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Best iPad 4 Cases Covers for Kids

Updated on November 17, 2014
iPad 4 Cases and Covers For Kids
iPad 4 Cases and Covers For Kids

Apple iPad 4 cases for Kids

Families with young children need tough protective iPad cases. With kids accidents are bound to happen. These iPad 4 cases and covers will keep it protected and you can enjoy peace of mind when you hand your iPad to your child.

Moms and dads can find a case for a small child, young boys and girls and teens from the selection below.

Featured :Speck Products iGuy Freestanding Case for iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, and iPad 1, Grape Purple, SPK-A1453

iPad 4 Case for Toddler

Want to baby proof your iPad? Consider these when choosing an iPad case for babies and toddlers :

  • Drop protection: The case should absorb shock especially at the corners when dropped by a child
  • Screen protector: Cases with integrated screen protectors to protect from splashes and spills. If you do not prefer a case with plastic screen protector as they seem to be bulky, get a clear film screen protector for all other cases.
  • Kid friendly: Toddlers will want to carry the tablet everywhere around the house. A case with soft handles will give them a good grip on the tablet.
  • Ports coverage : Charging ports, camera, headphone jacks and home button should either be covered or not easily accessible to children

Cases With Handles

Durable case made from hazard free material

- Has a hard polycarbonate outer shell with soft shock absorbing inner silicone case

- All corners are have extra thick silicone

- Great for young children. Handles have indentation for better grip. The hinges on the handle allow you to prop the tablet for playing games, watching videos and typing

- Raised screen edges for extra protection

- Super lightweight but sturdy

- Designed for Apple iPad 2, the New iPad 3, iPad 4 with Retina Display

- Kid favorite colors : Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Black

- Fun free standing iPad case. Fits all models include Retina Display

- Cut out for all buttons. Possible to charge with the case inside

- Made of hard dense EVA foam. Its safe and strong but lightweight so a child can hold it for a long time without feeling tired

- Rubber handles on the sides for kids to hold on

- In Red, Green, Orange and Purple

- Adds a little bulk and may not fit in backpacks

- Only stands up in landscape mode

- May have some odor when you first get it


- Made of EVA foam that is very light making it easy for children to hold and drag it with them

- iPad fits in snuggly and securely with extra rubber cushions at the corners

- Handles on all four sides that are raised so the iPad never touches the surface if laid face down

- Stain, mildew, bacteria and shrink resistant

- Best iPad cover for kids especially for those with autism or asperger's syndrome

- Adults with lower grip strength and seniors will appreciate the soft but strong handles

- Access to all ports. You can charge the tablet while in case

- Colors for everyone : Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Black

Big Grips iPad Frame

- Made of soft squishy foam that is durable and lightweight.

- Easy to grab which means less tumbles and fall

- Foam is non toxic and lead and latex free

- Kid safe. Resists stains, molds and germs

- All ports and control accessible. Cut outs are deep but not wide. You may have some difficulty inserting charging cables into the ports but then again the ports will be safe from kids abuse.

- Fits iPads snuggly

- Parents of autistic children have recommended this case

- A matching stand is available for purchase separately

- Available in these child preferred colors : Blue, Green, Purple, Gray, Black

Rugged Silicone Case

- BobjGear protective cover

- Heavy duty food grade silicone case

- Raised screen edges to protect the tablet screen if it falls face down and stand knobs or feet on the back to protect if it falls on its back

- Cut outs for ports, speakers, volume button

- Good grip and will not slip off easily from tables and desks

- Durable and long lasting

- Cooling vents at the back

- Awesome bold colors : Blue, Green, Raspberry (Reddish Pink), Black, Grey

Gumdrop Heavy Duty Covers

- Heavy duty protection

- Multi layered cover case. Outer rubber case is textured and offers good grip. Corners are reinforced for shock absorption. Inner shell is made of hard plastic

- The integrated screen cover is removable and replaceable. Keeps your tablet screen clean and scratch free

- All ports are covered. Cutouts for back camera and mic

- Available in these designer colors : Blue/Pink, Orange/Blue, Purple/Pink, Yellow/Blue

Kickstand Case for iPad 4

Cool kickstand cases for boys and girls. These covers are heavy duty but affordable and preferred by kids and teens.

- Hybrid case with hard polycarbonate and silicone sleeve

- Lightweight and sturdy

- Corners have extra silicone layers for added shock absorption

- Easy installation

- No need to remove the tablet once installed. Charging port is accessible

- Kickstand will only work in landscape position

iPad 4 Cases for Girls

Teen girls and women can show off their iPads with these cute cases in Pink and Purple. These are sleek to fit in purses and school bags.

Fintie iPad 2/3/4 Case - Slim Fit Folio Case with Smart Cover Auto Sleep/Wake Feature for Apple iPad 2, iPad 3 & iPad 4th Generation with Retina Display - Giraffe Purple
Fintie iPad 2/3/4 Case - Slim Fit Folio Case with Smart Cover Auto Sleep/Wake Feature for Apple iPad 2, iPad 3 & iPad 4th Generation with Retina Display - Giraffe Purple

Purple Giraffe Cover Case made of faux leather and soft lining inside

Access to all ports

Available in Pink Giraffe also


360 Degrees Rotating Stand Case Apple iPad 4

Stand Case Apple iPad 4 Retina Display

MoKo Case Fit iPad 2/3 / 4 - Slim-Fit Folio Stand Cover Case Fit Apple New iPad 4 & 3 (3rd & 4th Generation with Retina Display) / iPad 2, Orange
MoKo Case Fit iPad 2/3 / 4 - Slim-Fit Folio Stand Cover Case Fit Apple New iPad 4 & 3 (3rd & 4th Generation with Retina Display) / iPad 2, Orange

Lightweight and slim to fit in school bags and purses

Openings for camera, speaker, volume, headphone jack

3 landscape angles for videos, playing games and typing

Elastic handstrap for single hand operation

iPad is secured with tabs on the corners and one on top and one at the bottom

Smart cover function

Lots of color choices

They also have this is Black made with Genuine leather

Does not have a stylus loop

May have some smell initially but will dissipate with use


iPad 4 Case with Built In Screen Protector

Otterbox iPad 4 Case

Features 3 layers of protedtion with polycarbonate cases for impact resistance and shock resistant silicone outer case for knocks and drops

Built in plastic screen protector keeps the display clean and scratch free. Wipes clean easily

Front cover shield snaps onto the front of the tablet. Detach it and snap on the back or use it as a stand

All around protections for the iPad especially when placed inside backpacks with other heavy textbooks

Color choices : Blue, Black, Pink, Grey

Otterbox iPad 4 Case With Built-in Screen Protector
Otterbox iPad 4 Case With Built-in Screen Protector

Some quick iPad tips and tricks I like

Best iPad 4 Case

Snugg iPad Case
Snugg iPad Case

Snugg iPad Case

Folio style case with faux leather and accent stitching all around for a professional look and feel

Slip your table into the sleeve pocket from the side and close with a velcro

A stylus holder is built into the case. The loop tucks away inside when not in use

Snugg branding is embossed into the case at top right hand corner

Magnetic closure to keep the case closed without straps

Works like the Apple smart cover to sleep and wake your device automatically

Case cover flips to stand in viewing and typing angles

Elastic hand strap for extra grip and one hand operation

Precise cut outs for camera, speaker, and all other ports

Colors for children and adults : Baby Blue, Black, Pink, Desert Camo, Orange, White, Distressed Brown,

May be slightly bulky for some

iPad 4 Back Cover Compatible with Smart Cover
iPad 4 Back Cover Compatible with Smart Cover

Devicewear Smart Cover Compatible Case

If you are using Apple Smart cover for your iPad, invest in a back cover like the Devicewear case to protect the rear of the iPad 4.

Its extremely easy to install. Just snap your tablet into the cover and press with fingers all around the edges. There are not stress points at the corners so it will not crack in the corners over time giving you long lasting use.

A magnetic strip holds the smart cover in place when it is opened and folded back.

The cover is made of lighweight polycarbonate. It is rubberized for extra grip and is transparent so the Apple logo is visible.

Reasonably priced compared to other similar back shell cases available.

Comes in a variety of colors : Red, Pink, Grey, Black, Blue, Navy/Dark Blue, Clear

Fit on iPad 2nd Generation and iPad 3rd Generation also.

It does show finger prints but its easy to wipe off.

iPad 4 Accessories - Must Have

Here are some handy accessories for the Apple iPad 4th generation tablet.

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield - Apple iPad 4 with Retina Display / iPad 3 / iPad 2 Screen Protector Shield + Lifetime Replacements
ArmorSuit MilitaryShield - Apple iPad 4 with Retina Display / iPad 3 / iPad 2 Screen Protector Shield + Lifetime Replacements

High quality clear screen protector film

Easy to apply - watch video and follow instructions

Made in USA

amPen Ultra-sensitive Capacitive Stylus for Apple iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, ipod, Galaxy S 3, Nexus 7 (Silver)
amPen Ultra-sensitive Capacitive Stylus for Apple iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, ipod, Galaxy S 3, Nexus 7 (Silver)

Best selling styli

Ultra sensitive soft tip is responsive - works just like your fingers

Made of metal with a metallic clip to carry around or can be attached into the headphone jack

A stylus will keep your screen free of smudges and finger prints

In Black and Silver


Cheap iPad 4 Cases For Kids On eBay

Bid on cheap iPad 4 covers here

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