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Best iPad Mini cases

Updated on January 12, 2016

Cases to Protect Your New Best Friend!

Welcome to the ultimate round up of the Best iPad Mini Cases! I was super excited when the iPad Mini was first announced last October. I wanted to use Apple's original iPad as a reader/notebook, but unfortunately it was too big to fit in my pocket.

The iPad Mini is essentially a more portable version of the regular iPad, which of course means that you'll need a case to protect it from the inevitable drops and dings that come with being a device that can go anywhere. Personally I live in the Pacific Northwest, where rain and water protection are an absolute must.

Whether you're looking for a slim case to protect against nicks, or a heavy duty military grade case that will survive any drop (seriously), this list has you covered (no pun intended).

In order to make sure your iPad Mini is still pocket sized are you put a case on it, we feature some great slim cases as well as 'skins', which fit onto your iPad Mini and give it extra impact protection while adding only the slightest bit of thickness to your extaordinarily thin device.

Ranking Criteria: When I ranked these iPad Mini cases, I took into account how protective they are, as well as whether the case supports sleep/wake functionality (this is an important feature to keep in mind). I also evaluated whether the cases would support both landscape and portrait views, and whether it adds too much bulk or not. We definitely don't want to add a big and bulky case to your sleek and beautiful device.

For more iPad Mini case recommendations, feel free to visit

1. Snugg iPad Mini Leather Case Review

Snugg Leather Flip Stand Case for Apple iPad Mini & Mini 2 with Retina - Black
Snugg Leather Flip Stand Case for Apple iPad Mini & Mini 2 with Retina - Black

Snugg's iPad Mini PU Leather Case has it all: it's a protective case with high quality stitching that will keep your case safe from nicks and scratches. The flip cover becomes a stand when you flip it around as well as not adding any significant bulk to your slender iPad Mini. It comes with a stylus loop and hand strap to keep it from slipping out of your hands. It supports the smart cover sleep/wake function. Also, Snugg offers a straight up lifetime guarantee on this case, which I've personally never seen offered on a case before.

Other colors available: Baby Blue, Electric Blue, Pink, Orange, Red, Distressed Brown;


2. Otterbox Defender Series iPad Mini Case - Heavy Duty Protection Doesn't Get Better Than This.

It doubles the thickness of your iPad Mini, but it provides the ultimate in peace-of-mind protection. You'll never have to worry about your iPad Mini in this case.

Apple's iPad Mini Cameras

Image Credit:

The new iPad Mini has a 5 megapixel iSight camera, so you can take 1080p HD videos on your iPad.

It also has an HD rear-facing camera (for Facetime and Skype).

OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPad Mini 1, 2 & 3 - Black
OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPad Mini 1, 2 & 3 - Black

The Defender Series is Otterbox's flagship case and is known as being one of the best, if not the best, at protecting your phone or tablet. The case comes with three different layers of shock absorbing protection, as well as its own buttons that fit on top of your the iPad Mini's power and volume buttons. It also has port covers that protect your ports from dust and moisture, and it also comes with a screen protector, so you don't have to buy an extra one. The tradeoff with this much protection is that it adds a lot of size to the iPad Mini. It may be overkill for some, but if absolute peace of mind is your thing then the Otterbox Defender is the king of the hill.

Case mate ipad mini tuxedo review
Case mate ipad mini tuxedo review

3. Case-Mate's iPad Mini Tuxedo Case

Case-Mate's popular Tuxedo case is now available for the iPad Mini. The magnetic cover works with the iPad Mini's sleep function just like Apple's regular smart covers. The added benefit is that the Tuxedo case is a little thicker and feels more protective than Apple's smart cover.

The case is made of a faux-leather material that is slip-resistant and feels like real leather. The sides of the iPad Mini are open, which is good for being able to access the ports, but also means that the Tuxedo case won't protect your iPad Mini from moisture.

Another cool feature is that the case has a hole that enables you to take pictures or video without having to remove a port cover to do so. Overall, this case is ideal for someone who wants a sophisticated, stylish case that offers more protection than Apple's smart covers but isn't looking for anything seriously heavy duty.

The Tuxedo case is also available in several other colors: blue, pink, purple, and aqua.

Bluetooth Keyboards for your iPad Mini

Many tech bloggers thought that the new iPad mini, in order to make the device cheaper, may not have bluetooth technology. Luckily that turned out to be not true. Which is great, because the iPad's onscreen keyboard was not easy to use back when it was on the larger 9.7" screen. Now that it's even smaller, I couldn't imagine doing any extended typing on such a small device. This makes getting a bluetooth keyboard a must. While there aren't any iPad mini keyboard cases available just yet, here are some of the best best bluetooth keyboards available right now.

"A Case for a Poll"

What Kind of Case Are You Looking For?

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Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard for iPad Air 2 / Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini 4 / 3 / 2 / 1, iPad 4 / 3 / 2 , New iPad 9.7"(2018/ 2017), Galaxy Tabs and Other Mobile Devices (White)
Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard for iPad Air 2 / Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini 4 / 3 / 2 / 1, iPad 4 / 3 / 2 , New iPad 9.7"(2018/ 2017), Galaxy Tabs and Other Mobile Devices (White)

Designed to look and feel like Apple's official bluetooth keyboard, Anker's ultra slim design is similar in dimensions, but with a more flat base for the bottom (for a stronger grip).


5. Zagg Embossed Leather iPad Mini Case

Where style and sophistication come together.

Price: $29.99

Zagg's line of leather iPad Mini cases screams sophistication. The genuine cattle hide leather case comes in three kinds of colors: black, white and brown. You can also choose whether to have your case embossed with a sleek design or to have it plain. The leather provides ample impact protection while giving your case a nice look and feel. The leather is slip-resistant and feels soft on the skin.

Zagg is also offering free shipping on all orders over $29.98

How-To Install Guide For Lifeproof Cases

6. Ionic Rotating Leather iPad Mini Case

Sleek and sophisticated case that enables you to view your iPad Mini in both landscape and portrait mode.

iPad Mini Features:

7.2mm thickness (less than 1 centimeter thick)

0.68 pounds

Comes in both Black and White

7.9" inch display

1024x768 display.

All apps created for the iPad work for the iPad mini.

LTE wireless capabilities

802.11 Wi-fi

10 hours battery life

Ionic Rotating Stand Leather Case for New Apple iPad Mini 7.9 inch / the iPad Mini 7 Inch / built-in Stand for Apple iPad Mini 7.9 inch Latest Generation 4G LTE (Black)[Support Smart Cover Sleep/Wake up Function]
Ionic Rotating Stand Leather Case for New Apple iPad Mini 7.9 inch / the iPad Mini 7 Inch / built-in Stand for Apple iPad Mini 7.9 inch Latest Generation 4G LTE (Black)[Support Smart Cover Sleep/Wake up Function]

Ionic's rotating iPad case is a unique design that really makes it stand out from the crowd. Instead of rotating the entire case, you can view your iPad Mini in both landscape and portrait mode without picking up the case and moving it. It also has multiple viewing angles so you can position it however you like. It's made of a soft synthetic leather that really cushions the iPad Mini and also looks very stylish and pretty.


7. Zazzle's Custom iPad Mini Cases

It's unusual, considering how different the Zazzle cases all look to place them all in one spot. But the Zazzle iPad Mini cases are made from the same high quality Speck line of cases. They also have the same printing process, where the designs are embedded directly in the case itself, instead of on top (which means no flaking or peeling off over time). You have the option of either a glossy finish or matte, depending on your preference.

You can either put your own image on the iPad Mini (like a favorite photo, a favorite quote, etc.) or you can purchase one of the creative designs made by the independent artists who sell their designs on Zazzle.


All Zazzle iPad Mini cases are shell case that snap onto the back of your case. This means that they are fully compatible with Apple's smart cover (or any other cover that supports the sleep/wake function).

iPad mini camera cases
iPad mini camera cases

In 'Case' You Have Comments: (Sorry.) - Any Cases you want to highlight? Let us know in the comments!

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