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iPhone Apps That Pay You

Updated on July 20, 2014

Get Paid With Your iPhone

I really like almost everything about my iPhone. The only significant downside to owning an iPhone is the cost, and then you have to pay for most of the really good apps. Fortunately there are a growing number of apps that pay you to use them. Since 2010, I have been downloading and testing various iPhone apps that pay you for different activities such as mystery shopping and scanning items at your local store. Here is a list of apps that have paid me that you should try out if you want to make some extra cash or get some nice gift cards.

Perk TV

Make Money Watching Videos

As of July 20th, 2014 I have been paid 12 times by Perk TV for a total of $140.00 in Amazon Gift certificates.

I have been using Perk TV for about 6 months and at first I thought the payments were extremely low. I discovered about a month ago that it is meant to run continuously rather than watching a video at a time. All you need to do is set it up and the app will run the ads for you after you start it. According to the terms each person is allowed to use up to 5 phones at a time with Perk TV.

Users in the US are given 4 points for every 2 videos with ads in between, In all other countries it is a smaller amount. Once you reach 5000 points which is the equivalent of $5.00 you can cash out for a variety of different rewards including Amazon, Starbucks,Target, and Best Buy gift cards. Initially you are required to watch a certain amount of videos to unlock the higher rewards. I recommend doing so because the $2.00 Amazon gift card costs more points per dollar. You can redeem to PayPal but the cost is significantly higher than gift cards.

Redeeming your points is simple all you need to do is select your reward. Redemptions are processed every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They will text you a confirmation code to your email, once you enter the code and verify your information they will give you an estimated day that your card will be ready which is usually within a few days. I have always gotten it on or before the estimated date.

There is a referral program that pays up to 500 points per referral. Please consider using my link to sign up.

Ref link:

Non-Ref ink:



Get Paid To Check In And Scan Items At Stores

The Checkpoints app is the second most lucrative app that I have used on my iPhone. With Checkpoints the main thing you are paid to do is scan different items at local stores. You are given points for each scan that range from about 10 to 50 points per scan. You will get at least 1 coin for each scan you do. Coins can be used to spin the slots or buy a scratch ticket to win between 20 and 150,000 points.

Update You can no longer get coins for scanning, the only way to get coins now that I can see is to do the offer walls.

Update – As of June 21st, 2014 I have been paid by Checkpoints a total of 54 times. My lifetime earnings to date are $720 in iTunes and Amazon gift cards.

The points can be redeemed for various prizes including: Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, Home Depot Gift Cards, iPads, laptops, or even a Wii. You also have the option of donating your points to charity. The prizes start at 330 points which is equal to a $1.00 gift card. I always get Amazon Gift Cards and so far in about a year I have earned about $220.00 worth. The cash out is usually within about a day but it can take up to a week for them to review your account to make sure you are not cheating the system. It takes a little while after the verification to receive physical items and physical gift cards. There is a referral program that currently pays the referrer 5 coins and the referral 300 points to sign up.

Checkpoints was updated to give you the ability to earn points and coins at home by doing things like downloading free apps and watching short videos about apps. Be sure if you sign up to read the terms of service closely because you can lose your account and balance if you don’t abide by it. The most common things that people do are to either lie about what you get from a referral code or to post their referral code in the App Store. I can’t say enough good things about this app, I think it is really fun to go on scavenger hunts at my local grocery store and get paid for it.

Here is the link to the Checkpoints Website to sign up:

My referral code is sodaguy I really appreciate anyone using it.


Get Paid To Check Into Stores, Scan Items, And Shop

Shopkick is an app which is very similar to Checkpoints that pays you to check into stores with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android. I initially waited to download Shopkick since they did not offer nationwide check ins when they started but they began offering them in 2012. Now they are the perfect compliment to Checkpoints and any other app that pays you to shop. I have been using Shopkick since 2011 and as of this writing I have been paid 32 times for a total of $360 in iTunes gift cards.

With Shopkick you earn a virtual currency called Kicks which are redeemable for gift cards in various stores, physical items, or for charitable donations. You are asked to pick a reward to work toward when you first start and you will get updates regarding your progress on that item whenever you open the app. The general value of standard gift cards to places like Target, Best Buy, Starbucks, and iTunes is 2,500 Kicks are equal to a $10.00 gift card. There are many other rewards that can be more or less depending on the reward such as Gas gift cards which are 3,400 Kicks for a $10.00 gift card or a cruise around the world on Princess Cruises for 6,250,000 Kicks.

Shopkick is very easy to use. When you open the app it will give you a list of all the stores that you can get paid to walk in to. Walk ins vary quite a bit from store to store and are usually between 35-60 Kicks. The best walk ins are usually at Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, American Eagle, Old Navy, and Aerie. Once you complete a walk in the app will tell you how long you have to wait to be able to do another one at the same location again.

After you check in to certain stores like Best Buy and Target you can sometimes scan select products for extra kicks which vary from 10 kicks to 100 or more per Item. Scans are limited on each item to a certain amount that the advertiser sets for each 30 day period. There are bonus boards on some scans that can increase the amount you get for getting a set of all items to between 50 and 100 kicks. Shopkick is very particular about item scans so you need to make sure that the item you are scanning is the exact item featured not an extension of the same line or your scan will not work and you will have to try again with the correct item.

Throughout the year there are many special Shopkick events at different retailers, these are the times where you can earn the most kicks. The biggest event is of course Black Friday and they actually had four different Black Fridays in the last year (one per quarter) including the real one. They also have special events for specific stores when the store really wants to attract customers to their stores.

The Shopkick referral program has become very generous since Shopkick 3.0 was launched. Currently the amount you get per referral is a 50% matching amount of their earnings for the first 14 days up to a maximum of 2,500 Kicks.

They require you to give them the phone number of the device you will be installing Shopkick on for verification purposes. In the years that I have used this app I have never received any calls or text messages from them.

Peko Jackpot
Peko Jackpot


Get Paid To Play

Since May 2014 I have been paid $38.80 by Peko.

Peko is another app that I tried and initially got frustrated with the earning potential. After getting hooked on Candy Crush and not getting anything in return I went back to Peko and realized for much less time I can get about $20.00-$40.00 a month and still have as much fun. Make sure to reach your cash out because they will delete your points for inactivity.

You start out with 10 Pekos to play which is the maximum that you can have. If you send a Peko you use 1, if someone Pekos you it doesn't cost you a Peko to accept. Once you are Pekoed or you Peko someone the Pekos must be accepted within an hour or they expire, There is a 25% bonus if they are accepted within 10 minutes. Once you use a Peko it takes 1 hour to earn a new one and if you use another one it resets to another hour so if you are a few minute away from one recharging it is best to wait.

The Peko game is actually a big wheel that spins with a ball inside. There are 3 different colored slots: gold, green, and blue. Your objective is to get the ball in the one gold slot since it pays about twice as much as green which pays twice as much as blue. The point values for the Peko game vary for each game. If you are successful at getting it into the gold slot you get to play the Jackpot Challenge which is a slot game where you can win up to $10.00. After the spin you and your opponent add your total up and split the combined amount between you but you do not share the jackpot challenge.

The main way to get Pekos and meet people is Scramble match. It is a match 3 type of game that is very similar to Candy Crush but it is just one basic level that you play against up to 3 opponents. You do need to play scramble match in order to meet people and get Pekos. I think most people use their Pekos on people they know are playing the game since Pekoing anyone who is not actively playing will frequently result in a loss of that Peko. If you are good at it you can bet either 100 or 500 points and win lots of points since all the points that everyone pays to play are divided up. If four people play the top player gets a little more than double their points, the second player breaks even, the third gets a small amount, and the fourth gets nothing. If you are not good at it the best thing to do is stick with the free game.

The minimum cashout is $10.00 and is paid to your PayPal minus the PayPal fees. It takes a few days for the first cashout but each one I have requested after the first one has been paid within minutes.

There is a referral program that pays 5,000 points to the referral and and 5000 to the referrer with possible bonuses. There is also some achievements to earn extra points if you complete them right away. Please consider signing up with my code. I will do my best to Peko you when I see you on and I will also be able to answer any questions through the Peko chat. It does require the use of Facebook but you can set it so that it is not visible to anyone else.

Peko Ref

Peko Non Ref/

iPhone Accessories

Here are some iPhone Accessories from Amazon.

I hope you found this lens to be very useful. Thanks for visiting.

Thanks For Checking Out My Lens

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