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How to make money on line. Design iphone, ipod cases and other unique products for sale.

Updated on October 6, 2012
Jewel design turned into a glam iphone case on Zazzle.
Jewel design turned into a glam iphone case on Zazzle. | Source

Making Money on Line

We have all seen the claims that making money on line is the way to go. I was first attracted to hub pages by a claim that I could make good money here. The current status of my hub pages account suggests that is not the case at the moment but, for me, hub pages is more of a community that I choose and enjoy belonging to. One day maybe the dollars rather than cents will roll in.

A fellow hubber aa lite recently wrote about Zazzle and the fact that she had created and sold some iphone cases online. I checked out the Zazzle site and created my own store

Now the downside is that I will probably have to create at least one hundred products before I start to see traffic coming in - or maybe I will make a unique product that just "goes" you never know until you try - right? The great thing about Zazzle though is that you can be 100% creative, create products with no money and you receive a royalty of between 10 and 15% on the products that are sold. You can also earn money by an affiliate marketing link and double the royalty. Information about the affiliate program is at

Zazzle products are well reviewed and the quality seems right. Although there are cheaper options in stores, Zazzle products have the appeal of uniqueness. I am thinking of making gifts for my friends for Chrtstmas on Zazzle - which I will also make available for sale with a slight adaptation.

If you have some quality photographs, artwork or great design ideas why not give Zazzle a try and see if your on-line income increases overtime too.

aa lite suggested that if other hubbers created Zazzle Stores we could help each other by promoting those stores too. This is her online store:

How do you make money on-line? Is Zazzle for you or do you have other ways and means?


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    • Lizam1 profile image

      Lizam1 4 years ago from Victoria BC

      Good luck if you try it. Thanks for commenting.

    • Poshbytori profile image

      POSH by tori boutique 4 years ago from 1545 Union Lake Road, Commerce, MI, 48382

      This is such a cool idea!!!!!!!!!!!