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Best Apple iOS 8 Apps Upgrades

Updated on August 14, 2014

One of the most important changes happened to the iOS platform during the 2014 World Developers Conference – the ability of developers to create features that can easily run on other applications in the iOS architecture.

This extensibility ability of the new iOS feature will encourage more developers to come into the iOS development space. In fact, some of the more ambitious developers are already toying around with iOS 8 and there are some pretty cool apps utilizing the platform. With this opening up of a platform that has traditionally been considered to be too closed for the liking of some developers, chances are that we are going to start seeing some really great stuff.

It will be now possible to use your favourite keyboard and browser without been limited to the in-built iOS features. Other aspects of the iOS 8 platform that can now be customized by developers to allow third party applications are the notifications centre and the TouchID which will be very useful for security sensitive programs.

The following are just a few of the programs available for the iOS 8 platform which are making use of the new features that were introduced recently:

1Password App

This is a simple yet very effect app for iOS 8 that allows users to log in with one password for third party apps. More accurately, 1password is an iOS 8 extension that developers can add to their third party applications which allows login to various programs using a single password. You will see many apps for the iOS 8 taken advantage of this extension due to the ease of implementation as well as utility for the users of those apps.

VoiceJam Vocal Looper

Though the app has been around for many years, it has been recently revamped with new features to fit in the iOS 8 platform. The vocal looper has become a favourite with professional as well as hobbyist musicians and the new features for iOS 8 will surely be welcome. You will now be able to create more professional sounding compositions using only your voice and the background sounds that are part of your everyday life.


CamScanner is a useful tool for people on the go who need documents scanned but do not have access to a scanner. It helps in digitizing any content by the use of your iOS device and saves them in popular formats such as JPEG or PDF. The powerful app also has features such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that can be used search within scanned documents no matter the format they are in. The app allows access to your documents from across nearly all platforms through simple synchronisation.


In today’s fast paced living where everything is competing for your attention, it is possible to forget to perform simple but important tasks such as closing the garage door or switching off the lights before you leave for work or school. The LiftMaster app is part of a complete system of garage door operating hardware that gives you amazing functionality when it comes to control of security hardware remotely. The app also gives you constant reminders on the status of your security apparatus as well as the ability to change security settings to the desired level.

Spotify Music

Many lovers of this music apps have been getting quite apprehensive about the fact that there were reports that it could not load when iOS 8 Beta was running. The concerns have been proven to be invalid as most users who were initially reporting problems are now able to load the app. It appears that the earlier problems were occurring because the developer had not yet upgraded to the new platform.


Have you ever been on the road only to realize that your gas is running low? This app tells you the location of the nearest gas stations and the lowest prices on the go. GasBuddy app is working fine on the beta version of iOS 8 and there have been no problem reported so far by users who have tested it.

Apps that are not working on iOS 8 Beta

Most of the popular apps for iOS are working well going by the responses been given in this reddit discussion. In fact there are only a few apps that appear to be causing issues:

  • Tweetbot 3.0 is working well apart of some problems with a few insignificant features
  • iTorch does not work
  • Whatapp is problematic especially during heavy conversations
  • PS Touch not working
  • Imagur does not load the user interface
  • Untappd
  • Hitman go
  • OceanHorn
  • Bejewelled
  • Garageband
  • Rdio
  • Huntington
  • Favor
  • Pocketcasts
  • Good for Enterprise
  • Last Pass


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