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iPad insurance: The Extended iPad Warranty

Updated on December 12, 2012

iPad Insurance: The Extended iPad Warranty

With currently more than 2 million owners, the new Apple iPad tablet is a quite a sophisticated device and also a significant investment to most. The device has the ability to run a wide variety of apps, perform impressive computing functions and has a LED-backlit Multi-Touch display screen that is great for reading iPad ebooks or "ibooks".

So if someone were to accidentally drop, damage, break or even worse spill liquid on the Apple iPad tablet is there iPad insurance or an iPad warranty to cover this type of damage?

Many iPad owners were under the impression that AppleCare would cover such unfortunate instances but sadly that is not the case. AppleCare does not cover against accidental damage or abuse so iPad owners everywhere are seeking an iPad insurance alternative or some type of extended iPad warranty as a safety net against the inevitable.

It is important to first understand what type of coverage AppleCare provides when you purchase an iPad.

iPad insurance: iPad broken
iPad insurance: iPad broken

What does AppleCare iPad insurance cover?

When an Apple iPad tablet is first purchased it will automatically carry the free telephone technical support from Apple for 90 days and a one-year limited iPad warranty. There are of course many stipulations and terms to this iPad warranty. The consumer may also choose to extend the warranty for up to two(2) years with AppleCare.

If the iPad is dropped, banged, get's wet and is damaged in any way the AppleCare ipad insurance and the standard Apple iPad warranty will NOT cover it. The repair costs for whatever the damage is will come directly out of the owner's pocket. Also if the iPad cannot be fixed the customer is simply out of an iPad and will have purchase a new one. To make matters worse, in cases where the iPad can be fixed there is a deductible and iPad repairs can easily run well over $260 for as much as cracked screen (the most common incident). In cases where the iPad get's wet the repairs may run even higher.

When iPad owners got wind of this they began frantically searching for an iPad insurance alternative and some type of extended iPad warranty to cover them against accidental damage.

iPad Stress Test - Why having iPad insurance is highly recommeded

How sturdy is Apple's latest gadget, the iPad? Senior editor Tim Moynihan applied our grueling set of classic stress tests to the device so you don't have to.

It is easy to see that in everyday use the iPad can be accidentally damaged and not having a good iPad insurance plan and extended iPad warranty is like jumping out of a place without a parachute.

iPad Insurance Against Accidental Damage
iPad Insurance Against Accidental Damage

iPad Insurance Against Accidental Damage

With such an easy to carry, portable device it is only natural that most owners will be transporting their iPad from place to place. The iPad and it's screen particularly are susceptible to damage during transit. The most common instances are drops, bangs and spills but other accidents also have been occurring more and more frequently.

Fortunately, iPad owners can now purchase iPad insurance against accidental damage. So no matter what happens the extended iPad warranty covers the device with absolutely no deductible at all. Also the cost is about half of what AppleCare costs and far less than the cost to replace a cracked screen ($275 or more).

The extended iPad warranty also covers normal electronic issues the iPad may experience.

See the link below to find out about specific iPad insurance coverage for your model.

iPad breaks from a 2 foot drop - The importance of having an iPad extended warranty

This video demonstrates that an iPad screen will break from even a 2 foot drop.

iPad break iPad broken
iPad break iPad broken

What if my iPad can't be fixed?

Other details on the extended iPad warranty

One of the most common questions concerning iPad insurance and purchasing an extended iPad warranty is regarding iPads that are so badly damaged that they cannot be fixed. With this type of iPad warranty all possible efforts are made to repair the damaged iPad but there are just cases where an iPad may be smashed unrecognizably to pieces or submerged underwater for far too long.

In that case the iPad warranty under the new iPad insurance coverage will replace the damaged iPad with a new one for up to $829 for top models. That's very good reassurance for any owner.

iPad insurance Links

Highly recommended sources for iPad insurance and extended iPad warranty coverage

Do you think AppleCare is too expensive?

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