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Want to Know How to Ignore Your Friends on Facebook Chat?

Updated on December 2, 2016
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Ms. Monae is always looking for ways to make her web presence as safe as possible. She is always learning useful tips and tricks to share.

How to Ignore Your Friends on Facebook Chat
How to Ignore Your Friends on Facebook Chat | Source

It's Okay to Ignore Your Friends

If you are like me you don't like to go on facebook chat because you get bombarded with instant messages from your friends. Yes we love our friends, but some times we just want to be incognito to the world. I'm going to show you how easy it is to ignore your friends on facebook chat. This is not a permanent thing. You can change it as much or as little as you like. This is something you can do on a need be basis whenever you get the urge. Maybe later on in life you'll want to talk to hundreds of people at the same time. However right now it's time to put a stop to the nonsense.

I'm going to show you in 4 simple steps...

from my desktop computer....

how to ignore your friends on facebook chat.

Are you ready? Let's get it crackin....

Step 1. Open up your facebook page. On the bottom right corner click on the little wheel (options).

If you don't see it make sure you are logged in ....

I'm on my desktop computer using Internet Explorer. Depending on where and how you are logged in you may not see the same thing. However if you go to chat you should see the options wheel.

How to Ignore Your Friends on Facebook Chat
How to Ignore Your Friends on Facebook Chat

Step 2. Click on Advanced settings.

Right below chat sounds!

Facebook Advanced Settings
Facebook Advanced Settings | Source

Step 3. Choose Your Option

This option will allow you to choose who you would like to chat with or turn off chat completely.

You can turn on chat for all friends except.... You can type in their name or choose a list.

You can turn on chat for only some friends.... This is the setting I use. When you start typing a persons name it will populate and you can just click on it or choose from a list. I picked my close friends list. It's all up to you.

or you can turn off chat completely! That''s right if you choose this option nobody will see you when you are logged in to chat.

Choose your option
Choose your option

Step 4. Once you make your selection click save. You are all set.

You will be able to see the friends you chose in the right sidebar. Underneath them you will be able to see the friends who can't see you on chat.

If your friends are logged into chat you will see a green button. The number with the phone icon beside it indicates how long it has been since the last time a friend has logged into chat. Keep in mind that if a friend has chosen option 2 and didn't include you in the list, you will never see them on chat. You won't see them even if you added them to your list.

Facebook Reality

Facebook can be fun at times. Reading about a happy time in a friend or family members life is exciting. Seeing some great pictures they've posted can make you smile. I really like the beautiful vacation pictures and the funny videos. However I don't care what people are eating and what shoes they wore to a party. Some people become so addicted to facebook they ignore real life. I don't care that you are having problems with your boss, co-worker, friend etc. I don't want to hear about your office gossip. You post everything on facebook and then you wonder why you have so many problems.

Not being mean, but please don't ever invite me to play a game. I will hide your post! If you send me a bunch of nonsense, I will unfriend you in a heartbeat. I don't want to hear people whine or see their butt pictures. I have a nice butt of my own. Unlike you I only share my butt with really special people, not the world. You probably have no idea how many of your pictures are posted on a wall in someones basement. That's just plain creepy. That guy can't wait for you to post another picture.

And why do people argue and talk about each other on facebook? Why is that person even your friend? We all should be a little more selective when it comes to picking our facebook friends.

Have fun and be safe.

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