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The 10 Best iPad Mini Cases and Covers for Kids

Updated on April 18, 2016

Kids have some deep bond with touchscreens and brilliant displays that can barely be explained. In fact, the speed that kids learn to use these devices can be dizzying. Those tiny fingers fly around the screen like butterflies.

At the same time, kids are more likely to forget that these devices can break if handled carelessly and a case is a worthwhile investment.

In fact, the best iPad Mini cases can save an awful lot of tears!

Serious Protection or Something Cute?

I have seen enough iPads flying through the air to know that kids feel the pain of silicon circuitry a lot less acutely than I do.

That suggests that protection should be the first thought. At the same time, kids will not use a case that they do not like.

So, there are several cases on this page that are super-tough and several that are just super-cute.

If your 'little angel' really is a little angel, you could probably just choose something that looks good. If your little angel is half-demon, go for a full-on, multi-armored, strongbox!

Part of the Kido Series from i-Blason
Part of the Kido Series from i-Blason

i-Blason Kido for Kids

This is probably the single most practical case that you can find for younger kids.

Children like to carry things in one hand (so the other hand is free for mischief) and the handle lets them do this securely.

The outer layer is polycarbonate that is tough enough to resist knocks and falls. The silicone inner layer will absorb shocks and help save the circuitry from mishap, as will the raised edging around the screen.

The corners have extra reinforcement.

Stands are essential for most kids and the stand is secure enough for general use.

There are plenty of colors available.


If you want to be sure that an iPad Mini is as shock-proof as it can be, an Otterbox must be the first choice.

These cases have saved plenty of the bigger iPads from serious damage and the new case for the Mini is a good fit and comes with the same shock absorbing technology.

There is a sturdy stand that is as hard to break as the rest of the case.

These cases are aimed at grown ups more than kids, of course, so they might have less eye-appeal for toddlers. A screen without a big crack running from corner to corner should be reasonable compensation!

Pepkoo Case
Pepkoo Case

PepKoo Hybrid

The Pepkoo case has a sci-fi look and is the closest thing to a spacesuit for the iPad Mini that you will find.

The kickstand is very secure and neatly withdraws into the back when not needed.

It is quite thick at nearly one inch but the advantage is the extra protection of a thick wall.

The recent price reduction (from around sixty dollars to around twelve), makes it a very attractive purchase.

Caseformers Armor Shield

This case is surprising thin and sleek given the strength of the protection that it delivers.

The corner projections make it easy to handle as well as giving protection to the most vulnerable parts of the device.

It is one of the most reliable cases for everyday use and will not start shrinking, expanding or falling apart after a few weeks.

There are a lot of dazzling colors to choose from, as well as a pretty cool grey/white.

iBlazon ipad mini case colors, ideal for kids
iBlazon ipad mini case colors, ideal for kids

i-Blason Case

Just to confuse everyone, iBlason have decided to call their case an ArmorBox too. It has a similar construction as the KayCase (polycarbonate outer, silicone inner) but iBlason have gone for dazzling colors.

This will certainly make these cases harder to lose!

One very useful feature of polycarbonate is that it is waterproof. This means it cleans well. So those bright colors will not look terrible in a few weeks.

Leopard/Zebra Case

Teens like this case. As well as being stylish with a bold but not too over the top design it makes a practical companion for an iPad Mini.

As you can see to the right, there a variety of different stand positions.

Made of PU leather and has a built in auto sleep/wake function.

The cut out lets everyone know you have bought the best.

Dalmatian Cases

Polka dots never lose their appeal. These cases come in pink, blue and purple, as well as the traditional black and white.

They are undoubtedly stylish but they are also practical. The faux leather outer can be used as a solid stand and when closed, it delivers decent protection against rain and dirt.

The inner surface has a fabric lining which will not scratch the iPad mini.

'Hello Kitty' Cases

Even grown men get a little gooey around Hello Kitty. Well, I have been known to anyway...

There are several styles available. All are constructed of man-made leather (PU) which means durable and waterproof protection.

The blue cases seem to be aimed at boys but I am guessing these cases will do best with young ladies.

The cases can be used as stands.

If there is a downside, it is the downside of all PU leather: shock absorption is not great.

iPad Mini 'Hello Kitty' Cases
iPad Mini 'Hello Kitty' Cases

Silicon Animal Cases

iConnect Animal Cases

iConnect have monkey bear and panda cases, as well as the owl pictured above.

They are cute enough to satisfy younger kids and give some solid protection the the back of the case.

Silicone is one of those materials which varies hugely in quality. The silicone in this case seems better than most and should be. durable

HJX Soft Silicone Cartoon Bear

This very cute anime bear will out-pink any accessories a young girl already has could be a new best friend!

I am not quite sure why it is, but I can't help wanting several of these for a tea party.

I should point out, that as wonderful as that pink truly is, you can find these bears in a lot of different colors, including some that will not embarrass a boy.

Soft Cases

My Neighbor Totoro

This case has a gentle, friendly feel that younger kids will like. The case is hand made with quite a rustic finish (the uneven hand stitching and the coarse cotton fabric) which is in keeping with the Japanese animation that inspired it.

There is not huge knock and drop protection, but the there is some padding inside.

Mostly, this case will save on the scuffs and scratches.

For Very Young Kids

Very young kids can get a lot from the iPad mini. So these cases are for the toddlers.


The carrying handle is ideal for young kids and the foam used in the construction gives great shock protection.

There are 4 colors in all, with orange, lime green, blue and pink to choose from.

The case will stand up on its own which should help the little ones.

iGuy Standing Cover

The iGuy has arms and feet and scores high on cuteness.

The foam is resilient and the colors are attractive.

This is definitely destined to be a style classic.

Car Headrest Case

The case is made of a lightweight silicone and is specially shaped (see the picture above) to be easy for younger kids to hold.

The unusual, and pretty valuable feature is that will attach to almost any kind of car headrest with the straps that are provided.

This gives you an in-car entertainment system for longer journeys and if you have more than one child, it is easier for them to watch a video together.

Cute Neoprene Sleeves

Hello Kitty Neoprene Sleeve

The best neoprene is not just a valuable shock-absorber, it is also water resistant and pleasant to the touch.

This case benefits from high quality zippers which means easy opening and closing even for little fingers in a hurry.

The inside is soft and will not scratch.

iLuv Belgique

I'm not sure how many people truly love Belgium, outside of Belgium itself, but this bold neoprene sleeve is extremely popular.

The memory foam padding will give above average protection.

There are plenty of colors, all bright and bold and apparently inspired by Antonio Gaudi.


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    • Will Apse profile imageAUTHOR

      Will Apse 

      2 years ago

      I know that I shouldn't like Hello Kitty (I am hardly the target group) but I can't help it, lol.

      The flip stand sounds useful.

    • Stephen TK profile image

      Stephen TK 

      2 years ago

      My kids bought the Hello Kitty case from Really beautiful. Unlike the Cute Neoprene Sleeves, it's flip stand style.

    • Will Apse profile imageAUTHOR

      Will Apse 

      5 years ago

      I think a kid redesign is the only long term solution to broken tablets, lol.

    • PaulGoodman67 profile image

      Paul Goodman 

      5 years ago from Florida USA

      Otterbox are always great for protection, but some of the other designs are more fun! :)

    • peachpurple profile image


      5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      thanks for sharing your ipad case review. I think my kids are going to love the i-blason case. Creative and lots of color to choose from. Thick protective cover especially when my son kept slipping the ipad off his hands that fell on the floor a few times. Voted useful

    • vibesites profile image


      5 years ago from United States

      Wow! I hope there are similar ones for nieces' android tablet too. Voted up. :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      My little one has a Speck iGuy for his iPad mini and it has been great.


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