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iTrack 2.0 Long Term GPS Tracking Device

Updated on October 6, 2014

GPS Tracking Device

It’s not easy to just hand-over your car key to your teenager whenever he wants to borrow your car. At the back of your mind you always have these questions of where exactly he is going, is he driving fast, is he going someplace where he ought not to be and many more. Same goes if you are a business owner with a delivery service, you want to be able to monitor if your product has reached its destination or still on the road and where exactly it is. Well, worry no more as these apprehensions could easily be solved by a GPS tracking device.

The market has a lot of GPS tracking device that differs in sizes, functionality and price so doing a research before a purchase would be ideal. Top Ten Reviews provides comprehensive review on different GPS tracking devices and one of this is the iTrack 2.0 Long Term GPS Tracker by ElectroFlip (


iTrack 2.0 Long Term GPS Tracker

The iTrack 2.0 Long Term GPS Tracker is approximately a 4-inch box-like water resistant tracker that comes with built-in ports for external antennas (GPS and GSM). It also comes with a waterproof magnetic box where you can put the tracker to protect it from water splashes and more. It uses SIRF STAR III chip for its GPS module that allows accurate tracking within 10 feet from the pinpointed location on the map. And, it is global quad-band GSM compatible so you can use it anywhere in the world.

It has an integrated rechargeable battery that can lasts up to 4 months in standby mode and can extend to a year in deep sleep mode which is an ideal for long trips and delivery. Very few GPS tracking device in the market comes with a battery that can last for 1 year and which can be easily recharged in as fast as 7 hours. Plus, the device has a feature that let's you know when it has low battery via text message (SMS).

The device is also designed for monitoring conversation within range aside from tracking location. It has a built-in microphone that captures within-range conversation when you switch to monitoring mode. However, two-way communication is not possible for this GPS tracker. Speed alert can also be configured on this, this feature allows you to set a particular speed for your teenager and when he exceeds that set speed the tracker will send you an alert via text message (SMS). Perimeter or geo fencing can also be setup on the tracker to alert you if your teenager leaves the indicated perimeter.

Many of you may ask if the tracker comes with a phone app that could be used for tracking, unfortunately ElectroFlip doesn’t have any smartphone apps available for this GPS tracker. But, they do have a web-based map program that you can use. Also, note that this GPS tracker requires a standard-sized unlocked prepaid (pay-as-you-go) GSM SIM card to function however; it does not tie you down to a monthly contract to use the GPS system.

iTrack 2.0 Up Close

iTrack 2.0 Unit and Accessories
iTrack 2.0 Unit and Accessories | Source

Product Features

Some of the features of iTrack 2.0 Long Term GPS Tracker are as follows:

Easy Prepaid SIM Card: The device does not require a monthly subscription to use its GPS service. It only requires a standard-sized unlocked prepaid (paygo) GSM SIM card with a little available balance or credit in order to send you tracking information every time you track it.

Long Battery Life: With a fast recharging of 7 hours, this GPS tracker can last for 4 months in standby mode and when in deep sleep mode you can expect it to lasts for a year.

Strong Magnetic Bottom: The tracker comes with an industrial-strength magnetic case that has been tested to securely clamps to metal surfaces even through humps and bumps.

Manual Shut Off Notification: The tracker sends alert notifying you that it will power down when someone manually turns off the tracker to avoid being tracked.

Low Power Alert: The tracker sends text message alert when its battery is going low.

Emergency Notification: When the tracker experiences shock in the event of vehicle collision, it automatically alerts you by sending an SOS alert.

Automatic Tracking: You can set the tracker to send you tracking coordinates in a particular time interval without you manually calling the device. You can set it to send you tracking details in seconds, minutes or hours and in a set number of times a day or infinitely.

Speed Restrictions: The device allows you to set a speed limit and when that set speed is exceeded it automatically sends you an alert.

Perimeter Setup: The device allows you to set a perimeter or boundary and when that is breached it automatically sends you an alert, letting you know that it has gone out of the set perimeter and the coordinates of its current location.

GPS Trackers Comparison

GPS Tracker
Accuracy (feet)
Active Battery Life (days)
Standard Battery Life (days)
Size (inches)
Weight (ounces)
Price (USD)
Contract Length
iTrack 2.0
Amber Alert GPS
Spark Nano
Top Ten Reviews' comparison on different GPS tracking device on their top ten product list.


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