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iphone 4 hacktivation

Updated on August 10, 2010

What is hacking your Iphone?

Hacking your Iphone doesn't involve virus or even a crowbar. If your wanting to hack your iphone your actually wanting to unlock your iphone to allow home brew software, and access iphone features that you normally cannot if your iphone is locked.

Benefits of hacking your iphone

There are a number of benefits to hacking your iphone.

Your iphone does belong to you, so you should be able to freely use it as you want. Apple want to lock you into their propriety software and features, however there is a whole world of free hacked iphone apps and home brew software out there that is great to play with. You can still access normal iphone apps, there used to be problems connecting to the apple istore, but with more sophisticated hacked software, you can avoid apple detection.  

How do I unlock my iphone?

To unlock and hack you iphone you have to download the software pwnage tool 4.01 (at this time of writing) The term to unlock your Iphone cell phone is called jail breaking it. You will need to download this software from a reliable source. Have a look online for the iphone software, and only download the iphone software from a reliable source.


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