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Cool Free iPhone Apps For Food

Updated on August 27, 2013

I should not be writing this. I'm hungry, and looking at iPhone apps about food is not helping my situation out, especially because I am at a place with no food worth eating! Oh well, for the sake of sharing the coolest iPhone apps for food - I will continue!

Food Network App: Make Recipes Around Your Preferences

I've had this food app on my iPhone from the beginning. First, because I am a big fan of the Food Network. Second, because I am a big fan of making my own food!

I can't believe this iPhone app is free, because it does so much. It doesn't matter what diet you eat, this food app is going to work for you.

First, On the main page, they show you pictures of seriously yummy looking food and then include a link to view the recipe. The recipe starts off by telling you which food network chef has shared the recipe, then a quick swipe to the left gives you the ingredients and directions tab. You can also swipe again to the left when you are done cooking and add a comment and rate the recipe to let people know "Yay" or "Nay"

Search through ingredients
Search through ingredients

My favorite feature, that I use all the time, is the search filter. You can search through 9 filters including:

  1. What you want the main ingredient to be
  2. What type of meal you want to make (main, soup, side)
  3. The type of cuisine
  4. The occasion
  5. Popular picks (comfort food, quick and easy, kid-friendly, hot and spicy, and party favorites)
  6. Host (who the recipe belongs to)
  7. TV show (get more specific)
  8. Diet (My favorite - vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, healthy, low-carb, low-fat)
  9. Preparation method (Bake, broil, Microwave, no-bake etc)

At the end, you click 'view results' and you are left with a certain amount of recipes that you can search through to make your VERY specific meal. The results usually include pictures. I have never had no results, and I'm a vegetarian gone vegan - so there will be a list of recipes no matter what your diet is.

Every recipe you find can easily be added to your favorites and referenced later by clicking on the 'Add/Share' button inside the recipe.

Some of us have our favorite Food Network hosts, so you can also search through and read about the hosts that are on the Food Network, and then view their recipes directly.

Added recipe to grocery list
Added recipe to grocery list

In addition, they also have a handy grocery list section where you can enter what foods you need to pick up to make your meal, and then check off while you are shopping. In fact, (and this is cool), inside the recipe you like you can click on the 'add/share' button which will bring up a few options for you including to email and add your recipes to your favorites...but it also allows you to 'add to grocery list', which means you can easily add ALL the ingredients (measurements and all) to your grocery list. (See pic on right.)

So, as far as recipe apps, this has pretty much got it all covered. You can search for food or diet specific recipes, save them, and make an ingredient list so you don't forget an important ingredient when you go the store.

The only downside that I see is the ads, but really - they are not that bad! I know I saw some. I do have ad blindness, which means I either ignore ads or instantly click off them, but I'm actively searching and I can't find any!

Lose It - My day
Lose It - My day
Searching Foods
Searching Foods

Lose It: Seriously Cool App For Keeping Track of The Food You Eat (And Weight!)

This is another iPhone app that really shouldn't be free, but it is!

You do need to agree to the terms and conditions before you start to use it, which basically says 'don't copy our software or misuse it or we will sue you'. So if you are looking to just use the app, then you will be fine.

Once inside, you enter your weight, height, and ideal goal weight. Then you are taking to the 'my day' section where you can see what you have done for your day; including, what you ate, how much you exercised, and how many more calories you have to go before you are done for the day!

This app makes it easy to stay organized and on track.

To add a food for the day, you simply click on 'add food' and then you are taken to a menu where you can choose from breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks.

Once you choose what time of day you ate your food, you can then search for the foods you ate by typing in the name of the food you ate OR you can scan the barcode of what you ate (what?), or you can choose through previous foods or recipes that you have ate, or you can search through brand name foods.

You can also create a new food if you don't find it. You can add in all relevant information including name and nutritional info. Plus you can choose an icon for it.

Supermarket Foods for Chef Boyardee
Supermarket Foods for Chef Boyardee
Adding imaginary cheesy bread for the day.
Adding imaginary cheesy bread for the day.

The brand name foods filter takes you to two options: supermarket foods and restaurant foods.

  • If you choose supermarket, then you are led to an extensive list of supermarket foods! Once you click on the brand, you will be taken to a list of all the foods that the brand carries (see pic) and then you simply choose the food, the portion, and add it to your day!
  • If you choose restaurant, then you are led to various restaurants. Once you click on a restaurant, you can click on a food and add the item based on serving into your daily allowance. It is so simple! (See the dominoes cheesy bread example for is what I wish I was eating right now (I still crave cheese when I'm hungry!))

Seriously, try to find something not in these lists...I dare you!

Your log, the next option on the Lose It app, shows you what you have done for the day. It's like a healthy reminder of what you have done good and not so good.

You can connect with other users with the motivation option. I have not enabled this feature, but I'm sure it could come in handy if you and some friends wanted to connect.

You can record your weight daily and watch your progress. This is enough motivation in it's own if you look at the chart. There is something about a visual diagram that makes things much more real than the picture you hold in your head. :)

Lose It also has a blog that you can follow.

You can log in online - which gives you a bigger view of what you have done throughout your day and your whole overall profile. PLUS, online you can check out challenges that members are in and join them to keep yourself motivated. PLUS, they have a forum that you can interact with.

Note: Even though everything I just explained to is free, you can go premium for additional features for $39.99 per year (As of Jan. 16/13). As far as I know, you can create cool goals and get awesome partner apps, and it may be worth it if you find you really enjoy this app! And I'm tell you, once you download Lose It, and even get online and check out that part of it, you will get excited about LOSING IT!

Urbanspoon Shae Results
Urbanspoon Shae Results

UrbanSpoon: Helping You Find Food

This one is just fun! I remember watching this on TV as one of the features of an iPhone and being mesmerized by it. (I still kind of am.)

Basically it takes into account your location and then helps you pick out a restaurant.

You can search manually through restaurants nearby according to cost, distance, popularity, and name. You can also search for a restaurant to see if your favorite restaurant is close by.

AND, like I remember in the commercial, you can shake your phone to play 'random restaurant'...or whatever name you want to give it. The location, type of food, and price will show up, and if you like it, you simply click on the name on it gives you the address. If you don't like it you can shake again, or you can lock on of the filters to only get results in a certain location, type of food, or price range.

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What Other iPhone Food Apps Could You Need?

Now you have a recipe app, a calorie counter, and a restaurant picker - what more could you need as far as iPhone food apps go?

If you think of something, let me know in the comments. I would be interested to hear what YOUR favorites food apps are for the iPhone.

Now, I have two hours until I eat...oh boy.


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    • Relationshipc profile image

      Kari 5 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      I can relate hawaii...I'm not that old, but younger people who have grown up with this technology are amazing at it. These types of things really do make life interesting though!

    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 5 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      Young people of this generation are so high tech-savvy compared to baby boomers like me. I'm glad my young adult children provide my wife and me with go-to sources. Thanks for sharing...slowly but surely, HubPages is providing me with a techie education. : )