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iPhone 5 released as a failure or it's a bloom?

Updated on September 18, 2012

iPhone 5 released and becomes a paradox.

The supposed-to-be-epic-morning in China, Apple released a series of devices. iPhone 5, new version of iPod nano and iPod touch......

Guess what? It seems that we are more surprise about the rumor than this conference, the gossips are just real. How do you think of this leak Jobs? Since all details of iPhone 5 have already beaconed under the sunshine of rumor, this conference becomes a long and boring awards ceremony.

iPhone 5 review
iPhone 5 review

Let’s cut whining and check the iPhone 5 seriously, it’s not that bad actually. 4 inch screen with resolution of 1136 X 640 and 326ppi does offer better visual experience, superior A6 dual-core CPU soups up the function at the meantime. Even you feel terrible about this newest iPhone if you check the whole iPhone family; it is still can carry the burden in the future for Apple.

Name one of the Android smart phones that can beat iPhone up for me. There is one thing that Android alliance so far can not catch the step of iPhone, the touch screen. Holding any of them in hand and just do random wiping: lag, stuck and freeze are most three common situations occurred on Android smart phone. iPhone will do a good job here; it is just smooth as hell!

how do you think of iPhone 5

Will you keep buying Apple's newest iPhone 5 or you will turn in to Android's territory?

Which Brand and type of Smart phone do you prefer the most?

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The gossips end up to the truth......

Rumors came true
Rumors came true

But Apple, be aware, your products now are facing huge challenge. - Uh, how to explain that? Let us see the picture first:

Android is invading.
Android is invading.
iPhone is like liu xiang
iPhone is like liu xiang

Steve Jobs is a great artist while Tim Cook is a businessman. The iPhone 4 is like Liuxiang, the Chinese athlete who won Olympic 110 meter hurdles in 2004 whereas iPhone 5 is the same people on 2012 London Olympic. Will Cook lead the Apple to a glory journey or the entire company will be drowned into the sea of electronic devices???

Actually I believe that iPhone 5 still inherits the blood and spirit even they just combine what they have together, yet it maintain the advantages and presses do give a highly recommendation. A brand new industry is arising; more accessories will be invented for this shining star, the market is going to be thriving up.

How people and businessmen react on debut of iPhone 5

I am not sure have you aware of this, two different promotions are high-profile and have begun before the debut of iPhone 5. One is, company who back Apple up, busying preparing the newest accessories e.g. cases and screen protectors for they have been confirmed to be accurate and they really are. DX , one of the biggest B2C website made a dedicated page for iPhone 5 even they haven't got any of them at all. On the other side, some other companies who head to the opposite way preferring Android are promoting a series of Android smart phone fighting against Apple e.g. Geekbuying, who wants to preheat itself, is holding a promotion that contains 7 different Android smart phones with discount. This sort of promotion, in many ways, can convert some customers changing their mind when dealing with such phones. Both of them are good and healthy, the competition makes the market grow up and full of variety.

The situation is Apple is surrounded by Android, Windows Phone 7 and we are not sure how Nokia will like. The competition is going to be a campaign and all of these Manufactures and companies are suing and yelling at each other. Apple is no longer sit on the throne, Samsung, Motorola are gaining on and they will invade the market harder and harder. Thanks to Android smart phone which push the step of mobile industry. Nobody knows about what will happen in the future.

How to you think of the future of Apple or the smart phone market?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Apple is here to stay for long I guess!


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