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iPad Anti Glare Screen Protectors - iPad 2 Reflection Reduction Covers

Updated on August 27, 2013

One of the more major issues many people have with tablet computers like iPads is the amount of glare you can get from light reflecting off of the glass screen surface of the device. This can be especially annoying for those who have owned e-ink devices like the Amazon Kindle eReader which uses a screen technology which minimizes the dazzling glare of sunlight and light sources like indoor lighting. Anti glare screen protectors are designed to minimize this kind of annoyance on the Apple iPad allowing you to continue to enjoy your favorite gadget without having to adjust your position all the time or crane your neck into any uncomfortable viewing angle to avoid and reduce glare on your iPad screen.

Not all iPad glare reduction covers are worthy of your money however, with many cheap screen protectors (and many of the expensive ones too) falling short of customer expectations. When buying an anti glare iPad screen shield you want to ensure you buy one which fits the following expectations or you are going to be disappointed...and don't worry, we recommend a couple of best selling screen protectors for iPad 2 and original iPad with glare reducing capabilities further down this page.

Get A Bubble Free Screen Protector For iPad Tablet

One of the major issues people always talk about when installing any kind of screen protector is how difficult they are to put on cleanly, without bubbles and dust getting underneath the protective film. The problem is, dust literally flies at these things and unless you are installing it in a completely dust free environment, like a level 4 clean room, you're going to have a hard time putting one of these one right. The smallest speck of dust or lint will invariably cause an unsightly bubble under your iPad screen guard which looks ugly and heavily detracts from the beautiful sleek look of any of the Apple family of touchscreen devices. Bubbles are such an issue some manufacturers even provide an accessory to fix your accessory in the form of bubble removing squeegee to smooth out their particular brand of protective film for iPad screens. But surely there is some form of bubbleheads screen protector out there?! Well, actually yes there is in the form of the five star rated iVisor for original iPad and iPad 2 which comes with a 100% guarantee to be bubble free when installed.

iVisor for iPad 2 - Black (99MO020908)
iVisor for iPad 2 - Black (99MO020908)

The Moshi iVisor screen protector for iPad 2 comes in black or white colors and is quite possibly the best way to protect your iPad screen from scratches whilst providing an anti reflective surface to enable you to use it outside in bright light. The iVisor avoids the kind of tedious installation hassles seen with other anti scratch screen protectors and instead, thanks to its patented technology and design, installs in seconds with a 100% guarantee against bubbles under the film which is a major source of annoyance with competing products.

The iVisor features a matte covering to avoid reflective glare, which, unlike some other anti glare models doesn't reduce the clarity of the iPad screen or produce speckling or a grainy effect which spoils the iPad's otherwise excellent image clarity. The iVisor anti glare scratch resistant screen protector by Moshi also employs a EZ-Glide top layer which reduces finger friction as you slide yours fingers across the ipad screen.

The really nice thing about this sceen protector is that it goes on AND comes off smoothly without leaving any gummy residue and best of all, it is washable and reusable too! If it is getting a little grimy looking you just peel it off, wash it with a little soap and water and it is ready to reapply again. Most iPad screen protectors are single use so when they get grimy you have to throw them away but the iVisor is reusable, over and over again.


Watch How Easy It Is To Install An iVisor Screen Protector For iPad 2

How To Apply A Screen Guard To An Ipad

Putting a screen protector onto an iPad isn't difficult but it can be fiddly and awkward, especially if you but one of the cheap iPad scratch guards available on the market today. Sticky, gummy film protectors are very fiddly to put on an if you make a mistake, are a real pain to peel back off to realign and are really designed to be single use - make a slip up the first time and you're unlikely to be able to reapply it successfully. Bubbles, dust particles, fingerprints and smudges on the glass or underside of the protective film your are trying to apply can all wreak havoc on your attempts at applying these cleanly so your device remains as attractive and functional as it did before you decide to apply a guard to protect an iPad screen from scratches.

The best tip for learning how to apply a screen protector to an iPad, iPod or other similar device is simply this: read the instruction carefully, line it up carefully, take your time and lay it down very slowly and carefully. Yes, it can be painfully frustrating but slow and steady win the race here and careful prep work to clean away smudges, dust and finger prints is time well spend. Be very careful not to let your fingers touch the sticky side of the anti glare screen guard and be careful against it brushing up against anything because these things are a magnetic for dust, lint, pet hairs etc. I've seen some people recommend running the shower in your bathroom until it gets steamy and then applying them quickly in there because the steam will have knocked down any airborne dust particles...personally, I like to keep my gadgets out of the bathroom and away from moisture but I'm told it works.

How To Buy An Anti Reflection Screen Protector For iPad

There are many different choices of screen protector for iPad tablets on the market today but if you are looking for a scratch resistant iPad screen guard which limits reflections and reduces the effect of light on the screen then there are a few things you should look for when making your purchasing decision.

Firstly, it is important to get the right one for your iPad and there is a slight size difference between the original iPad and iPad 2 screen protectors. That's a no-brainer but easy to forget when you are shopping around.

Secondly, you want to ensure your choice doesn't reduce the clearness of the images on the iPad screen. Some anti reflective screen protectors are very good at reducing the amount of glare or reflection but also have a visible gritty or grainy look to them which will produce speckling as you look through the film to the screen below. Better quality iPad screen protectors do their best to reduce speckling so you can enjoy the beautiful picture the Ipad produces without having to compromise to avoid reflections.

Thirdly, and possibly most importantly, you want to look for one which is easy to apply. Ease of application in an iPad screen cover is often overlooked by people buying one of these but honestly, some can be a complete nightmare to put on easily and once on, they're not going anywhere. Peel them back for a second attempt after screwing up the first and the only place they're going is straight in the garbage can. Better screen guards like the iVisor by Moshi apply in seconds, remove easily and can be realigned as many times as you need if you make a mistake. That one is washable too.

Fourthly, you want something which protects against scratches on the screen but also doesn't negatively affect the sensitivity of the touch screen or add extra friction to your fingertips as they glide across the screen. Some cheap screen guards are so visible they make the ipad look ugly, make your fingers feel like they are dragging across the screen not gliding and reduce the sensitivity of the touchscreen. You don't want that, so avoid the cheap garbage or risk limiting the functionality of your device.

Finally, think of any anti glare screen protector as an investment which for a few bucks protects against a scratched screen, reduces headache inducing reflection and glare from sunlight and generally protects a rather expensive product from damage at a comparatively cheap price. Yes, you can live without one but you'll be much happier knowing your device is protected against little mishaps like dropped keys, childs toys etc.

Do I Need A Matte Screen Protector For Apple Ipad?

It wasn't so long ago that Apple decided to pull all their screen protectors from off their shelves inside their physical Apple store locations. Why? Well, officially no one knows although speculation ranges from it being a marketing ploy to convince you their products are so tough you don't need one to protect against scratches, dings and scrapes to the alternative view that they were tired of having so many of them returned as most of the original style were notoriously difficult to put on right and resulted in a lot of disgruntled customers trying to return them back to the store. Which is true is anyone's guess, but the fact remains the same today as it did then: without a screen protector of one kind or another, you leave you $500+ gadget vulnerable to a scratched screen and for the sake of a maximum of $30 extra, that seems like a rather foolish risk to take.

Arguably, once you have chosen your nice leather iPad case with its plush lining and padded protective cover, a protective screen cover isn't going to be quite as much as a necessity as those for iPhone and other smartphone devices which get thrown into a purse, or stuffed in your trouser pocket with your keys and loose change but again, is it really worth the risk? I dropped my house keys on mine the other day whilst having a butterfingers moments and boy was that a heart stopping moment but thankfully my iVisor screen guard did an admirable job of damage prevention.

Some have argued how these plastic covers help prevent not only scratches and scuffs but may also add an extra layer of protection against a cracked screen should you drop the device or drop something on it. How true this is I can't say because honestly, I'm very careful with mine and am not about to put it to the test either!

Matte screen guards for reducing reflection on iPads make sense if you often use yours in direct light as the glare from an iPad screen can get quite annoying and can very quickly lead to headaches and eye strain. Anti-glare matte screen protectors cut down the reflected light dramatically and whilst not a perfect solution, do a very good job of making any tablet computer more usable in the sun or under indoor lights.

The bottom line is this : for a few bucks you can protect your expensive investment from scratches and scrapes and make it much easier to use in the sunlight. That has to be worth it.

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    6 years ago

    The accessories for the iPhone and iPad are a necessary thing to buy. They are so expensive that their use should be justifies by using the different accessories like the laptop skins, iPad covers, iPhone accessories etc. Such accessories are also stylish and can change the looks of the gadgets as well .

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    6 years ago

    Very useful ideas and tips concerning screen protector iPad installation. In general, I think that screen protectors are very useful and helpful, because they keep iPad screen clean, without scratches and fingerprints. Here some tips and useful pieces of advice concerning iPad protection, too)

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    6 years ago

    Very useful ideas and tips concerning screen protector iPad installation. In general, I think that screen protectors are very useful and helpful, because they keep iPad screen clean, without scratches and fingerprints. Here some tips and useful pieces of advice concerning iPad protection, too)

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    6 years ago

    What iPhone 3G accessories come with a dock adapter?

    Nokia X6 screen protector


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