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How to search for an Inexpensive Macbook

Updated on July 2, 2010

Finding an inexpensive Macbook is easy to do, considering you have the right resources to search from. One of the top ways to find a Macbook that is low cost is by looking online. Although this is not always recommended, you always want to purchase from stores that are credited by the Better Business Bureau just to ensure your Macbook deliver. Another option is by visiting stores that are already 40%-60% on most of their items, one in particular being Walmart.

Macbooks at Walmart

Visit Walmart. This store is located throughout all 48 states and is cheaper than any other retail store. You can even find laptops there as low as $350. This retail store will save you a lot in the long run. Also, it's a good idea to pick up your computer accessories here as well so you can get a deeper discount.

Craigslist Ads

Look around for used Macbooks. You can find a few on Craigslist and most people allow you to test the computer at their location before you actually buy it. This way you can make sure it actually works prior to bringing it home with you.


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