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iPhone Cases Compatible With The Verizon iPhone4

Updated on March 16, 2011

Your iPhone Case Is NOT Compatible With The Verizon iPhone

Much to the chagrin of iPhone fans who eagerly awaited the release of the hot phone/lifechanger on the Verizon network, minor tweaks to the positioning of buttons on the handheld device mean that the Verizon version of the iPhone4 is not compatible with iPhone4 cases that were made for the earlier versions of the phone.

I know a lot of you have put up with terrible service with AT&T and others in some areas just to have the iPhone4, and you have counted down the days until your favorite phone was available on the Verizon network, which is one of the best in the country.

Unfortunately, Apple decided to go ahead and make some minor changes to the phone, such as moving around the antenna and adjusting the position of the volume and mute buttons on the side. They said they had to do this to accommodate Verizon's cellular chip. This would make sense, because every phone that becomes available with Verizon is instantly made worse.

For years Verizon has been taking great phones that were available elsewhere and making them available at their stores, but with all of the good features locked unless you were willing to pay out the you-know-what. This is just standard practice at a company who would probably get the front windows of their stores broken every day if people weren't utterly dependent on Verizon's notoriously strong signal.

So what cases are compatible with the Verizon iPhone? Well, the current version of the Vapor case from Element Case will fit, although they are making a new version to either make it "fit better" or to milk some more money out of you. The reviews on the Vapor Case are so-so. Innovez is still working on getting a biodegradable case out that is Verizon iPhone compatible. The eLago S4 case (which comes in many colors) is being advertised as Verizon iPhone4 compatible, so I guess you can always demand a refund if that doesn't turn out to be the case.

Because Apple and/or Verizon want to create a lot of media buzz, they haven't released demo versions of their phones, even to case manufacturers. That means there could be a delay of up to a month before people can get the case they want. This was a disaster last summer for Apple, as there weren't enough iPhone4 cases to go around when the phone came out, and people realized that if you touched certain parts of the phone with your bare hands it would cause a sudden drop in signal and drop your call. People were saying the phone was flawed, but the real problem was that nobody had cases for it.


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