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Best iPhone 5S Cases and Covers

Updated on September 11, 2013
Some iPhone 5S cases
Some iPhone 5S cases

Have you ever wrecked a Phone? How did it Happen?

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Even the smartest smartphone will leap out of your pocket into an ocean if it gets the chance.

I cannot say that this has been proven by scientific research but it matches my experience.

So, be prepared for high dives. scratches, bumps and cartwheeling across stone floors. And get protection. With some style!

Some of the cases on this page are tougher than an Abrams tank. Some are slimmer than a wafer.

They are all stand outs in their class and a great place to start looking for the best iPhone 5S case for your needs...

Best Slim Case?

Slim cases will not give you the best shock and drop protection but they are a good option for careful people who just want to keep the scratches at bay

RINGKE is the top selling slim case with strong color choices
RINGKE is the top selling slim case with strong color choices


One of the most popular cases for the iPhone 5, the Ringke Slim is also a wonderful case for the new 5S. It claims that it is the slimmest case in the world, weighing no more than a couple of credit cards, and it looks like a credible boast.

They also give you a free screen protector.

Protective Hybrid Cases

Hybrid cases give you a tough outer shell and generous shock absorbing padding to cushion against drops and rough handling. Ideal for rock climbers and anyone who uses public transport (my experience anyhow, lol)


SPIGEN Slim Armor

This is the most slender dual layer case around with TPU outer and inner plus a polycarbonate mid-piece. You would not want to drop this from a great height but there is reasonable protection against everyday blows.

One thing to be aware of is that the headphone opening is minimal. It will not accommodate large headphone jacks from the time of the dinosaurs but is perfect for Beats by Dr.Dre and other L-shape plugs.

The lip around the screen is discrete but high enough to let you lay your iPhone 5S on a flat surface without harm.

Otterbox- it's coming, they say!

We all know it will arrive one day. You can read the promise.

Minisuit Kinnect Case for iPhone 5S

If you like the styling, this is an inexpensive alternative to an Otterbox. A little fatter and heavier than the Spigen above, but also offering that extra protection.

Again, there is a lip but most of the screen is left clear.

Hard Shell Cases

Poly-carbonate or metal cases offer good protection against table corners, keys and other sharp objects in bags and pockets.

Aluminum cases for the S5
Aluminum cases for the S5

Amplim Alloy Anodized Aluminum

Apple designs are always enhanced by aluminum and these cases manage to look authentic but also exotic. There is something about that pink that sucks you right in. If I saw a guy using one I might hit on him. Well, maybe not....

Moving on. Polycarbonate is tough too and these cases will stand but to some knocks.

One advantage of well fitting, rigid cases is that opening stay clear. Your flash will not gradually dim as rubber creeps over it. It will not be a struggle to get the phones hooked up.


Elago have stylish cases in aluminum and polycarbonate as well, but the color choices are very different.

These are more East Coast, sophisticated in a frostier kind of way than the Amplin cases above.

The makers are especially proud of their anti-ghost camera opening which adheres strictly to Apple specifications and reduces image distortion.

Of course, if you have a poltergeist this will not help you.



Since the price dropped from around forty dollars to ten, LUVVITT cases have started to look like bargains.

The plastic hard shell is top quality and resists scratching -- the usual weakness, if you buy crystal style cases.

Armband Case for iPhone 5S

Keep in touch on the the treadmill


Good at staying in place no matter how energetic you get, this let you run or cycle with absolute freedom.

The iPhone 5S can be slipped into the armband bare or in a slim case. The fit might be tight with a bulky hybrid case like an Otterbox.

There are openings for the camera and the headphone jack and a place to keep a couple of keys.

Aduro Shell Holster

Holsters are an excellent way of avoiding the kinds of damage that occurs in bags and pockets when phones rub against keys and coins.

This one has a non-slip rubberized finish case that incorporates a kickstand.

Best Glitz Case?

Flexible TPU with Glitter

These glitzy cases from Diztronic are less than 2mm thick and weigh less than an ounze.

They have a big impact on the eye but you will hardly notice them in your hand or in use.

The glitter is buried in the molding and will not rub off.

A good case to protect against minor bumps.

The makers warn against wet fix screen protectors that they say can peel at the edges if you use this kind of case.

Best Wallet Case?

Wallet cases are especially useful for people who like to have all of their core 'outdoor survival' items in one hard-to-lose place.

Phone, money, cards drivers license... Keep them altogether and you will spend half an hour collecting the things you need for that quick trip to the local store (or that big day out, either).

Below are a couple of examples of what has been popular in the last few months.


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