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A New Ipad for Christmas

Updated on November 29, 2013

All I want for Christmas is....a new IPAD !

The Ipad is the ultimate Christmas Gift and it's all I really want. It seems like the new Ipad can do everything, in a small, light package. You can video-chat with your friends and family on Skype. If you get the 3g model, it's possible to stay connected wherever you go. You can upload pics or make a presentation and play it on the big-screen. You can download music and movies to keep you entertained. There are a multitude of helpful apps and games that you can get to suit any interest that you might have. And of course you can just cruise the internet and check your Facebook or email. It truly is the one of the most versatile electronic items that you can own and would make the perfect Christmas present for just about anyone.

Ipad 3, 32gb wifi

Ipad 1 vs Ipad 2 vs Ipad 3: what do you have?

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Who are you buying an IPad for?

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Ipad 3, 16gb wifi +3G

Apple iPad MD366LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi + AT&T 4G, Black) 3rd Generation
Apple iPad MD366LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi + AT&T 4G, Black) 3rd Generation

The mid-range option for those looking for internet access outside of wireless range.


Why are you interested in the Ipad?

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    • profile image

      ps19854 6 years ago

      taser guns for sale

    • profile image

      successwithpaul 6 years ago

      its amazing how technology is getting more advanced each passing day

    • profile image

      successwithpaul 6 years ago

      sorry to say i am not a big fan of ipads but one of my family members is this will make a good gift for them on christmas time but it looks pretty cool

    • julietarot lm profile image

      julietarot lm 6 years ago

      It is something I think I ought to have already, but the Luddite in me hasn't got round to it yet. It's a really good lens!

    • catbehaviors profile image

      catbehaviors 6 years ago

      I'd love to get an iPad! Every time I see one in the store it makes me want one more... hopefully I'll get one someday. :)