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iPhone Battery Saving Tips

Updated on February 28, 2018

Apple Product


Apple Crisis

Do you own an Apple iPhone? If so, these tips are for you! We all deal with the unfortunate "red bar" on our battery which states that our phone is in need of a charge. But, what if you cannot get to a charger at the time? And that's what I'm going to be helping you with today! Please understand that Apple products have a precise way of being handled and cared for. Apple had made their products with technical specks in which you may not be aware of. Only go to a technician if it's a dire emergency, otherwise, look up questions on forums by Google. Why spend money to figure out what's wrong when you can research it for FREE!

And I, being a tech nerd am here to help you with your Apple iPhone with some battery saving tips.

Step One: Identifying The Problem

Unfortunately, You must identify your issue by researching troubleshooting bugs or questions that others have answered beforehand. Don't call Apple just yet, friend, unless you're ready to hear the nonsense that does not reflect your issue in any way possible. Once your problem is identified, get ready to follow step-by-step instructions on fixing the problem.

If you can read and follow simple instructions, you have no reason to contact Apple.

Obviously, Your problem is the iPhone battery, right? Not surprised. Apple seems to be keen on adding extra features than improving battery life. However, they've hidden tricks and tips from you that I and many others have exposed for the benefits of those with these annoying iPhones. If you're wanting an Android phone then you've reached the iPhone crisis. Easily fixable!

Step Two: Tips You May Not Have Known

Apple is very good when it comes to hiding important tips to help you solve your own phone problems without having to call a nerd. Half of the time they don't even give you correct information! They do say if you want something done right to do it yourself! Over the past four years of owning iPhones, I can't even count the number of times I had to call apple on one hand.

Let's say that your phone is in the red and you're at an important meeting and need your phone, right? Here's what you do:

Tip one:Make sure any unused tabs and apps are closed, otherwise they will be using your battery in the background. Apps take up more space and battery than most apps, except Facebook.

Tip Two: Slide your finger up to reveal your controls; there is a battery button that you click to enter battery saving mode. If not, You would have to manually turn it on by heading to settings/control center/ and customize controls and then you can add it to your control screen.

Tip Three: Make sure you charge your phone the night before, but DO NOT OVERCHARGE or it will wear down your battery. Once you hit 100% unplug it and place on battery saving mode for a longer lasting battery.

.You can input your charger backward, so watch doing that or it will drain your battery faster than you can say "Wi-Fi." Now that you know how to save your battery, I wish you luck in your endeavors with the iPhone, iPad, and any other Apple product. Remember, Never waste money if you can fix your issue on your own without any hesitation or false information.

Bonus Tip: Use Your iCloud

Your iCloud is absorbing information like your photos, documents, and other things so if something were to happen, all you'd have to do is log into your iCloud on your device or another device and download your stuff from there. This is Apple's greatest thing since sliced bread. You can even add extra security to your things such as the two-step-verification which simply just adds your phone number or email and they send you codes to log in. It's helpful!

Anything very important, I'd recommend wholeheartedly to use your cloud or you may have written that essay of two-thousand words for absolutely nothing and nobody wants that, right? With that being said, I do hope these tips worked out in your favor.

Fairwinds for now.



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