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internet for assignments

Updated on December 28, 2011

assignments are part of any engineering education.last year assignments help students to execute what they have learned in their engineering courses. They also help the department to understand their performance. Generally students are to choice atopic and complete that topic in their final semester.

This topic selection has become very easy now. because now they are able to choose their topic by internet search. Students now can collect information and datas from anywhere in internet from the whole globe .this is helping the students to develop their skills in their field of study. it also helps them to acquire knowledge from different sourses from internet. a lots of information, videos, datas, surveys in internet helps the students to make their assignments a masterpiece and a valuable thing.

For example if you want to do an assignment on legal matter you can search it by topic name and can have a lots of data and information from internet. you can also have a lots of case references, orders ,decrees from internet only within few seconds.

But a few days before it was not so much easy to do had to read a lots of books then refer many books. you also had to visits many place and travel many places to collect the information. but now a days www (world wide web) has make it easier. students don’t have to work hard on a topic. internet is a door of open vast of knowledge. students now depends on online things and information than reading books. so now there are many websites about research and presentation. they are offering the information about study. different types of websites has been made to provide different types of information related to specific topic. they also provides sample project or assignment papers to help the students.

There also a number of websites which gives practical information such as their survey report their own research paper to help the students. for this purpose they are working a lot to make the assignments valuable and give important information to the students.

Only not in engineering sector but in each and every sector these type of websites are available. This is good for students but this type of practice is making the students lazy many time. sometimes students just search and copy the information and submit them as their assignments. by this the real goal of making assignments are violating. students are doing their work but learning nothing.


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