the iPhone 8 is being built in Israel, and that in the facility where it is being built, in Israel, the employees of Apple are referring to the new model of the iPhone as the "iPhone 8".


At least one model of the new iPhone is expected to have a flexible OLED display. This is known, because Apple has signed a deal with Samsung, in which Samsung will produce OLED displays for Apple devices. Samsung will provide about twenty million AMOLED panels to Apple, each month. Since OLED displays from other companies, such as Japan display, Sharp, and AU Electronics, won't be ready until 2018, Samsung will be Apple's main supplier of OLED displays. Having an OLED display will allow Apple to make their display much lighter and thinner.

In many ways, OLED displays are much better than the previously used, LCD display's because OLED displays have a faster response time, better viewing angles, a better contrast ratio, a better display of colors, and better power efficiency, in order to better maintain battery life. The bad thing about OLED displays, in comparison to LCD displays, is that OLED displays can more easily be damaged by water, and the lifespan of OLED displays is shorter than that of LCD displays.

Various reports (including reports by The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg) say that Apple is working on an edge to edge display, which will look similar to the picture above.

Rumors say that sensors such as touch ID and the front-facing camera will be inside the display, and unseen by the user. It is also said that there will be no home button, and that there will be no need for a home button since everything will be embedded in the display.

The Processor

Apple will now be using an A11 chip instead of the TSMC. The A11 chip is faster and more energy efficient, despite being smaller.

Wireless Charging

Apple is trying to make long-range wireless charging possible, and rumors state that they will make this possible for the upcoming iPhone. Some iPhone 8 leaks say that with the iPhone 8, one can charge his/her phone from fifteen feet away! It is unclear on how they will make this happen, but it is known that Apple has already begun to hire wireless charging engineers. Some rumors say that there will be a special case and that applying this case to the phone will allow the phone to charge itself, wirelessly. Rumors say that Apple is switching to a glass body, and it is much easier to wirelessly charge a phone with a glass body than to charge a phone with an aluminum body. It is also said that Apple's manufacturing partner, Foxconn, is testing wireless charging modules and that Apple is looking for a supplier of wireless charging chips.


Ming-Chi Kuo, a trusted industry analyst at KGI Securities, believes that Apple will stop using the aluminum body, and switch back to the glass body, as previously used in the iPhone 4s. Glass is more fragile and heavy than aluminum, however several advances have been made in glass technology. Companies such as Gorilla Glass have found ways to make glass much stronger and much more durable than glass was in the past.

Kuo also believes that a cheaper model of the new iPhone will receive an aluminum frame, and the more expensive models will have stainless steel frames.

The CEO of Apple supplier Catcher Technology, Allen Horng, has confirmed Kuo's report. Some analysts such as Nikkei believe that all models of the 2017 iPhone will have glass backings, however Horng and Kuo believe that at least one model will have a glass backing, and at least one model will have an aluminum backing.

To Summarize...

Expect the following:

  • An edge to edge display
  • No home button
  • An OLCD display
  • A glass body
  • A stainless steel frame on at least one model
  • Possibly a stainless steel frame
  • Long Distance Wireless Charging




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