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Best iPad 4 Leather Cases

Updated on August 14, 2014

Protect your Brand new iPad Case

There is a brand new iPad in town. Yes, the iPad 4 (or 4th generation iPad) is now the latest and greatest iPad on the block.

The 3rd generation of iPad tablets was only announced in March, but on October 23, 2012 Apple surprised everybody by announcing a fourth-generation for their popular iPad tablet along with news of the iPad mini release.

Image Case Fits iPad 4

Fortunately if you are here looking for iPad for leather cases, nothing has changed when it comes to the exterior. While there was some internal changes to this newest generation of Apple tablet and the pins and connectors to the tablet were modified to the new lightning adapter the size and dimensions stayed exactly the same.

This means that the iPad 3 cases will fit the fourth generation of iPad perfectly.

Yes: iPad 3 Cases and Cover will fit the iPad 4!!

If you are looking to get a Apple for tablet as soon as possible, these tablets are available for pre-order on October 26, with a release date following 2 weeks later. These tablets can be found at the Apple Store online.

Samples of the iPad Cases that will fit the NEW 4th Generation of iPad Tablet:

4th Generation iPad 4
4th Generation iPad 4

What is new in the 4th generation of iPad?

Let me remind you that the most important feature of the new iPad,when thinking about iPad for cases and covers, is that there was no change. The old covers fit the new iPad perfectly because the dimensions are exactly the same.

The Biggest change was in the Chipset

The biggest change with the 4th generation of iPad is that the folks at Apple have upgraded from A5 chip to and A6 chip. That the processor power is 2 times powerful and fasr as the previous third-generation of iPad.

Faster Wireless Connectivity

The 4th generation of iPad now has LTE capability and is therefore much faster wireless conductivity available

New Connectors

The New iPad features the lightning connector that was introduced with the release of the iPhone 5 last month. This means that while there be no difference in cases for old and new iPad, there will be a change in any accessories that utilize the 30 pin connector.

But if you have an old accessory you can get it to work by utilizing the lightning adapter to make your old 30 pin connector fit with the new lightning connector.

iPad 4 Leather cases and Covers

One of the BEST iPad 4 Leather cases

Leather iPad 3 Micro Fiber Case

A classy cover/stand Made to fit the new 4th generation of iPad perfectly

* Wonderful microfiber leather looks simply fantastic

* This iPad Boers micro suede interior is perfect to keep the fourth-generation iPads display clear and free of scratchess

* Stands at multiple angles

* All buttons and connectors are easy to access

* Nice affordable leather case for the fourth-generation of iPad

* The new iPad 4 fits this case perfectly

Detour 360 CoverBUY NOW

Leather Keyboard CaseBUY NOW

SAFARI Slim-Profile CaseBUY NOW

Speck iPad 4 leather Cover

If you simply want the look of a leather cover without actually having a leather cover, the spec covers are the thing for you. There hardshell covers, but they are designed to look like fantastic tomes. They are quite interesting to look at and a great cover option for the new Apple tablet.

INEXPENSIVE iPad 4 cases and covers - GEt a BARGAIN on a case that will fit the iPad 4

Elegant Leather Folio Cover for the iPad 3/4

If you're looking for a classy and streamlined iPad for case, this is the perfect way to bring old world elegance to your brand-new iPad 4

* The folio style cover makes storing cards, documents and other small items quite easy

* The patented micro suede interior aids in buffing up fingerprints and keeping the display dust and scratch free. An important point on a device that a clean and clear display is so important

* Makes reading your iPad like a "book" a breeze

* This iPad for leather case can quickly fold into position for 100% hands-free viewing.

* This led iPad for case is a great case at a reasonable price

* Made to fit the new iPad like a glove

What do you think of the new iPad and leather cases?

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    • profile image

      lionmom100 5 years ago

      These are some nice cases. I like the leopard case. I have an Ipad 2 and love my Targus leather case.

    • missroxa lm profile image

      missroxa lm 5 years ago

      Very nice selection of cases! Great work!

    • CoolKarma profile image

      CoolKarma 5 years ago

      Pretty good, I reckon

    • Deadicated LM profile image

      Deadicated LM 5 years ago

      Cool selection.

    • profile image

      atthehotel 5 years ago

      Cases look great, and the iPad has a beautiful screen.

    • zentao profile image

      zentao 5 years ago

      @anonymous: I Beg to differ...but you are mistaken. When you look at the specs you see the iPad 2 vs the iPad 4. the difference between those to is minimal (most cases will still work) you said there is a .04 inch difference would could be an issue on tight cases.

      Since Apple no longer lists the specs on their 3rd generation ipad you have to look it up from other sources. like this:

      While a fair bit changed internally you can see the thickness was still 9.4mm on the ipad 3...which is the same on the newest version.

      There certainly is a difference between the ipad 2 and the newest version though, if that is the point you were making

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Just for the record the iPad 4 dimension (thickness only) is not the same as the iPad 3rd generation (according to Apple), it's a smidge thicker (see their technical specs on site) so if the iPad 3 case is/was a tight fit to begin with, the iPad 4 may not fit in it. Kind of like wearing one shoe size too small or narrow, possible but not real comfortable.