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Updated on November 24, 2009

Information technology is the key to development in the modern era of today computerized world. It merges the computer and communication in order to make the easy availability of latest information to every one. Different business organization many not work if they don’t have the require data and information for running g their business activities. An example of this many be that an Airline reservation company that may no be able to prepare the passengers list for its various flights if they require data about passengers is not available or a bank may never perform its banking function without the data and information regarding its customers and other business perspectives.

            As computer is a very important tool for quick and accurate production of our needed information, it is therefore the central topic of information technology, that how a computer perform its computation functions. The other element of it I called communication, which actually means that how computers may be networked to transmit their output i.e. information to other c computers or receive the same from them.

            In many business organization, IT plays a significant role mostly in the form of computer based information system like Management information system (MIS), Decision support system (DSS), Executive information System (EIS) etc. the detailed discussion about information system is out of the scope of his book however the meanings use of computer asked information system having he o objective of easy and quick use. The information is obtained from the data collected from different data sources in many business organizations.

The benefits of information technology are highly adequate challenging and outstanding, IT now a days is playing its role in almost all aspects of our social national and international life affairs and in a very true sense, latest information is highly crucial for the betterment of a nation.


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