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iPad Hand Strap Holders - iPad Covers With Security Handle Strap Grip

Updated on August 29, 2013

Apple makes some gorgeous looking products but when it comes to practical usability in the real world they leave much of the burden upon innovative accessory makers. The iPad itself looks beautiful with its smooth, sleek exterior but after a few minutes of use you quickly come to realize that attractive glass screen and shiny silver backing offer little in the way of a hand grip and if your hands get sweaty or damp it becomes a dropping accident waiting to happen. You also realize that despite its relatively small size, the iPad is actually quite heavy especially for extended use like reading or making a presentation and using an iPad one handed is going to be short term activity without some form of support.

Thankfully, Apple's reliance upon accessory manufacturers to fill the void rarely fails to produce top quality products to provide solution to iPad owner's every whim and desire. For those who want to use their iPad hands free there are iPad stands and mounts but for a more portable option where a free hand is a must, there are many solutions for one handed use. iPad cases with wrist straps attach to the back and/or sides of the tablet allowing you to get a secure one handed grip on the device which makes it both more comfortable and easy to manage. Some of the best iPad holders with hand straps are designed to allow you to spin and rotate the device in your palm without having to remove your fingers and re-position your grip whilst others are just simple iPad holders with a secure band upon which to get a firm grip.

Editor's Pick of The Best iPad Strap and Stand

LapWorks Handler Strap & Desk Mount compatible with iPad 2, 3 & 4 That Swivels And No-Grip iPad Holder With Adjustable Desktop Stand
LapWorks Handler Strap & Desk Mount compatible with iPad 2, 3 & 4 That Swivels And No-Grip iPad Holder With Adjustable Desktop Stand

This innovative product combines two very useful ipad accessories into one superbly executed product. As first glance, its an adjustable iPad stand but with a quick and easy detachment, it becomes a fully functioning iPad hand strap with the ability to rotate through 360 degrees in the palm of your hand.

There are times when you want a hand held iPad stand and others where a mount or tabletop stand is more appropriate. If I'm going to watch a movie on Netflix for example, I'm probably not going to want to hold the tablet in one hand for two hours but a desktop stand would be perfect for that situation. By the same token, if I want to deliver a presentation then a fixed stand like this might be too restrictive whereas a hand strap would let me walk around in front of my audience carrying the iPad securely without having to keep returning to a lectern to read notes on it.

Normally, for to enjoy these two types of iPad holders you would have to buy two separate products but with the Lapworks Handler you get both these products in one excellent package! As a desktop iPad stand the Handler will mount your iPad on any flat horizontal surface and then tilt and swivel to provide you with a comfortable viewing angle. Use it to watch movies, play games hands free, as a second monitor for work or simply as a place to keep your iPad safe when you're not using it.

That's cool but what's really cool is you can detach the bracket part which holds the iPad and a velcro strap at the back turns it into a strap on iPad hand holder so you really get two products for the price of one.


See The Lapworks Handler In Action

Another Really Great iPad Hand Holder Case

New Trent Gladius iPad Case Compatible with: iPad 4th, iPad 3rd, and iPad 2nd Gen. 360 Degree Rotatable with Genuine Leather Hand Strap and Movie Stand
New Trent Gladius iPad Case Compatible with: iPad 4th, iPad 3rd, and iPad 2nd Gen. 360 Degree Rotatable with Genuine Leather Hand Strap and Movie Stand

Holding your iPad in one hand whilst using the touch screen with the other quickly leads to aching arm muscles and a sore wrist due to its weight and lack of hand holds on the smooth shiny surface of the tablet. The Grabbit iPad strap case solves that problem by providing an adjustable wrist strap at the back of its hard shell case which greatly reduces the strain of holding the device for extended periods of time and still leaves your other hand free for other things.

The Grabbit is an elegant solution to a common problem and its very easy to use. You simply snap the iPad into the hard shell cover and its ready to go. The wrist strap is genuine leather and can be adjusted fit different size hands so you can ensure a snug fit which feels safe and secure. The strap attaches to the case on a rotating pivot point which enable the screen to be rotated through 360 degrees just by pushing it around so you don't have to twist and contort your wrist or readjust your grip to switch from portrait to landscape mode or any other angle inbetween. This is a highly convenient feature especially for artists and its great for those tilt and turn driving games or balance games. You will have to remove the strap case if you choose later to connect your iPad to a desktop stand or put it in a portfolio case but that's a small inconvenience all things considered.

This is a well made accessory and whilst the majority of the components are plastic, it doesn't feel cheap or thrown together and the real leather wrist strap is a nice touch of class which feels more comfortable to the touch rather than the rubberized or rough nylon straps other similar products use. Overall, this a great product which is compatible with the iPad 2 or the new iPad 3.


See The Grabbit In Action

Still More Recommended Hand Straps For iPad Tablets

Why Use A Cover With A Handle For iPad Anyway?

The main reason why people choose to get one of these hand straps for iPads is because they feel the otherwise slippery surface of the tablet is an accident waiting to happen. Tablets are pretty robust devices but should one slip out of your hands then there's a pretty good chance you are looking at a cracked screen and a hefty repair bill to go along with it. iPad strap covers provide a security belt at the back which typically uses a buckle or velcro band to securely hold the device firmly onto your palm, leaving your other hand free which can be of particular use in so many situations including the follow:

For iPad Art and Drawing Purposes

There are numerous great art and drawing apps on the iPad but without the right kind of holder it can be difficult to produce great artwork. Many iPad artists enjoy the extra stability and control an iPad strap holder gives them over their digital canvas, especially those which can swivel and rotate through 360 degrees.

They're Great For Presentations

Rather than mounting an iPad on a lectern or other stand, many people find an iPad wrist strap makes more sense as it allows them to follow presentation or lecture notes whilst still leaving them free to walk about the stage freely and leaving their other hand free for operating slideshows, laser pointers or just gesticulating wildly if that's your presentation style...

A iPad Hand Mount Strap Is Extra Secure For Commuters

If you commute to work on the bus or train then a tablet computer makes the perfect companion for those repetitive journeys. You can read a book, play games, catch up on email and of course, work, if you must. Buses and trains can be pretty unforgiving environments with lots of opportunities to be bumped, jostled and pushed, all of which can send your tablet skittering across the floor. With the best iPad hand strap you can wave your hand in the air and your ipad isn't going to fall to the floor so it can certainly stand up to the daily commute.

For Jobs Outside The Office

The iPad is an awesome leisure device but its also incredibly useful for work purposes and many people use them for work activities outside of the office. Having a free hand and a secure grip on the iPad with the other is almost essential for every aspect of working outside the office to prevent accidental breakage and to ensure you can work without being impeded.

The Best iPad Case For Kids

Small hands and weaker muscles make holding the iPad somewhat more difficult for children, but with a hand strap you can be a little more confident they'll not only be able to use it more comfortably but also, that your expensive gadget is a lot safer in their hands.

One Hand or Two?

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    6 years ago

    Very nice accessories, I'll have to get one of these ;-)

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Very useful lens. Thanks.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Cool Strap holders, pretty clever.

  • BestRatedStuff profile image


    6 years ago

    I like. These look like such a practical way to show what is on your iPad. thanks

  • CruiseReady profile image


    6 years ago from East Central Florida

    Wow - these iPad Hand Strap Holders are a really cool idea!

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    This makes sense. Never heard of this.

  • flycatcherrr profile image


    6 years ago

    I like the Grabbit, myself - it looks very quick and practical, no over-engineered. :)

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Three - One plus two! :)


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