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iPhone or iPad Stylus

Updated on November 16, 2012

Mediadevil Magic Wand Stylus Video

Above you can see a video of me using the Mediadevil Magic Wand Stylus on my iPhone 3GS. It works brilliantly and quickly and does not miss any swipes that I made with it. I bought it particularly to play games on my phone but now that I have an iPad it is also useful for that sa it stops it getting quite so many dirty finger marks on!

Why Buy an iPhone/iPad Stylus?

Recently I had the need to get an iPhone stylus. There are a few reasons why you may want one to use with your iPhone or iPad instead of (or complimentary to) always using your fingers to navigate, play games, type, etc. Some of the reasons to buy an iPhone/iPad stylus could be as follows:

  • When you need to use your iPhone with gloves
  • When you need more control over what you are typing in the iPhone - this may be the case if you often get stubby finger syndrome (my invention!) when you keep hitting the wrong keys as the screen on an iPhone can be quite small
  • When using certain apps that may need a bit more precision. For example I bought the 'brushes' app that David Hockney used to create some of his recent artworks and that needs more precision than my fingers could get.
  • To stop getting lots of dirty finger marks on the screen

You may have your own reasons in addition to this for needing an iPhone or iPad stylus but whatever reasons there are a few things to look out for and basically when you buy an iPhone stylus you will get what you pay for so watch out for the cheap ones that may stop working after a while.

The Mediadevil Magic Wand Stylus - suitable for iPhone and iPad 1 and 2
The Mediadevil Magic Wand Stylus - suitable for iPhone and iPad 1 and 2

Best iPad Stylus

So, I took a look at some of the reviews of the available styluses for the iPad and iPhone and found that some had unfavorable reviews with regard to them continuing to work or 'losing their touch' a bit. There were a number of iPhone Stylus available for only a few pounds which seemed like a cheap and easy option but those cheap styluses did not seem to be that great.

In the end I opted for a more expensive iPhone stylus which was the MediaDevil Magic Wand. All of the reviews were good - in fact they were not good, they were great! So I thought it was worth paying a bit extra for a better quality product.

I was not disappointed in any respect. The stylus arrived on my doorstep in less than 24 hours which was amazing to start off with. It also came with a little something extra that I will not tell you about as it will spoil the surprise if yours comes with the same (bear in mind I got mine in the UK so yours might be a different shipper). Suffice to say that it was something that did not cost a lot but brought a smile to my face :-)

Anyway, the stylus itself was great. It did not miss a trick and acted as well as, if not better than, my fingers. It was quick and accurate and also very stylish in design. I have had it rattling about in my bag for a while and that has not harmed it in any way. I have used it quite a bit and it still works as well as when I got it.

Added to that the level of customer service from the company is exceptional and I believe that if I did have any problems then they would be fixed immediately.

All in all I cannot fault this product and because of my positive experience I wanted to share this with you in case it in any way helps in choosing which iPad stylus you want to buy.

Mediadevil Magic Wand on Amazon

The Mediadevil Magic Wand stylus is the one I bought and can highly recommend it. As you can see from the product description it is suitable for many types of mobile devices and tablets including the Blackberry Playbook, the Kindle Fire and the Galaxy Tab.

The link on the right is to the Amazon product in the US. If you want to buy it in the Uk you can also purchase it from Amazon (like I did) and here is the product link.

Cheap iPad Stylus

It is possible to buy a much cheaper iPad or iPhone stylus but you will not get the quality and longevity of a more expensive item. Some of the negative reviews on the cheaper products say that they don't work on the iPad and that you have to press hard to get them to work at all. This can mean that you are in danger of scratching your screen which is something you really don't want to do.

So I have listed some other options for an iPhone Stylus below so that you can see what else is on offer.


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