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iPad Kitchen Stands - Best iPad Holder or Mount For The Kitchen

Updated on August 29, 2013

The multimedia capabilities of the Apple iPad make it the ideal kitchen companion for budding chefs and kitchen novices alike. Cooking fans quickly realized the usefulness of an iPad kitchen counter stand when then saw how many useful cooking and recipe apps there were available. A recipe book holder has long been a popular kitchen accessory but with a iPad kitchen stand its like having a recipe book with hundreds of thousands of pages, some with follow along interactive video tutorials and editable ingredient lists. If something doesn't look right or you need to substitute an ingredient then help is on hand immediately in the form of the Internet and generally the convenience is amazing.

An iPad kitchen holder isn't just for following along recipes of course, as one of the iPads main selling points is its entertainment features. It gives you access to a wide range of fun apps and video content which can make waiting around for that cheese sauce to thicken or sauce to boil more interesting but still leave your hands free and you iPad safe from harm. Use an iPad fridge mount and there's no need to spend a fortune on one of those pricey new fridge freezers which come with a built in television because you've got access to something which does that and more. Opt instead for an iPad cabinet mount and again, you've got access to a wide range of useful apps and entertainment content whilst freeing up your kitchen counter space and keeping it out of the way of splashes and food splatter.

Kitchen iPad stands and iPad mounting brackets for the kitchen are a simple accessory which opens up a wide range of extra uses for your favorite gadget. The following looks at some of the best iPad kitchen mounts, stands and holders so you can find the one which suits your own requirements.

Under Cabinet Mounted iPad Brackets

This style of iPad kitchen stand mounts directly underneath a kitchen cabinet so you can use your tablet whilst you cook without cluttering up valuable counter space. Under cabinet iPad mounts generally fold up flat against the base of the cabinet when not in use so you'll not see them unless you want to. They are designed so you can quickly pull them down and them easily mount, or dismount your device from the iPad cradle. Many feature an adjustable swivel neck design of some kind which makes them easy to tilt and turn to the most comfortable viewing angle within your kitchen.

Magnetic Fridge iPad Holders and Mounts

Apple iPad fridge mounts hold an iPad firmly against a fridge door so you can take advantage of its various features without having to worry about it taking up preparation space like a countertop iPad stand but still leaves it conveniently placed for things like following a recipe app or for killing time by watching a movie on Netflix.

Countertop iPad stands for the kitchen

If you have ever owned a recipe book stand then you will appreciate the usefulness of having a similar kitchen stand for the iPad in your home. A kitchen holder for ipads allows you to prop up your device at a comfortable viewing angle so you can follow along with a recipe or in the case of a good speaker dock for iPad lets you listen to music, or watch videos. Most iPad docking stations and stands will work as well on a kitchen counter as they would on your desk, tabletop or other flat surface although there are some which claim to be specifically for kitchen use. A wide stable base is important if you are going to opt for a counter top iPad stand because you are going to be working in the kitchen and might knock it over onto the hard floor otherwise. The other styles of iPad kitchen mounts attach firmly to a surface or are otherwise secured in a safe cradle or caddy of some kind and are much more resilient to little bumps and nudges.

More Highly Recommended iPad Stands

Bear Motion (TM) Genuine Leather Case for iPad2 / iPad 3 / iPad 4 (Black)
Bear Motion (TM) Genuine Leather Case for iPad2 / iPad 3 / iPad 4 (Black)

This is the iPad case I personally use for my 2nd Generation iPad. Its a nice genuine leather case which also has a built in prop up stand which holds the ipad in two different viewing angles.

Arkon Folding Tablet Stand for iPad Air iPad mini iPad and Android Tablet
Arkon Folding Tablet Stand for iPad Air iPad mini iPad and Android Tablet

Take your stand anywhere with this portable folding stand for the iPad and other similar tablet computers.


Free Standing iPad Floor Stands For The Kitchen

Keep you iPad free from splashes or from being accidentally knocked off the countertop with a free standing iPad floor stand holder. These adjustable height standing holders for iPads can be positioned anywhere you have free floor space in the kitchen and then adjusted to the right height and viewing angle for you to use your tablet hands free whilst you cook. This makes it ideal for following recipe video tutorials or slideshows or just for keeping yourself entertained whilst waiting fo a sauce to thicken up or other laborious food preparation tasks.

These adjustable height and angle floor stands are not just for the kitchen of course, but are a multi-functional iPad accessory stand which can be used all around the house. Owners love how they can use them for ereading or movie watching in bed without having to worry about dozing off and dropping the iPad onto the floor or having the dog jump on it. They use it as a lecture stand, as a musicians stand or just for lazing on the couch.

The Best Floor Standing iPad Stand For The Kitchen

Stand For Stuff Swing Holder Floor Stand for iPad 2, 3 and 4 (SFS-FSI-A)
Stand For Stuff Swing Holder Floor Stand for iPad 2, 3 and 4 (SFS-FSI-A)

A lot of careful thought and consideration towards what the end user will want to use this for has gone into the creation of the Swingholder iPoad pole mounted stand. The Whole unit just oozes class which is why in my opinion it is the best standing iPad stand on the market today.

Whilst this is designed to be used everywhere from professional trade shows to the concert stage, the Swingholder is also ideally suited to the home kitchen environment too with an example of its use being shown in the small image to the right.

It is height adjustable so you can extend it above the counter top to a more comfortable level and the ball and socket joint on the mounting bracket allow a full range of motion to allow you to find the most comfortable viewing angle whilst you cook. For the kitchen, it is essential that the base is solid and will not tip and that's certainly the case with this sturdy stand which has a wide, heavy base to prevent tipping from accidental knocks.

The iPad mounting bracket holds the tablet securely but is padded to prevent scratches and scuffs from marring the surface of the device and if your iPad is running low on power then that's not a problem either as there is a built in charging cable running through the standing pole and boom armature which allows you to plug it in for those long cooking sessions. In fact, the mount leaves all the buttons, switches and access points open for easy access including the rear and front cameras.

The Swingholder iPad holding stand is a really nice accessories to have and not just for using all the best iPad cooking apps and recipe books in the kitchen as you'll soon find uses all over the house it like hands free reading on the couch or watching movies in the bedroom.


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  • aboutkitchenrev profile image

    aboutkitchenrev 5 years ago

    Now this is really cool. My husband is going to be picking up an iPad for me and this would be ideal for our kitchen.

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    GARYG68 5 years ago

    Excellent lens, love the The Original Kitchen iPad Rack.

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    LauraGraig 5 years ago

    Really handy

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    gamerZball 6 years ago

    Nice roundup of iPad stands. Another one which fits in this category is the Electrostand. It's a sweet looking stand which works well in the office or kitchen. Here is the link to their site: