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iPad Keyboard Case Combination - Bluetooth Keyboard And Case Combo Thin Leather Genuine

Updated on December 29, 2011

iPad keyboard case - bluetooth keyboard and case combo is one of the most popular accessories that help to simplify the usage of the popular gadget providing a separate keyboard attached to the case. Equiping iPad with different accessories has become a true committement to many of the companies producing such products. One of the big manufacturers, Kensington is not the exception from this rule, and, therefore, it has released a new cover for the popular Apple tablet the new iPad Keyboard Case - Folio Case and KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard and Case (with wireless keyboard).

Even though that the tablet PC from Apple is a completely self-sufficient product, but many manufacturers of computer accessories do not stop to think of producing all the new accessories such as car adapters, cases and bags for it. Kensington workers have decided to not just protect the iPad with a reliable and durable cover, but also equip the keyboard - using KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard and Case - iPad Keyboard Case. This is a leatherette case that has a thin keyboard attached to it. Of course, the feature of it is that the format is the same as the iPad’s one, so the case is equipped with a rubber keyboard which connects to the gadget via a wireless Bluetooth-connection. The keyboard can operate for 90 hours without recharging, and the standby mode can be available for up to 100 days. It takes only about 4,5 hours to fully charge the battery of the KB.

Another novelty from Kensington for this gadget is a simple case for iPad, which is also leatherette Folio Case. It has a very thin but reliably protecting layer of soft-pillow that keeps the device safe. A convenient foot will allow you to install the tablet in a landscape mode in several positions.

The leather case with original design lets you switch between three different states - closed, open for general use iPad, and with extended keyboard. The keyboard itself is made of silicone and is likely to be soft and without a response to depression. It is equipped with additional media keys and auto shutoff after 10 minutes of inactivity. Its battery is charged separately from the iPad, although you can use the charging cable from it for self-charging, which should last for many hours of use. I personally prefer the bluetooth-keyboard from Apple. It is small enough to fit in a bag, and I am not obliged to carry it with me all the time. In fact, I bought this keyboard, but never used it. I prefer typing on touch-screen, large keys + auto-correction features, but I have to get it to type faster than on a conventional keyboard. Still, iPad case with keyboard has a lot of positive features.

Another company, ThinkGeek offers a protective cover for the iPad with Bluetooth-keyboard, turning the tablet in the laptop. The bag or in other words, iPad keyboard case, is made of black leather and features a magnetic clasp, and inside of it there is a full keyboard, interacting with the iPad technology Bluetooth 2.0. The keyboard is equipped with lithium-ion battery, which is able to provide her 90 hours of continuous operation without recharging.

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