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iPad 3 Fantasy and Sci-Fi cases

Updated on April 11, 2013

Where Fantasy and Technology Rub Elbows

I admit it. I am a geek of the old school.

I love Technology. I love Science fiction and fantasy, both in the movies and in books. It isn't very often (although it is becoming more frequent) that these two worlds collide.

As soon as a I saw these covers, I new I had to have one for my iPad. If you have a little bit of a "geeky" side -you too may love some of these nifty fantasy (and a few sci-fi) cases for the ipad. The best part pf the whole thing. These are only a small fraction of the cases that are available.

These cases not only afford you some extra protection for your new iPad, but they really represent your personality. These are hard shell "TCU" covers for the ipad. They fit the iPad and all of its connections. They make the perfect gift. But if you are like me you will surely want one for yourself too!

More iPad 3 Personality and Protection

Do you have an iPad you are looking for a cover for?

Do these artistic covers just not seem "enough" to get the protection you require?

If you feel none of these iPad 3 cases are "right" for you. OR if you just want "more" coverage for your new iPad some of these links should help you find just about every single form of iPad cover available today. Enjoy your iPad!

[iPad Cases and Covers]If you are not sure of what type of cover you want, this site gives a great overall breakdown of all the different options available for your "new" iPad. It has categories for each and every type of cover. FYI these covers come under the listing of "TCU" cases. But the site doesn't have any that look as good as these for this specific type of covers.

[iPad Leather Case] Maybe what you want is the specific class and safety of a leather iPad cover. There are quite a few different types of leather iPad covers. From some like the "Smart Covers" that fold and protect the front of your iPad device to the typical "folio" cover that wraps around your iPad and keeps your new tablet protected at all times.

[iPad Smart Covers Comparison]Smart Covers can go together with these TCU covers quite well. These cover clasp on with a powerful magnetand only protect the "front" of the Ipad. They come in a wide variety of colors that can complement your rear facing (and protecting) covers giving you the best of both worlds. Absolute 100% protection and a very cool and "personalized" iPad

[iPad 3 Skins]These skins are a less expensive option to decorate your iPad. Skins are just adhesives that cover the body of your iPad. They look great but do not give you any sort of "real" protection. They cost about half the price of the hard plastic TCU cases.

***Like the idea of , but just not sure if any of these are "for you"? Check out more iPad 3 Cases

***Want to see more cases like these? Check out Sci Fi and Fantasy iPad Cases

iPad Covers on ebay eBay

They aren't cool like the "ipad 3 fantasy cases" but some of these can also make fine cases and covers for the ipad

Get some saving with these inexpensive iPad 3 Skins

Take a gander at some more of the skins you can get...

....And save 10% with discount Code: (DECAL10)

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    • zentao profile image

      zentao 5 years ago

      @Adrella: Thank YOU for having such awesome looking covers! :)

    • Adrella profile image

      Adrella 5 years ago

      Hi there! Many thanks for featuring two of my Zazzle products, namely the Queen of the Crystal Realm (sultry chick with the pink hair :) ipad case, and the Sarella Fairy iPad case (cute fairy with purple wings). Much appreciated! :)

    • elibenporat profile image

      elibenporat 5 years ago

      Neat! I personally like plain black (I know boring boring). Perhaps I would choose a Game of Thrones one...