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iPad Holders For Reading In Bed - Ipad Bed Stands, Mounts and Trays

Updated on July 7, 2014

Find An Ipad Stand That's Good In Bed....

Yes that's right, not only is this the most awesome gadget ever but now we learn it's great in bed too!

OK, so innuendo aside, many of us like nothing more than lazing around in our beds and portable gadgets like the iPad and other tablet computers just make this all the more easier. Now we don't have to get up to check facebook, or read email, mess around with YouTube or play video games, oh no, no we can do it from the comfort of our own bed.

It's dream come true! Now, the true lazy bums amongst us will be wondering at how they can make using an iPad from bed even more easy and well, here you go fellow lazies, here are some iPad bed stands so you don't even have to hold it either! Thank me later...

This Hybrid Book Holder and iPad Stand Is Best For All Over The House

LEVO Hands Free Book Stand for Hard Covers, Paperbacks, CookBooks, TextBooks, Magazines
LEVO Hands Free Book Stand for Hard Covers, Paperbacks, CookBooks, TextBooks, Magazines

This hand free portable book stand is ideal for reading or watching movies on a tablet computer whilst sitting, standing, laying down in bed or reclining in an armchair recliner. This is the go anywhere solution to you handsfree needs. The book or iPad stand mounts a tablet computer or novel on an adjustable mount which will extend over most furniture via repositioning the movable arm bracket. This makes it ideal for the bedroom as the adjustable iPad floor stand holder extends out over the bed so you don't have to worry about stability issues and can adjust it to suit your prefered viewing angle with ease. It's not just a great bedroom iPad stand however, and as mentioned before, is ideal for all over the house and will help reduce and prevent back,neck, arm, hand and shoulder pain caused by long periods of reading or tablet computer use. It is especially great for anyone who suffers from the symptoms from reading and who needs a hands free alternative to holding an iPad or reading book and frees you to return once more to your favorite hobby. Even people who have no medical need for such a device are amazed at how much more comfortable and less tiring it is to have something else hold the book or iPad for you. It's great for e-readers like the Amazon Kindle, Nook or Kobo too.


Get An iPad Pillow For Reading In Bed

This item comes in a wide variety of colors. Click through to see the options available.

Why Get An iPad Holder For Reading in Bed and Watching Movies?

Can't I just hold it?!

Ok so it's not just lazy people like me who will benefit from a iPad bed holder but also anyone who suffers from neck injury, carpal tunnel or other joint and wrist disorders, or who in general finds it difficult to hold a book, ereader or iPad tablet computer for an extended period of time. Often, the act of reading puts you in a very awkward position which can become uncomfortable and if you want to recline back in bed or in an armchair recliner you have to hold the book or iPad at a funny elevated angle which gets tiring on your arms fast. An iPad bed holder makes it easier to get the viewing angle you want whilst at the same time allowing you to find a more comfortable posture to read, watch or play in.

A multipurpose tablet computer stand or book holder like the Lenovo iPad floor stand shown above is also perfect if you are unable to hold anything like this for too long for whatever reason. They are also perfect for those times when you need your hands free to do other things but are following the guide. I have used one of these in the past for following instructional videos for learning php programming. I used the stand to mount my iPad above my computer and watch the instruction video there whilst I follow along on my screen. It's like having dual monitors without the extra expense and saves on desk space.

For those of us who like to read in bed, or watch movies before going to sleep then the iPad is an all-in-one solution. You get access to the iPad's massive library of books, to downloadable and streaming movie content and also to all the other fun entertainment options this device has to offer. An iPad bedroom stand to prop up an iPad to read or watch in bed the ideal accessory or addon for any owner of this or any other tablet computer. The options really are limitless and lets be honest, what's the point of having mobile computer devices like this if you can't find new and innovative ways to enjoy them? Have fun!

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  • TreasuresBrenda profile image

    Treasures By Brenda 5 years ago from Canada

    Wow, who knew...but I should have. There's a gadget for everything.

  • tophatpro profile image

    tophatpro 5 years ago

    Wow great lens. Love these and now know what I've been missing. It's so annoying trying to use my iPad in bed but one of these look like it will do the job perfectly. Thanx for sharing these.

  • profile image

    Auriel 5 years ago

    Great lens, hi-tech..

  • knitstricken profile image

    knitstricken 5 years ago

    What an interesting lens. I had no idea there were already so many ways to suspend an iPad! Wow. :o)

  • happymonkeyz profile image

    happymonkeyz 5 years ago

    wow makes you lazy..hehe

  • profile image

    Toy-Tester 5 years ago

    nice gift idea for my wife... thanks for the great info and this lens

  • LiliLove profile image

    LiliLove 5 years ago

    These are great, thanks for sharing!

  • profile image

    Helene-Malmsio 5 years ago

    »-(¯`v´¯)-» . . »-(¯`v´¯)-» . . »-(¯`v´¯)-»

    Happy Valentine Day!

    All the very best to you and your loved ones, from me and mine!

    Helene Malmsio aka. SCSS

  • Resident-Nerd profile image

    Resident-Nerd 5 years ago

    I do not own one of these fancy solutions but being able to read, or browse or even squidoo while laying on the couch is really nice. I love my ipad and it makes a really nice business or pleasure tool in my toolkit.

  • DeborahDian profile image

    Deborah Carr 5 years ago from Orange County, California

    These are great ideas! We can use our iPads anywhere!

  • profile image

    webgal 5 years ago

    awesome ideas here!

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    So glad this is available I definitely need one, thanks

  • kcsantos profile image

    kcsantos 5 years ago

    Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  • Jo-Jackson profile image

    Jo-Jackson 5 years ago

    These are great!

  • favored profile image

    Fay Favored 5 years ago from USA

    DIdn't know these were available. I can see how they would come in handy.

  • profile image

    mistaben 5 years ago

    Good idea Thanks.

  • kopox profile image

    kopox 5 years ago

    very useful tools, need it.

  • profile image

    MakeHairBows 5 years ago

    I like the Bedframe Mount Clamps...

  • LittleLindaPinda profile image

    Little Linda Pinda 5 years ago from Florida

    So many new products.

  • profile image

    Most_Unique 5 years ago

    Great lense . like!

  • profile image

    DebMartin 5 years ago

    I could have used one of these today. Spent all day in bed because the power was out and bed was the warmest place in the house. Sigh.

  • norma-holt profile image

    norma-holt 5 years ago

    This is a lovely lens on this gadget and accessories. There are definitely people who would benefit from these devices. personally I am not yet an owner of an iPad but have been thinking about it. Blessed, hugs

  • profile image

    Funkysi 5 years ago

    This is great, I really need something like this.

  • profile image

    halloweenprops 5 years ago

    This is simply a must have!

  • cellphonezone lm profile image

    cellphonezone lm 5 years ago

    These iPad holders are designed for lazy guys. LOL. Like your lens.

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    As an interesting read, I recommend it to my lenses.

  • KayeSI profile image

    KayeSI 5 years ago

    Great news and tips for those wanting to use the iPad in bed but dealing with health issues. Thank you.

  • spencerharry80 lm profile image

    spencerharry80 lm 5 years ago

    I like to read books from iBooks and I like to read them lying in bed. I would love to read books while comfortably lying and not holding my iPad, so I think these iPad holders are really made for me.

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    Interesting I was thinking of inventing something like this but I see its all been done! :(

  • SayGuddaycom profile image

    SayGuddaycom 5 years ago

    These are a good idea.

  • cellphonezone lm profile image

    cellphonezone lm 5 years ago

    So there is an iPad pillow, lol

  • Scarlettohairy profile image

    Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

    Oh fun! This looks like a great add on for iPads!

  • profile image

    HouseBuyersOfAmerica 5 years ago

    Excellent lens you shared...this kind of things are very useful for iPad...

  • gottaloveit2 profile image

    gottaloveit2 5 years ago

    Wowee! I didn't have any idea either that these things existed but now I'm intrigued!

  • profile image

    Sojourn 5 years ago

    Wow! I had no idea there were so many sophisticated holders for iPads. I need the one that stops it from flopping over on my face when I'm reading in bed. ;)

  • mueedahmad profile image

    mueedahmad 5 years ago

    Excellent lens. :-) Thanks for sharing

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    I love the pillow. Blessed!

  • Ardyn25 profile image

    Ardyn25 5 years ago

    Great lens, I didn't know you could get such a thing.

  • nickybutler profile image

    nickybutler 5 years ago

    Great lens, thanks :)

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    Excellent lens and interesting iPad bed holder.

  • Onemargaret LM profile image

    Onemargaret LM 5 years ago

    Real cool lens!

  • steph-naylor profile image

    steph-naylor 5 years ago

    Super Lens! :)

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    If you really want a hands-free, not-on-lap, iPad holder for bedtime reading you should try the Padbow. It's cheap, ingenious and I love it.

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    If you really want a hands-free, not-on-lap, iPad holder for bedtime reading you should try the Padbow. It's cheap, ingenious and I love it.

  • RetroMom profile image

    RetroMom 5 years ago

    Great lens. This will come in handy as I like to read in bed most of the time.

  • kristalulabelle profile image

    Kristen 5 years ago from Wisconsin

    I love the lap stand!

  • profile image

    CableCrash 5 years ago

    Nice, but the price is perfect for an apple product. Would be useful, might get one. Must scour around first :D

  • profile image

    sally-james-56232 5 years ago

    Wow, never knew these sort of gadgets were available. I love to read at night in bed on my iPad so this lens will be handy. Thank you

    Sally james

  • profile image

    socialwicker 5 years ago

    Very helpful! Made sure to share the wealth

  • gypsyman27 lm profile image

    gypsyman27 lm 5 years ago

    This is a well written page about a useful item, well done. See you around the galaxy...

  • profile image

    cmadden 5 years ago

    Sounds like a good way to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome!

  • profile image

    sandi_x 5 years ago

    Very useful gadget

  • UKGhostwriter profile image

    UKGhostwriter 5 years ago

    I want one!!

  • bilafond lm profile image

    bilafond lm 5 years ago

    A good shopping lens

  • profile image

    aardvarkapparel 5 years ago

    I could really use one of these!

  • bjesparza profile image

    bjesparza 5 years ago

    I probably need one of these. I love to use my iPad in bed! :)

  • LaraineRoses profile image

    Laraine Sims 5 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

    This is such a useful gadget that now that I am an angel I came back to bless this lens.

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    I bought this little gadget called padbow that suspends an ipad above your belly without touching your body. Is really neat and best of all: affordable. You can google it.

  • profile image

    ottnepal 5 years ago

    i like it.... for more...

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  • Virginia Allain profile image

    Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

    Who knew they had all these choices for using your Ipad in bed. amazing

  • kimark421 profile image

    kimark421 5 years ago

    Great lens, cool Ipad stands. Thanks!

  • profile image

    4williemae 5 years ago

    You just gave me lots of info. Just what I needed to understand the many gadgets we can use with an iPad. You are doing a great job. Thank you

  • profile image

    anonymous 6 years ago

    I'm leaning towards a ipevo cushi or wedgestand. I have a smart case but it doesn't work well in bed. Don't know if I want a big stand lurking around the room. Good article though with some good choices.

  • profile image

    anonymous 6 years ago

    The pillows look like just the right thing to have for an ipad, can get comfortable one of them.

  • Aquavel profile image

    Aquavel 6 years ago

    These look awesome! Just what I need! You'll have me spending more on a pillow for my iPad than for my head. LOL All kidding aside, I do love to use the iPad while lying on bed or on the couch and that iPad pillow looks like a great accessory!

  • PennyHowe profile image

    PennyHowe 6 years ago

    Very interesting read. Thanks.

  • jolou profile image

    jolou 6 years ago

    I don't have an iPad yet, but one of these holders would be a great accessory to have.

  • profile image

    CharleneDavies 6 years ago

    Sure I could do with one of these!

  • sousababy profile image

    sousababy 6 years ago

    Definitely need one!

  • queenofduvetcover profile image

    queenofduvetcover 6 years ago

    Very cool lens. =)

  • spartakct profile image

    spartakct 6 years ago

    cool lens!!

  • Elyn MacInnis profile image

    Elyn MacInnis 6 years ago from Shanghai, China

    It is easy to get a crooked neck using an ipad in bed if you don't pay attention and move a lot. Thanks for this!

  • profile image

    jaxaza 6 years ago

    nice lens

  • blazingzone lm profile image

    blazingzone lm 6 years ago

    This is cool. But it will Make me more lazy zzzZZZ. Great lens

  • teristazko profile image

    teristazko 6 years ago

    Great idea...Love your lens.

  • profile image

    anonymous 6 years ago

    Great ideas--I love reading and watching stuff in bed, but it gets so uncomfortable! I'll have to try one of these options.

  • Scotties-Rock profile image

    Clairissa 6 years ago from OREFIELD, PA

    Great info, I never knew there were so many options. I would like to know how to create a lens on my ipad. I cannot type on that screen, I find it so awkward. I primarily use it for reading and surfing and some game playing and I use my ipad in bed. :) So I will have to check out one of those lap models.

  • goo2eyes lm profile image

    goo2eyes lm 6 years ago

    thank you for sharing this lens and blessings for the excellent idea. i watch tv in bed and do my work at the same time, multi-tasking is the name of the game.

  • profile image

    jimmyworldstar 6 years ago

    Looking at the ones that hang over you like a TV I'm surprised people wouldn't opt more for one that rests on their lap instead.

  • profile image

    anonymous 6 years ago

    Cool idea an iPad in a holder in bed.

  • profile image

    anonymous 6 years ago

    very cool lens

  • profile image

    escapehatch911 6 years ago

    This solves a big problem in my household. Thanks for the lens.

  • LaraineRoses profile image

    Laraine Sims 6 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

    I can imagine that this will be a really popular lens with iPad users.

  • vincente lm profile image

    vincente lm 6 years ago

    Ha! Love that lens! I don't have an iPad but a tablet! Loving it!

  • profile image

    anonymous 6 years ago

    Hmm Netbooks screen is already held at perfect viewing angle for bed for movies. Top reason I've not switched to a tablet.

  • profile image

    anonymous 6 years ago

    There are a lot of good ones you are missing.....

    Thai pad.. wedgestand.. epillow...wedgepad... A bunch of options.

  • Samrsmiley profile image

    Samrsmiley 6 years ago

    The pillow is great!

  • Diana Wenzel profile image

    Renaissance Woman 6 years ago from Colorado

    I could really use one of these. Thanks!

  • profile image

    anonymous 6 years ago

    Really nice lens! Blessed by a squidoo angel-have a great day!