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Things I'd Like to Say and Ask From The Years of 1940 Through 2014

Updated on December 6, 2014
The legendary steamboat
The legendary steamboat

What's a Casino?

could be what the owners of this legendary showboat might say if "I" were to tell them about the gambling casino's that are present in places in our country in 2014.

It would be shocking to these proud men, I admit. Then what fun I would have to listen to what these (and other) men and women of this timeframe would say about me.


Argument notwithstanding, I cannot do anything to disprove a future-form of time travel because I do not have a degree in Quantum Physics, Calculus, Quantum Mechanics or any other high form of math. I will go on-record as saying that I believe that in some future time, there will be time travel, but not in my lifetime.

In the last few years have you noticed the expansions and advances in medical sciences, farming, oceanaic engineering as well as in our military? Mind-boggling, is all I can say. I remember a time when I, and people of my age were walking around with blown minds at the sight of a laser ray and the Space Shuttle that made trips back and forth from the moon as common as catching a city bus at the corner bus stop.

I guess this is a silly fantasy, but it is not a dangerous fantasy as one where I take over the world. My fantasy is to get aboard a future time machine and travel back to the late 1940’s and explore the years from that year forward to 1950 and share what wisdom, ideas, and philosophies I have absorbed from my birth until 2014, and see what reaction that I would get from the citizens I encounter.

Auto races in 1925
Auto races in 1925
Showgirls receive inspections to make sure they are healthy enough to peform on stage
Showgirls receive inspections to make sure they are healthy enough to peform on stage
Oh, man. Where I am from pro-baseball players make MILLIONS a year.
Oh, man. Where I am from pro-baseball players make MILLIONS a year.
Ever heard of K.O.A?
Ever heard of K.O.A?
You plow with your truck?
You plow with your truck?
What's porno?
What's porno?

In the future

You will have huge crowds in places such as Talladega, Al., Richmond, Va., Michigan, Dover, Maryland, California and Texas to name a few where men and women will drive racecars with horsepower measured as high as 300.

Names like Petty, Earnhardt, Gordon, Johnson, and Allison will be the "masters" of this new sport and people will pay lots of money to see them race their cars each weekend.

Things I'd Like to Say and Ask in Years 1940 through 2014

AUTOMATIC --" Right. You do not have to change gears with a gearshift in our cars anymore."

1925 NEW YORK -- "You call this overpass huge. Just wait until you see New York of 2014."

SOMEDAY THERE -- "will be a thing called Sexual Harassment for women dressed-scantily standing in front of a man to look at them."

IS STANDING ON THE -- "corner legal in this time? My dear, in the future you can be hauled in for questioning for prostitution."

IN THE NEAR FUTURE -- "groups like The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin will invade America by storm."

JUST TELL US WHAT -- "Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan will have to do with our military?"

"I KNOW ABOUT WY GUY -- but friends, in future times, you can enjoy Major League Baseball made up of highly-paid teams from most of the major cities in the U.SA."

AND YES, SIR -- "these pro-baseball teams will have players who have contracts worth $50-million dollars a year."

AND (TALKING TO ME) -- "what was that you said about a Walmart?"

IN THE FUTURE YOU WILL -- "have a group called NASCAR with rock star drivers with names like Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and more. And they will be making several million a year."

A PLACE CALLED -- "a gambling casino will put showboats out of business."

YOU CAMP NEAR YOUR CAR -- "I tell you that in the early 50's, a chain of campgrounds will surface called K.O.A."

IF YOU LIKE COMIC BOOKS -- "then you will love MARVEL COMICS with characters like Spider-Man, The Human Torch and DC COMICS with a guy named Superman." (Person I am talking to, faints.)

YOU ARE GOOD WITH A GUITAR -- "but you say that the last time you went through Nashville, it was only a wide place in the road?"

LET ME TELL YOU -- "you will love Playboy, the magazine for men who appreciate girls in rabbit suits."

I SEE THAT YOU ARE A FARMER -- "but I am confused at why you plow with your truck. Ford Motor Co. and others, will produce tractors

I cannot wait. Anyone want to go with me when time travel is fully-functional?

Have you ever dreamed of traveling back in time?

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"I have published some of what I would say or ask in years 1940 through 2014. What would be some things YOU would like to say or ask in YOUR choice of years?"

Thanks for reading.



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    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 3 years ago from Hawaii

      Thanks for brightening my morning with this funny hub!