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iPad Up Date by Indepedent Consummer Magazine

Updated on July 20, 2013

Up date 15.3.11, iPad 2

The same length and width but much thinner and lighter.
Much thinner as 33% thinner, quite remarkable how fast technology must be moving when you think it was only around a year ago the first ipad came on the market.

The competition must be moving quite fast for mark 2 to be up and running already with what must be plenty of potential sales still left in the the market for the original version.

Apple have now also come up with a new adapter that will connect the iPad 2 to your T.V. and charge it at the same time.
As widely predicted it also has duel cameras; with the back one capturing all your videos for posterity and the front camera picks up your ugly mug to broadcast as usual.

The biggie must be the duel core Apple A 5 Processor of their own design, which they say is twice as fast as the iPad 1. They also state that the graphics are 9 times faster which will make for fantastic games graphics and much faster video.

iPad Cleaning

'Which? Magazine' the independent consumer magazine as produce a video of there first good look at the iPad, I couldn't get a copy of the video because it's for members only, but here's what they had to say.

It's fairly light but quite heavy to hold with one hand; they recommend you also order a case because of the glass screen and also a cloth to clean it with, the type you'd use to clean your glasses because after only a few minutes it was covered in finger marks.

Turn Your Ipad into an External Monitor

Impressive iPad Speakers Make a Great Sound

Their very impressed with the iPad speakers and the sound that comes out of them. After testing it for a whole day one of the things that stand out is the the ease of the Internet after a few connection problems with their wireless network, which is something a few other people have mentioned, but there very positive about the Internet once connected, pointing out you see a full web page on the 9.7” multi touch screen.

The iPad lets you send a receive email, but when doing so it was much easier to type holding the iPad in landscape mode rather than portrait mode and viewing the video myself I would have to agree with that. One of the things they did rave about and I quote.

“The application Google maps is absolutely astonishing”

It did look good.

Kindle Gives iPad a Leg Up

They also had the same reaction viewing video's saying the quality of the screen is quit stunning, and although not tested by 'Which?' yet Apple say you can watch 10 hours of video before you need to recharge; great for flying and car journeys.

They mention Apple making a play for the ebook market, sighting Amazons Kindle as one of there competitors, bring a Kindle into shot on the video, and believe it or not, there's a free Kindle application on the iPad; an I've got to say things looked better on the iPad than it did on the Kindle.

They also said the screen is very very reflective so if your using it in sun light you'll find it hard work.

'Which?' will be putting the iPad through more rigorous tests in the weeks to come so I'll let you know the out come.


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      Best iPhone Cases 6 years ago

      I've enjoyed using the iPad. It's an incredibly useful mobile device if you're constantly on the go and need access to the web. Thank you for the post!