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iPhone Battery Tweaks

Updated on June 1, 2014
iPhone Battery Tweaks keep your screen lit up when you need it!
iPhone Battery Tweaks keep your screen lit up when you need it!

There's a reason that your iPhone battery is draining fast – it’s all those fancy features that you really could do without. If you really want to extend iPhone battery life, you have to turn some of the cool stuff off. Of course, there are some more advanced maneuvers – I call those the Apple genius iPhone battery tweaks. Those might just blow your mind!

First, I'm not going to suggest that you improve iPhone battery life by watching fewer videos, listening to less music or turning off your 4G service. After all, this is what you got the iPhone for in the first place. Let's face it, 4G and LTE technology take more battery power than 3G. But you aren't going to turn it off – not when having a faster phone was the whole point of getting a new one. Some "gurus" suggest this (and it will work) but if that's the case, get an old flip phone and save yourself $500.

The other thing I won't suggest is turning off vibration mode. Most of us that use vibration do so because we work in loud environments. We aren’t going to be turning it off simply to save a few minutes of battery.

Your iPhone battery is draining fast. Let's fix that right now.
Your iPhone battery is draining fast. Let's fix that right now.

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10 Ways to Extend iPhone Battery Life

It's not hard to improve iPhone battery life. In fact, you can probably make all of the following changes in under 10 minutes. While they won't double your battery life, they will give you at least an hour (probably loser to 2) of extra playtime.

  1. The very first thing you have to do is upgrade your firmware. The newest iOS, currently iOS 7.1.1 has been shown to increase battery life 16% on average.
  2. Next, turn off applications that use continual discovery modes including. The first one is AirDrop. Enter the Control Center>AirDrop and swipe to Off.
  3. After you've turned off AirDrop, turn off background application refresh. You can customize this so you still get updates from Twitter, Email services and other essentials while reducing the computing power used on things like game updates. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn off everything that is not essential to your daily life.
  4. Turn off Location Services and Background App Refresh for Facebook. This one move can significantly improve your battery life. Try it right now. You battery life will actually increase – sometimes up to 5%.
  5. Shut off that dynamic wallpaper. Yes, I know it's awesome, but that awesome comes with a price – battery drain. Got to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness. Tap on the existing wallpaper and a Choose Wallpaper option will appear. Choose from the Stills instead of Dynamic.
  6. Turn off the parallax. Yes, it's cool, but it does use up battery. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion. Turn the selection widget from on to off.
  7. Unless you are absolutely in love with Siri and the raise to speak feature – shut it off. The phone is always in stand by for the movement. While it isn't a big thing, every little bit of battery saved helps. Choose Settings > General > Siri. Turn off Raise to Speak.
  8. Set your Autolock to 1 Minute, not 2, not 3. Go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock, then set this to 1 Minute.
  9. Not using a headset? Turn off your Bluetooth! Choose Control Center> Bluetooth.
  10. Put your phone in airplane mode whenever you don't want to be bothered. Go to Control Center >Airplane Mode. Turn it on.

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A Word on Battery Percentage

The number that displays on your phone is an estimate of how long it will last based on the amount of charge left in the physical battery and the current rate of drainage attributed to current activities.

8 Awesome Apple Genius iPhone Battery Tweaks

Is your iPhone battery draining fast even after implementing the 10 tweaks I gave you above. Maybe you need some super secret Apple Genius level battery help. These are going to be more in depth and you'll love yourself for finding them.

  1. Stop using automatic updates. Manually update all your applications. This will stop the unnecessary CPU usage from searches for automatic updates. This can also reduce your usage on your cell plan and save you from overage charges (BONUS!). Go to Settings>iTunes & App Store and turn off the Updates and Apps settings.
  2. Here's one you probably don’t even know about – the location learning app. Shutting this hog off takes a bit of doing. Luckily, you only have to do I once. Open Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services. Turn off the Frequent Locations option. This will prevent the phone from using battery on location tracking.
  3. Let your phone take it easy and put it in fetch mode. Push mode for mail makes the processor work extra hard to get emails to you faster. Unless you have a really time sensitive matter to attend to – fetch mode will be fine. Go to Settings > Mail,Contacts, Calendar>Fetch New Data. Turn off the Push option. Set the fetch schedule to Every 30 minutes or more. You can also set particular apps to still push their content through the Advanced setting.
  4. Let's talk about the Wi-Fi connection. There is a lot of misunderstanding out there about it. If you always leave Wi-Fi on when you are on the go hoping to save a few Mbs, the phone is always searching for networks. This takes battery. Instead, only use Wi-Fi when you are at home or in a verified hotspot. If you are able to connect to a hotspot, use the Wi-Fi – it is more efficient than cellular. Open Control Center>Wi-Fi button and set it to On. Then set Ask to Join Networks to Off. This will keep your phone from trying to connect to outside networks, using up valuable battery.
  5. 5. Here's one that will shock you. Don't shut down apps. According to Know Your Mobile, the basic applications that come with the phone actually take extra RAM to keep shut down. Knowing this counter intuitive fact could save you a few more minutes every day.
  6. Disabling location based services will slow down the drain on your battery, but it will also render services like find my iPhone useless. If you tend to lose your phone often, don't use this tweak. A little battery saved is NOT worth having to buy a new phone. However, if you never you’re your phone (and don't like the idea of your phone having an active GPS) do this - Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Turn it off.
  7. Use the auto-brightness feature to preset your phone backlighting, then turn it down to a still acceptable level manually. Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness, then reduce the brightness to 10-25 percent. Make sure the auto feature is turned off afterward. This maneuver is a big battery saver but it is also the most labor intensive because you have to continually adjust your screen as you move through different environments.
  8. Shut off the battery indicator. Yes, I mean it. People that worry about battery life tend to turn on the screen to check battery life and inadvertently use more battery in doing so than those who don't. Settings > General > Usage turn off the battery percentage indicator.

Will Jailbreaking my iPhone Increase Battery Life?

Jailbreaking your iPhone, in and of itself, will not increase battery life. However, there are plenty of applications and tweaks that a jailbroken phone can utilize. Check out the video to the right.

Add a Backup Battery

The best way to extend you iPhone battery life is to add a back-up. There are plenty of iPhone battery backups including ones that are the same size and shape as a lipstick tube.

There are others that are as thin as credit cards and can be carried around in your wallet.

There are even some that hang right on your keychain.

My personal favorite – and the one that I use – is a battery case. This effectively doubles the use time I have with my iPhone. I used to be on my last 10% by dinner. Now I can Skype long into the wee hours of the night if I need to. I use a Mophie just like the one below.


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