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iPhone 4 - Cool New Features

Updated on July 11, 2010

iPhone 4

Apple has taken existing video conferencing technology and implemented this idea into its new iPhone 4. Now you can talk to other iPhone 4 users and be able to see them live through the LCD screen. This technology, called "FaceTime", is only compatible with other iPhone 4 models and does not work on older iPhone models.

Apple has also beefed up its pixels and colors on the new iPhone 4. Users can finally enjoy crisp and clear images, as well as text, when using the phones Internet, video, and picture features.

The new iPhone 4 is capable of handling multiple applications at once without slowing down performance or causing the phone to freeze. Applications running in the background can be easily swapped with the foreground app.

This new iPhone is also equipped with High-Definition video recording and editing. Videos come out brilliant and can be easily uploaded to Facebook and Myspace.

Lastly, the iPhone 4 is the only iPhone that has a flash with its built-in camera. Previous iPhone models do not have a flash for the camera. The iPhone 4 camera is backed by 5-megapixels.

The iPhone 4 works exactly like previous iPhone models. You can resize images and text with your fingertips.

The iPhone 4 16GB is available for $199 and the iPhone 4 32GB is available for $299 with a mobile phone contract through AT&T Wireless.

 Learn more about the amazing new iPhone 4 on Apple's website here:



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