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Ihome Clock Radio

Updated on November 28, 2010

The ihome clock radio has many features and is one of the best sellers on today's market .
There has to be thousands of iPod accessories that have been released onto the market over the past decade, but one particular item that has made a name for itself is the ihome clock radio or the iPod-focused clock radio. When you think about it, the demand is out there for these gadgets so it’s a no-brainier to please the tech minded consumer. Studies have shown that people like to wake up to music, so why shouldn't it be to their favorite songs?. The iPod’s alarm function is what you expect from a good alarm clock, not to mention that it also has external speakers to give it that quality stereo sound.


Why not integrate all the functions that are most likely to be on an iPod and integrate it into a single product what a great idea. For whatever maybe the reason, we haven’t seen one on the market until now . Thankfully, the makers of ihome products got it just about right with the latest ihome clock radio.The ihome clock radio is surprisingly small in size given its features and functionality: At 9" wide x 5" deep x 2" tall, it’s not much larger than a standard clock radio. The front face includes a 3.5" by 1" back lit LCD screen for night time vision as well as left and right speakers. Each individual speaker driver is approximately 3" in diameter and seated in it's own port enclosure that extends to the rear of the clock.


At the top of the clock is where the main functions are. This is where all of the system’s main control buttons are located .You will also find the ihome's dock slot similar to docking slots on other speaker systems, this one will provide excellent high-quality sound, with a line-level audio signal from your iPod’s dock connector to the speakers. Another feature is that the this system returns the favor by re-charging your iPod while it is docked.

Volume Control

Sadly without the optional remote the ihome radio will provide only a single Play and Pause button which is located in the main button area. To control your iPod so that you can skip tracks or navigate to your iPod’s menu. You will need to use your iPod’s own controls, on each side of your system is a large dial, the one to the left controls the radio's volume, and the one to the right is used to make changes for choosing a radio station. This is a excellent product in terms of size and the added features that make it convenient and easy to use.

The ihome iH5 clock radio is a must have item for any room in the house find more information about this product online. There are many models for the consumer to choose from with standard as well as advanced features. You can find a bargain online if you go to E-bay or Amazon although with Amazon you have a choice to choose either a new model our refurbished which is slightly cheaper. E-bay you may get a used model but just do a simple check on the sellers reputation if you decide to by any items.How ever you choose to purchase your ihome radio make sure it has all those standard features and more


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    • john000 profile image

      John R Wilsdon 7 years ago from Superior, Arizona

      Had no idea there were so many docks for iPod and iPhone. You covered an interesting array of items. Good job.