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iPad Desk Stands - Desktop iPad Holders and Clamp Mounts For iPad 2 and 3

Updated on September 12, 2014

When choosing a desk stand for iPad devices there are a couple of different styles to choose between.

For those looking for a simple way to prop up an iPad on a desk or table, there are some basic iPad desk stands which support a tablet at a comfortable viewing angle so you can use it hands free. Some of these can swivel and rotate on a ball socket whilst others simply tilt back and forward to provide a comfortable viewing angle.

That style of desk iPad stand is great for most purposes but it does take up valuable desktop space. A somewhat more versatile option is an iPad desk mount bracket. This type of adjustable armature clamps onto the side of the desk and, in the case of the good models, can be easily adjusted for both height and viewing angle simply by gently pulling them into place.

A third way might be to go with a floor stand which is a much more versatile option you can use all over the house or place of business.

Each of these options has their pros and cons but all have the advantage of both making your iPad hands free as well as proving a secure mount location so it doesn't get knocked to the floor or have things piled or spilt on it. We will look at some of the best iPad desk stands and recommended iPad desk holders and mounts throughout the rest of this page.

Office Desk Mounts and Adjustable Arm Holders For iPad Tablets

These offer the most secure mount for office desk mounting as the stand clamps onto the side of the desk or tabletop making a very solid attachment which is going to be difficult to dislodge by accident.

Many people use this style of iPad bracket to use their iPad as a second monitor whilst they work which can be especially useful in certain situations where you might otherwise need to keep switching between windows on your desktop computer or when, for example, you need to use another page as a reference.

This type of adjustable iPad brackets for desk and table mounting is a particularly versatile option and will work equally well on an office desk, table, workbench etc. One of the big pros to this type of adjustable iPad mounting bracket is that it is space saving in that it doesn't take up any valuable desk space which is great if your office desk is already cluttered like mine invariably is or if you use a small workstation which really doesn't have a lot of space to spare in the first place.

Another good reason for buying this kind of easy adjusting iPad mount bracket is that it keeps your iPad safe from harm by elevating it up and away from your work area. There's no chance of accidentally sweeping it onto the floor or spilling coffee on it and if you decide to use it as a kitchen work surface mount or to use it to clamp onto a workbench you can raise it up to a comfortable height as well as keeping your tablet outside of the danger zone away from splashes, spills and tools. Of course you might want to consider a waterproof iPad case in either of these situations to keep steam, sawdust, metal shaving etc. out of the device too in the latter situation and similar.

iPad / iPad Mini Mount Stand, EMPIRE Adjustable Flexible Arm Extension Mount for Apple iPad / iPad 2 / iPad 3 / iPad Air / iPad Mini [Retail Packaging]
iPad / iPad Mini Mount Stand, EMPIRE Adjustable Flexible Arm Extension Mount for Apple iPad / iPad 2 / iPad 3 / iPad Air / iPad Mini [Retail Packaging]

If you need to clamp an iPad to a table or desk for a higher viewing angle then this adjustable arm mount might be just what you are looking for. This is compatible with all generations up to iPad 3 although the cradle will adjust to fit most tablet computers with a length from 7 inches to 10.5 inches. The table clamp can adjust to fit most tables, desktops, kitchen counters, side tables, bed frames, work benches etc. although of course, this will be dictated by the thickness of the surface you are clamping onto. This is a very sturdy mount with a comforting weight which gives you confidence your iPad is safe and secure in in the cradle. This adjustable desktop clamp mount for iPad has a long adjustable gooseneck which has the right amount of stiffness to support the weight of the iPad without drooping or dropping down which can be a problem with some of the more cheaply made holders.

Adjustable Tablet/Desk/Car Mount Holder For iPad Samsung Galaxy and other 5-10 inch Tablet PC
Adjustable Tablet/Desk/Car Mount Holder For iPad Samsung Galaxy and other 5-10 inch Tablet PC

This adjustable iPad mount for desks, tables and other similar surfaces, uses a clamp to mount the unit onto the desk and a gooseneck which can be extended and twisted to alter the height and angle of view. The Mounting claw is adjustable to fit a variety of different 5 to 10 inch tablets including the iPad 2, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy and so on.

The clamp will fit a desktop or table thickness of no greater than 5.2 cm which will be suitable for most purposes but not all naturally. It doesn't have to be just used as a desktop mount for iPad 3 or earlier models of course, you can use it as an iPad workbench mount or on the side of a cubicle divider or in the kitchen if your countertop is thin enough.

This isn't a cheaply made clamp mount but rather one which is reassuringly robust. The gooseneck is stiff and will take a little oomph to adjust but that's how you know it's going to hold the tablet securely in place and not droop like some of the less well made holders out there. Overall, a good desk clamp mount for iPad tablets and many of the other tablets on the market too.


Free Standing iPad Desk Stands

Mounting an iPad onto a desk is great, but it's not for everyone and it's certainly not a particular mobile solution. Portable iPad desk stands are a potentially better solution for anyone who desires a secure mount for their iPad which will provide a way to mount an iPad tablet on pretty much any flat surface you can think of. This may be an office desk, kitchen table, nightstand, workbench, airplane tray and so on.

There are really three different types of this kind of stand to consider. There are those which are desktop swivel mounts for iPads, which raise the tablet up a few inches and can tilt, swivel and rotate to a better angle. These are the prefer style. There are also smaller, fixed iPad stands for desks, which offer a basic way to prop up an iPad on a desk or table so you can use it hands free, or just provide a safer place to store it. Alternatively, there is also the third way which is just to buy an iPad case with a stand built in which provides a basic way to prop up an iPad.

Let's look at the pros and cons of each of these in turn and some of the best selling and top recommended iPad desk stands of each type.

1. Adjustable Swivel Mount iPad Stands

Of the three types these are the most appealing for most applications but they are generally a little more expensive. Such is life. The good thing is, some manufacturers have figured out ways to combine different types of iPad holders into one unit offering you a multifunctional holder for the price you pay which is always nice.

The big benefit of this type of desktop iPad holder is that it does let you adjust the viewing angle so you can more clearly see the screen. This lets you swivel the device around to find the angle you are most comfortable with and one which avoids the glare of overhead lighting or a sunny window which can be an annoyance even with an anti glare screen protector offering some relief.

Of this type of desktop iPad holder the one I like the most is the Lapworks Handler because not only does this provide an excellent iPad mount on your desk but also detaches quickly and easily and becomes a secure hand strap with a full 360 degree motion. I love the concept of saving space and money this way.

When buying this style of desktop cradle for iPads you should also consider whether you want something which lets you mount any iPad whether it is in its portfolio case or protective sleeve or whether you want something which works with a naked tablet. This will depend on what kind of protective cover you have for your device, if any, and whether you are comfortable removing it from that case regularly or not. Some of the more heavy duty protective iPad cases can be pretty bulky and hard to remove so it's another thing to think about.

Before long, most of us with gadgets of any kind start to suffer from 'accessory creep', that condition where we suddenly realize we own a whole bunch of different essential accessories we never dreamed of using when we first bought the device. Tablet computers are one of the worst offenders in this but thankfully, some companies are providing innovative solutions which combine multiple different accessories into one.

A great example of this is the Lapworks Handler which is not only a great adjustable desk mount for iPad 2 and 3 but also an equally great strap holder too. The "Handler" is basically a hand strap which allows you to hold the Apple iPad one handed without the stress of gripping the edge tight and worrying it is going to drop to the ground. This reduces hand and finger fatigue and generally makes the device much more pleasurable to use. The iPad snaps into a case which has the strap at the rear mounted on a rotating disc which lets you fully rotate the iPad through 360 degrees without it ever leaving your hand - perfect for art apps, numerous different games and for business use out in the field.

The strap holder case is just one part of what you get though because this also comes with an iPad desk mount too which sits on your desk, tabletop, kitchen counter, workbench etc. so you can use the device completely hands free. Once locked into place you can still rotate the tablet 360 degrees and also tilt it from 90 degrees up to a 165 degree reclining position which is ideal for typing or playing games. You can see The Handler in both its forms in the image above.

The Lapworks Handler is very innovative and totally useful in the home office or in your place of business.

2. iPad Portfolio Cases With Stand

Many iPad covers come with a basic prop up stand built into the cover itself which may be what you are looking for if you are only seeking a basic way to stand up your tablet on a desk or table. There are literally thousands of iPad cases and covers out there and many of those do have a stand of sorts built into the case itself. Naturally, this is as basic as a stand can get and may offer at most three different viewing angles and in many cases this will be limited to either portrait or landscape.

The iPad case I use personally is the Bear Motion 100% Genuine Leather Case with Built-in Stand which is not only an excellent case (5 star rated from hundreds of user reviews) which is a leather portfolio case with a stand built into it. The nice thing about this case is it does allow you to prop up the device at three different angle, two in landscape mode and one in portrait, although the latter is a little unstable in my opinion. Of the two landscape modes, one is a few degrees off vertical which is great for propping up the iPad on a desk or table for watching a movie or following along with notes and the other is much more shallow which is ideal for typing on.

Get An iPad Portfolio Case With A Built In Stand and a Bluetooth Keyboard

Kensington K39512US KeyFolio Pro 2 Case for iPad 2nd, 3rd, 4th Gen with Wireless Keyboard and Stand - Black
Kensington K39512US KeyFolio Pro 2 Case for iPad 2nd, 3rd, 4th Gen with Wireless Keyboard and Stand - Black

Again, if you are looking for a simple way to prop up an iPad on a desk or table then you might just want to avoid the extra accessories and go with a simple case with a built in stand. You can go one step further and turn your iPad into a workhorse with a portfolio case with a built in keyboard and if that's the route you are looking to go down then this offering might suit your down to the ground.

The Keyfolio Pro 2 offers a secure and adjustable stand to prop up to iPad 2 or 3 in both portrait and landscape mode with viewing angles from 20 to 70 degrees. A detachable bluetooth keyboard lets you quickly type up emails, class notes or generally use the tablet like a vastly more portable laptop when the mood strike you. The keyboard synchs up fast and the tactile keys are designed with the touch typist in mind.

There are plenty of cases like this on the market today but this one offers good performance for this price range.

Snugg Leather Flip Stand Case for Apple iPad 3 and 4 - Black
Snugg Leather Flip Stand Case for Apple iPad 3 and 4 - Black

This is another nice looking case for Apple iPad 3 (there's an iPad 2 version available too) which will open up into a useful iPad table stand. Snugg gets great reviews and if you're thinking about taking your iPad on the road with you, there is a handy accessory which lets you mount this cover on the back of a car headrest too for entertaining the kids in the back seat.


3. Fixed Prop Up iPad Stands

If you are simply looking for a desktop stand to prop up an iPad and aren't worried about swiveling between portrait and landscape mode or being able to adjust the level of tilt, height etc. then a simple iPad desk holder like the following might be exactly what you are looking for. The main advantage of many of this type of tablet cradle is that they are generally cheap and small enough to fit inside a desk drawer. Some fold up making them even easier to store and if you are looking for a portable iPad stand then again, this smaller footprint makes them a great option too.

Belkin FlipBlade Adjust Stand for iPad 3rd Gen, iPad 2, iPad, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note
Belkin FlipBlade Adjust Stand for iPad 3rd Gen, iPad 2, iPad, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note

Small, lightweight and surpringly sturdy, this portable tablet stand holder will prop up a variety of different devices including the iPad 2 and latest generation iPad 3. This is a foldable iPad stand which will collapse down to smaller size which makes it easy to stow away in a desk drawer when it is not needed, or to just as easily slip into a backback, purse, briefcase, flight bag etc. when you are traveling for business or pleasure.

Unlike many of the small iPad stands, this Belkin FlipBlade is not only able to comfortably hold the tablet in both portrait and landscape mode, but will also tilt back and forwards in order to provide a more comfortable viewing angle or to enable you to type on the screen in a more natural position. Every adjustment is met with a satisfying audible click which is preferable to many of its counterparts which use tension to hold the position which can come loose over time.

A gap at the bottom of the stand allows you to plug in and charge/synch the iPad whilst the stand holds it in place. This is a well made product, especially useful for propping up an Ipad 2 or 3 on a table or desktop.

Arkon Folding Tablet Stand for iPad Air iPad mini iPad and Android Tablet
Arkon Folding Tablet Stand for iPad Air iPad mini iPad and Android Tablet

This pocket size stand for iPad and other tablets like the Motorola Xoom or Samsung Galaxy is simplicity itself but it does the job or propping up a tablet computer admirably. Despite its small size, this tabletop iPad stand is surprisingly sturdy and whilst you will not be able to tilt or adjust the viewing angle it does easily handle both portrait and landscape mode with ease. If you are looking for a small iPad stand for your desk, kitchen counter, nightstand etc. or want something small and portable then this might suit your needs. I think this is perfect for throwing in a travel bag or in your jacket pocket where it will take up virtually no room and since it weighs absolutely nothing, you'll barely notice it is there. For around the home...well, there are better options unless you really are just looking for a basic iPad easel stand.


Free Standing Tall Adjustable iPad Holders and Mounts

Also known as floor stands for iPads or adjustable boom mounts these are a more expensive option but one which is so versatile you'll find yourself using it all over the house and beyond. These can be adjusted into pretty much infinite viewing angles making it easy to mount an iPad above your monitor, to the side, facing out for clients etc.

People uses these for watching iPad movies hands free sitting on the couch, or reading books whilst laying down flat on their back in bed. Musicians use them as a secure music stand for their ipad, budding chefs as a place to mount theirs in the kitchen and they're great for the home gym letting you use your tablet which you exercise by suspending it above the control panel of whichever fitness machine you are using. The number of ways in which you can position your iPad makes them so versatile they fit pretty much every situation.

For those looking for a desktop iPad holder or an iPad desk mount with adjustable height and rotation then these are an ideal alternative which will neither take up any of your valuable space on your desktop nor will require any drilling or clamping which may scratch or dent the surface of the desk or table. iPad floor stands are entirely self supporting and very easy to adjust the height and position to the most comfortable viewing angle.

Stand For Stuff Swing Holder Floor Stand for iPad 2, 3 and 4 (SFS-FSI-A)
Stand For Stuff Swing Holder Floor Stand for iPad 2, 3 and 4 (SFS-FSI-A)

The SwingHolder might just be the last iPad stand you ever need. It's so versatile, you'll quickly find yourself using it all over the house and office. For office use, forget about cluttering up your desktop with yet another thing to get in the way and mount your iPad on the Swingholder's boom arm and then position it suspended over the desk, beside your computer monitor or wherever else you choose to have it. The Swingholder has the ability to adjust to near infinite viewing angles, and as an iPad floor stand, it's height adjustable too so you can pretty much position your iPad wherever you want without having to worry about making room on your office desk.

The Swingholder iPad floor stand has a quick release mount which will hold the original ipad, second generation or the newest model securely and rubber grips ensure the device will not get scratched or marked up whilst in the cradle. This is very stable so you'll not have to worry about it getting knocked over and it's much, much safer than a regular desk stand which can easily get knocked to the floor in a busy office or by distracted family members and pets.

The cradle design allows both front and rear cameras to remain unobstructed so is the charger port too so you can charge the device whilst it is still connected to the mount. Power, volume, lock and mute buttons also remain unobstructed.

This is a very well made and well thought out free standing iPad stand and just so versatile. People use these for everything from a music stand whilst performing on the stage to an iPad holder whilst then walk on the treadmill. See the images below for more uses, and I'm sure there are many more you can think of. How about using the iPad as a second monitor at your desk whilst you work?


Silvery Universal 360 degree angle Adjustable Floor Mount Holder Stand For iPad Samsung Galaxy and other 5-10 inch Tablet PC

This adjustable floor mount stand for iPad 2 and latest generation Apple iPad 3 looks great and with its adjustable gooseneck is able to stretch into a variety of useful positions. It looks great beside a desk and is equally functional all over the house.

Have Any Of Your Own Suggestions?! - All Comments and Product Recommendations Welcomed and Appreciated

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