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Increase Your Page Views with These Free Gadgets for Blogger

Updated on November 8, 2011

Page views are what get the cash into any writer’s pocket. Working with advertisers such as Google, certainly has conditioned many experienced writers to understand the importance of traffic. More importantly targeted traffic that can find your content. Resources that you can use to increase your page views are extremely valuable.

Google will match their advertisements with your content or material making it more attractive for your targeted audience. Therefore, when you receive your targeted traffic the likelihood of their interest in the advertiser’s product or service is increased. This is the formula that is used over and over again all around the web. Anything that you can do to increase your page views will make you more money in the long run. Bringing the content to the reader will help increase page views.

Blogger is a popular platform for creating blogs. They have invented several fun and interesting gadgets for their blogs. The attraction of Blogger is they are free to use and very easy for newbies or first time bloggers. Blogger has designed these gadgets to bring pages or posts to the reader instead of the reading having to search for content.

These are several gadgets that many people aren’t aware of that are beneficial in gaining page views that you need to increase your revenue as a blogger. Click on the links that are provided and you will be taken to the page to add these to the blog post of your choice. Bring your most interested and quality posts to the reader to showcase your writing talents.

“Your most recent posts” gadget

Finding “your recent posts” may be a gadget that bloggers use where they have had a blog open for a while and there are quite a few posts online. Traffic may find your blog from a search engine result that directs them to a specific post, but they may be interested in other posts for your blog if they knew about them. Specifically your most recent posts may be of interest. You can display your most recent posts in your sidebar with this gadget.

Traffic will be directed to your blog using keywords or SEO (search engine optimization). They are directed to the post matching their search engine results. “Recent posts” is a blogger gadget that permits readers or traffic that lands on pages or posts inside of your blog to get a preview of your most recent posts. However, you want them to stick around and read more material on your blog. Having your most recent posts at their fingertips to peruse will increase your page views. Adding this simple gadget to your blogger information will direct any reader to your most recent posts.

The gadget can be customized to fit your needs. You can have your posts displayed with thumbnails that include date of post, number of comments the post has received and more. A short summary is usually included and you critique how many words to be displayed in your sort snippet. Usually a brief outline of the content of the post is provided. This will make those one page traffic viewers increase your page views by offering them a taste of other interesting quality content that you have to offer.

Traffic is directed to one post in your blog through search engines. Use these tools to get them to other posts within your blog.

traffic is linked through back links from one source of content to another.
traffic is linked through back links from one source of content to another. | Source
Traffic is directed to one post in your blog through search engines. Use these tools to get them to other posts within your blog.
Traffic is directed to one post in your blog through search engines. Use these tools to get them to other posts within your blog. | Source

“You may also like” gadget

A gadget that will tie together similar posts or traffic is wonderful for bloggers to increase page views. Typically readers are looking for specific content. Though, if there is similar related content that can also provide useful information at their fingertips they will review it. This free to use gadget will bring that information to the blogger without them exerting any effort to find it.

Readers or traffic will use links to view other content if it’s offered. They don’t need to go back to a search engine to find more beneficial information because you have delivered it to their door step.

Link list

Make valuable use of your link list. I didn’t include a link to this option because it’s easier to find from your Blogger blog. Use your Blogger Dashboard to select “design” of the blog to edit. Select “add a gadget” from any of the side panels. You can select add a gadget in the row you would like to see your link list. Don’t worry about added link list in the top of the row because you can drag and drop it where you would like to see it appear on your blog.

This is designed to showcase well liked or popular posts that are in your blog. Copy the URL of the post you would like to show on the link list in the appropriate panel. Some bloggers will use links from other areas on the web where they have content also. Give the post an eye catching title that draws the reader if the original title doesn’t seem to be enough.

These are wonderful free gadgets for Blogger users to increase their page views.


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    • profile image

      mohammed hamza 

      6 years ago

      really good suggestions,another really good widget bloggers will find appealing is the linkwithin widget.get it from linkwithin.

      check out a preview at my blog

    • Chatkath profile image


      6 years ago from California

      Good suggestions, there are many widgets in Blogger that can really improve the look and steer traffic to your Blog, there are now videos that you can add to automatically rotate and match the keywords or content of your Blog, images, games, lots of fun things! Thanks for sharing sm!

    • tamron profile image


      6 years ago

      I love blogger and I get good traffic. I also love the gadgets that blogger offers. I am addicted! Stumble ya!

    • icciev profile image


      6 years ago from Kuwait

      Although I am not using the blogger platform, but thanks for the nice information and for sharing these tips. Maybe I should start using it, voted up.


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