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ipad mini 64gb review 2013-2014

Updated on July 17, 2013
ipad mini  image
ipad mini image | Source

As the big companies are coming with small ipads of 7 inch like samsung,google.It forced Apple also to come with similar device so as to remain active in market.

On 23 october 2012 Apple came with its new device called apple ipad mini.As every new product from apple produce becomes best seller in its category.So with its amazing features,ipad mini too followed suit. Apple ipad mini is very helpful for those who can't handle the big size of apple ipad.In this hub i will find view of steve jobs about ipad mini,After that i will take you through ipad mini 64gb and google nexus review.

How apple make mockery of Steve jobs views

Initially the late CEO of apple, Steve jobs doesn't want to make ipad mini. He thought that there is no market for this. Steve jobs had said that screen size of smaller ipad is enough to create apps. Steve jobs was genius, whatever he used to do, he used to do it with full faith and perfection. If he had live today, he would have allowed it to release. When Steve jobs was there, apple established himself by following the different path from the other companies. At that time apple was not the company which become terrified by the market competition. Apple has created the many wonderful products and other has followed him. However, it seems that apple has become affected by the market condition. At this time, I am missing Steve jobs very much.

ipad mini 64gb review and Google nexus

Ipad mini is next big product from apple after the release of iphone and ipad. Usually apple produces the product that remains very high in standard, quality and features in compare to other product in the market. However in case of ipad mini, it has fallen behind.

Apple Ipad mini and Nexus design

If you will compare ipad mini 64gb with the most popular 7 inch ipad Google nexus ipad or tablet, you will know the difference. Google nexus has 217 ppi(pixel per inch)which means clearer and vibrant display while apple has only 163 ppi which is quite lower than Google.

The most innovative feature of Google nexus is NFC which allows you to transfer files with your nearby devices but ipad mini doesn’t have it. It is very surprising that apple till today hasn’t realized the importance of NFC. Let hope in the future apple will introduce in his products.

ipad mini and google nexus camera

However, if you compare the camera then apple has left its competitor far behind. Ipad mini 64gb has 5 megapixel camera while Google nexus has only 1.2 megapixel front facing camera. As you all know that apple is known for its superb camera. If you compare the picture taken from iphone and some branded mobile that has similar 5 megapixel camera, you will see that iphone pictures are very clear and true in colors . Other quite interesting featutre is newly introduced lightning connector which apple has launched in September apple iPhone event.

Comparision chart of Apple ipad mini and Google nexus

Apple ipad mini
Google Nexus
164 ppi
217 ppi
Rear face Camera
5 megapixel rear face
no rear camera
Front face camera
1.2 megapixel
1.2 megalixel
no nfc
Operating System
Android latest jelly bean

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Price of ipad mini and Nexus

Another front where Google beats apple is in case of price. Google nexus is only $199 while apple priced ipad mini 64 gb too high at $529 which may keep most of customer at bay from ipad mini who are planning to buy it in the future.


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    • krbalram profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Bangalore

      Thanks very much sunilkunnoth2012 for your motivating comment,i will certainly write about e-reader like kindle.If you want to do internet stuff and some not so complex work then mini laptop of acer,dell and hp are good which have nearly 7 to 10 inch screen size.Further i will tell you in hub related to it.

    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 

      5 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Could you please write something on e-reader preferably on Kindle. Also suggest me a good laptop helpful for my hubbing activities. Voted up on your writings.


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