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iPod Touch (4G) 4th Generation Cases and Covers

Updated on September 20, 2012

Click the link for the biggest range of iPod Touch 4G cases

Click the link for UK sales

Cool Protective Cases For the iPod Touch

Wow, iPod Touch cases are Cool!

How many different styles are out there? I was just looking for one for my sister’s birthday and was amazed at how good they are.

I thought most cases were the same but I really was surprised by how many awesome cases there are for the iTouch.This is especially necessary if all your friends have an iTouch too.

That's when it’s most handy to make yours remarkably different from your friends so you won’t be running off after one of them when you’ve got your iPod Touch mixed up.

These cases will definitely make your phone snazzy and will be unmistakably yours, choose from your favourite color or the materials that you most love whether that be leather, or wood or silicone.

Perhaps your choice might be made simply on the pattern in which case there are plenty to choose from.

Have a look below at the wide range of cases for your iPod Touch.

You can even get your hands on the wooden or bamboo cases that are extremely touchable and are great because they are completely sustainable.

If you're a clumsy person then have a look at the silicone cases as these should give some protection against bumps when your butter fingers decide to take over.

And last but not least make sure that you get a screen protector because you wouldn't want to mess up that lovely screen now, would you?

Or how about a pair of iPod Touch earphones that will improve the sound quality by also blocking out external noise. Having a different pair of iPod Touch headphones from the ubiquitous white ones can protect you from trouble on the streets as the Apple white is such a stand out sign that you have an Apple iTouch on you.

So keep you and your ears safe by having a great pair of iPod earphones such as those by Sennheiser.

iPod Touch 4G Speakers

In addition to your fabulous iPod Touch 4th Generation you can add a set of brilliant portable speakers so that you can listen to your music no matter where you are.

Having a set of portable speakers for your iPod Touch means that you can be more sociable, and share your music with your friends and family.

The O’Kestra speakers feature surround sound utilising its four channels stereo. These speakers look great and are small enough for easy portability.

These iPod Touch speakers have synchronization and recharging which equates to continuous play of your music.

Also you could upgrade to a brilliant pair of iPod earphones to really start hearing the music 

Sustainable Bamboo Slip Case

(I believe these are only available for the iPod Touch 1G, 2G and 3G but really wanted to include them in my HUB)

This is the way to go surely?!

Bamboo is quietly becoming a material of force, not only is it used in clothing, I have some fab socks and underwear made from Bamboo and yoga clothes too.

Okay, perhaps too much information but it REALLY is a great material to be using and buying.

If you want something that is going to feel great to touch, durable and will wear so well that no doubt will look better a couple of years down the line, then the Vers handcrafted Wood Slip Case is definitely the way to go.

Just think you'll be doing your bit for the environment and have a designer luxury also.

Ultimate Protection with a Leather Case

Leather cases have come a long way and have truly many different types of designs now. The new range of leather cases for the iPod Touch 4th Generation are looking really great.

The nicest looking out there is the Splash FLIP Napa Leather case that has a real smooth look; it has a flip top for easy access and a slim profile belt loop so that you can be sure to have the iPod 4G with you at all times.

There is also the 4G Touch Black Leather Slip Cases which has the ease of being able to quickly slip the iPod straight in to the pouch and have it securely fit which means that the screen is also well protected.

If you want the best of both worlds, the look of leather but with a hard protector then you might like to try the Scosche beefKASE polycarbonate case with a genuine leather casing exterior which means you get the fell of the lovely leather but the hardness of the polycarbonate.

Awsome! Start Wearing Purple, Wearing Purple!

I don't think I need to say much about just how COOL this iTouch 4G protective case is. Do I?

I'll give you the basics and leave it at that.

The Incipio DermaSHot iTouch 4G case is a tight fitting anti-slip case that will provide much protection for your iPod Touch.

It’s smooth to the touch and has been precision moulded to follow the exact contours and therefore a perfect fit for your iTouch.

It also includes a video stand for horizontal viewing.

What a bargain!

oh, and it does come in a fantastic range of colors also.

Smart iPod Touch Premium Folio Wallet

You can’t beat leather when you want to look cool and smart and this certainly hits the mark.

The iPod Touch Premium Folio Wallet leather case fits the iPod neatly into the wallet to provide protection, quick access and style.

If you’re after something more refined then I really would choose this leather wallet for iPod Touch and look cool and sleek about town.

Also this wallet offers a certain amount of disguise for your iPod Touch. It goes someway to concealing it from being obviously a gadget and perhaps a book or a diary.

Though you may want to show off the fact that you’ve got a iPod Touch there will be occasions when you wish you could use it but might think better of it.

This will afford you to be discreet at times and look smart and sophisticated at all times

The Diamond 4th Gen Case

The iTouch 4th Gen case MiniSuit TPU Diamond skin case comes in a range of colors from smoke gray to blue and clear.

The MiniSuit TPU Diamond has a smart padded effect that will make your iTouch look like the luxury model that it is.

The MiniSuit has been designed to be compatible with all 4g iTouch.

The premium gel skin case offers more protection than traditional skins and has been carefully designed to allow easy access to all buttons and features.

Your purchase includes a MiniSuit micro-fiber screen cleaner keychain which comes in really handy to make sure your iTouch is always looking in tip top condition.

What better way to protect and look after your brand new iPod Touch 4th Generation  than with the MiniSuit case and its key chain.

Check out the Bubble Transparent Silicone Case

I really love the Apple iPod Touch Bubble Transparent Silicone Case Skin Protector Cover.

The Bubble iTouch case comes in many colors from bright apple green, purple and silver, it's incredibly funky and bright. This will be a real show stopper for your iTouch.

The silicone case fits easily over the shell of the iPod touch and will protect it nicely from any damage or dust.

The iPod Touch Bubble protector also comes with a free screen protector for your touch screen also so to prevent any markings of the touch sensitive screen.

You really won’t be able to get you iPod Touch mixed up with one of these.

The Best iPod Touch Cover- Speck PixelSkin

This is definitely the coolest case I’ve seen for anything. I love it.

This rubberized case will keep your iPod Touch looking good and new and will also go a long way to help against any damage against knocks and bumps. I know I definitely want an iTouch case to keep my iPod Touch free from dust and dirt and this is the best way to go.

These are wicked, I know its black but so what (well thats the coolest one in my book but they are in a range of bright, funky colors!). It’s the texture of this that is way cool.

The Speck PixelSkin Rubberized case is genius, not only does it make your iPod Touch stand out from the crowd but it also acts as a barrier to knocks and bumps that may damage your techy stuff.

This should have some amount of impact damage control because the iPod Touch Speck PixelSkin Rubberized case will be able to absorb some of the impact before it damages the phone.

Flowers for Your iPod Touch 4G

Have a look at these beauties, aren’t they great.

Okay so they may be a little girlie but that's what I am and I love them.

The really nice thing is that they aren't cutsie girlie, instead they are well designed by an artist with lots of style.

Really fabulous designs and well made, you can really be stylish and practical. Yeya!

Guided TOur of the iPod Touch


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      Bill 7 years ago

      Where can I find a case for my 4th generation ipod Touch that also holds the Touch Stylus